Samsung Shakes Up Tech Ads with Groundbreaking "See Great. Be Great" Campaign

## Breaking Boundaries: Samsung Redefines Tech Advertising with a Meta Approach

In today's market, diversity is a little taste of marketing heaven. A degree of familiarity can lend comfort, but when all ads start to blend into one, it's time to shake things up. Enter Samsung and BBH USA, throwing convention to the wind and proving that the unconventional can indeed be the charm - and a formidable marketing magnet.

In pursuit of innovation, they dared to defy the standard tech ad template (you know the one - it goes beauty shot, feature highlight, rinse, and repeat). Instead, under BBH's guidance, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 Series took a bold detour. They asked: “Could we make a story so that this is something people who aren’t just hardcore tech fans want to watch?” The answer, ladies, gents, and all wonderfully diverse crazies like myself, was a resounding yes!

Their unique ad campaign, “See Great. Be Great,” shook the marketing cosmos. For almost four minutes, a long-form video brilliantly married creativity, storytelling, and tech-speak. The quirky tale unfolds in an ad agency, featuring two interns hungrily hunting creativity (and snacks), leading to a surreal journey through hilariously exaggerated feature-focused anecdotes.

The genuineness of this narrative, the groundbreaking approach, and the relatability of the characters fostered an immediate connection with viewers. The storytelling framework harnessed the unique features of the Galaxy Tab S9, from its gaming-centric processing power to the versatility of the S pen.

One could argue that the ad underpins a growing trend in digital marketing: moving away from blatant product promotion towards resonating with audiences on an emotional and narrative level. It’s a trend that screams: "Hey, don't just read the specs, live the experience."

The secret sauce of this campaign was how it challenged stereotypes about Gen Z, Samsung’s target audience for this campaign. Interestingly, they’re often caricatured as 'screen addicts.' In this light, one could argue that Samsung, well, sells screens. The twist in the tale was Samsung portraying them not as passive viewers but as creators - an inspired appreciation that resonated strongly. This narrative played neatly into the hands (or tablets) of the “creator generation,” emphasizing how Gen Z consumers use these devices as a springboard for their creations and not merely as viewing portals.

BBH also debunked the myth that Gen Z has the attention span of a goldfish, arguing that it's not about the duration of the ad but about the narrative quality. The proof was in the pudding - or more specifically, in the nearly 16 million YouTube views this ad accumulated since its premiere on July 29.

As we move to the part where I, the ever-witty Derek, take a crack at foreseeing the future, we might expect to see a surge in narrative-driven, stereotype-challenging, and boundary-pushing tech advertising. With the rise of AI and automated content generation, tailoring messages and stories that resonate deep within your target audiences will become even easier.

And that's precisely where steps in. At, we harness cutting-edge AI to create captivating and unique written content, all while identifying high-value keywords that help your website stand out in a heavily saturated online market. Following in the footsteps of tech giants like Samsung, we aim to redefine marketing techniques by leveraging technology and creativity to produce compelling, engaging, and ultimately successful campaigns. The future of digital marketing is here and it's looking juicier than ever!

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