Snoop Dogg Stars in GrubHub's Explosive Multichannel Campaign "Did Somebody Say"

Hold onto your seats, marketing enthusiasts! The inimitable Snoop Dogg has made his rap debut for GrubHub in an overwhelming multichannel campaign. This news is super fresh, having only dropped today. For those who may have missed, “Did Somebody Say,” features a film-style 60-second spot and a catchy jingle sung by the very same rap legend whose name is synonymous with cool. This clever campaign hopes to rekindle the joy and love we all hold for food delivery. Since its international debut, the ad has already accumulated more than 4 million views within the first three days. Shout out to McCann London and Craft Worldwide for firing up this creative spark!

The campaign, which first launched in 2020 by GrubHub’s parent company, Just Eat Takeaway, has decided to up the ante and stretch its marketing legs in the U.S. Expect to see it on paid and organic social, in out-of-home spaces, and even in the form of a sweepstake (just when you thought it couldn't get any better!).

In its most dubbed commercial, Snoop introduces us to the many (and sometimes ridiculous) scenarios in which he orders GrubHub - be it from his bathtub, bed, or even on a plane. To celebrate the U.S. launch, GrubHub will be running several giveaways on their social platforms from September 28 to October 2. If luck is on your side, you may walk away with a GrubHub gift card worth $500.

With Snoop's electrifying charm and GrubHub’s determination to serve customers’ delivery wants and needs, the new “Did Somebody Say” platform and campaign is a bold rehaul for the GrubHub brand as shared by Ariella Kurshan, senior vice president of growth and marketing at GrubHub.

The launch of this campaign comes at a crucial time as GrubHub negotiates through barriers such as layoffs, a new CEO, and approaching break-even point under the JET's new structure. The company aims to revolutionize the food delivery service model with their newly introduced On-Demand Delivery feature available for self-delivery restaurants on the GrubHub Marketplace.

Coming back to our Portland headquarters at, we can learn a couple of things from this campaign, chief among them being the power of relevancy. By using a culturally relevant figure like Snoop Dogg and spinning the narrative to fit with their brand story, Grubhub has carved a memorable and impactful campaign. At, we strive to do the same for our clients, using AI-powered capabilities to churn out relevant, engaging content that drives growth.

Given the dynamic marketing landscape, I'd bet my last dog biscuit that the future of digital marketing will involve a closer marriage between popular culture and AI-driven strategies. And who knows? Maybe the future will behold a AI rapped jingle. Ready to crank up your marketing strategies? Hit the ‘Contact Us’ button at, and let's get started!

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Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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