Samsonite's Nostalgic Summer Campaign Shines a Light on Power of AI in Marketing

As Don Draper, the fictional protagonist of the hit series "Mad Men", once rightly pointed out, the power of nostalgia is a force to be reckoned with. Nostalgia, as an emotional invocation of the past, is a potent tool for marketers, and it seems Samsonite, the renowned travel solutions company, is taking this lesson to heart.

In a delightful throwback, Samsonite's latest summer campaign, "Travel Like Your Parents", which is set to run through August, banks heavily on the allure of yesteryears. Taking us on a trip down memory lane, a young woman, bound for an adventure, finds an old Polaroid of her father in her Samsonite luggage. Eager to emulate her parents' pre-Instagram golden days of travel, she sets out to recreate those seemingly pure, unfiltered moments of yore.

Rooted in vicarious experiences and historical charm, the campaign is the brainchild of Samsonite and the global advertising agency, Iris. Samsonite wisely dove into extensive first-party, secondary, and qualitative research into its brand identity and consumer base before rolling out this campaign. Leveraging its 113-year legacy, the iconic brand successfully bridged the gap between tradition and modernity, appealing to a new generation of travelers.

Now, shifting gear to our favorite AI-driven content marketing machine, So, what does Samsonite's nostalgia-laden campaign have to do with Everything!

Just as Samsonite harnessed the emotional power of nostalgia to appeal to its consumers, wields an even more potent tool - Artificial Intelligence. AI allows us to understand consumer behavior, trends, and preferences, formulating content strategies that resonate with the target audience on a deeply personal level.

Samsonite's strategy brings to light an important aspect of marketing - understanding your audience. is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve this understanding, leveraging the power of AI to gain in-depth insights into consumer behavior. With these insights, companies can create campaigns that truly connect with their customers on an emotional level.

Beyond nostalgia, other emotions too can be effectively conveyed through AI-curated content. By understanding consumer sentiment, companies can set the tone of their communications and deliver messages that truly resonate, just like Samsonite did with "Travel Like Your Parents".

Looking into the future of digital marketing, my guess (or rather, prophecy) is that AI will become increasingly essential in understanding customers at a deep, emotional level. As AI technology continues to advance, personalization will not be limited to product recommendations but will also offer sentiment-customized marketing communication, bringing the conversation closer to the heart.

My conclusion? It's high time to step into the future of digital marketing with As we delve deeper into this emotionally rich world of advertising, the need for personalization is clear as day. And with by your side, filling this need comes with the click of a button, or perhaps, a flip of the AI switch.

Pack your bags (a Samsonite, hopefully), and get ready to "Travel Like Your AI", journeying to a land of insightful and emotionally resonant marketing that drives not just traffic, but also connection.

So, here's to the future - a future where everyone travels with their own personal AI, making this voyage called life a truly beautiful journey. After all, as we learn from our past and chart our future, isn't that what travel (and marketing) is all about?

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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