Show What Your Small Business Sells In 7 Seconds Tutorial

Small business owners know how hard it is to get noticed. With all the big companies out there advertising, it can be difficult for small businesses to spread the word.

With social media becoming such a huge part of people’s everyday lives, it has become easier for small businesses to get noticed.

You can create ads on social media platforms that target specific audiences. If your small business specializes in vegan desserts, you can pay Instagram to put a sponsored post in front of all the people who have searched for or liked pages related to vegan cuisine.

Facebook has similar ad options that can be very effective. By putting some money into ads, you can reach lots of new customers who have interest in your small business.

This article will discuss how to create an effective ad that gets your small business noticed within seven seconds.

Scale it down

Now, let’s talk about how to showcase your product in 7 seconds. First, scale it down. What do we mean by that?

We mean that you should show your customer what size or type of product you sell. For example, if you sell books, then show the covers of the books and let your audience know they can purchase them from you. If you sell bags, then show the material and give a little info on how it’s made. If you sell food or drinks, let your audience know what they can get from you.

By showing your audience that you sell quality products, it reinforces your brand and trust with your audience. They will feel comfortable coming to buy from you because they know what they are getting.

Second, showcase some of the features of your product. Let your audience know what sets your products apart from the rest.

Add a countdown timer

show what your small business sells in 7 seconds tutorial

As mentioned before, people are busy and have little time to spend on apps or in app stores. With the introduction of the new subscription model, users will have to spend more time in the app store to find what they want.

To ensure that your user finds your app and downloads it, add a timed countdown timer to your store or inside of it. This way, people have a limited time to find your app and use it, encouraging them to download and try it out.

Countdown timers can be found on many other apps so do not worry about being original.

Place the product in front of what it normally sits on

show what your small business sells in 7 seconds tutorial

Another way to create a quick showcase is to place the product in front of what it normally sits on. For example, if you sell purses, place it on a table in front of a box or container so it looks like it is filled with items.

By placing the product on what it would normally sit on in your room or area, it looks like a complete item instead of just a shell.

This helps draw the eye to the product and lets your viewers know what it is. It also gives them a sense of use- why would they want to buy your purse if it looks empty?

This takes about one minute to do and can have a big impact on your video.

Write a short and simple description

show what your small business sells in 7 seconds tutorial

A lot of businesses use their profile description to write a long-winded sales pitch. While this might work on social media, it is not appropriate for the App Store.

Apple has very strict guidelines for the app descriptions, and one of them is that the description can only be 180 characters long. This is why it is so important to write a good one!

There is also a character limit for the name of your app, so if you include that in the description, there are only about eighty characters left for what your app does.

This makes it very hard to write a compelling sales pitch in just eighty characters. So, keep it short and simple: what your app does, and why people should download it.

Link to your website or store

show what your small business sells in 7 seconds tutorial

Having your business logo on your bag is not enough. You need to showcase what your business sells in a few seconds. The way you do this is by putting samples or mini versions of what your business sells on the bag.

For example, if you are a fitness coach, you could put a water bottle or fitness gear like sneakers or a yoga mat as samples on the bag. If you are a bakery, put some baked goods in the bag!

This way, when people look through your bag, they will know what your business is about and maybe even spark their interest. It also makes for great social media posts since you can show off the items in the bag.

Using colorful bags is also very noticeable which draws attention to the bag itself. Using clear bags is also an effective way to show what is inside.

Email your ad to local news stations

show what your small business sells in 7 seconds tutorial

If you’re looking to get your business on the air, email local news stations and tell them about your product and campaign. Many stations have email addresses dedicated specifically for consumer alerts.

Doing this can lead to free advertising for your business as well as publicity for the campaign. If done correctly, this could lead to additional sales and awareness for your brand.

By doing this, you are also exposing your brand to other small businesses in your area which could potentially subscribe to your service or product.

News stations tend to run these ads around national holidays so try checking that out and see if you can get yours aired then! Getting your ad on TV is a great way to reach a large audience quickly.

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