STOP worrying about AI content (Google doesn't care)

I've noticed a lot of confusion online about how Google—and other search engines—treat AI-generated content.

You might find the answer surprising.

Google has stated they don't penalize content simply because it's AI-generated.

In fact, they acknowledge that AI can be instrumental in creating engaging content that people love.

However, what Google's developers think about AI content isn't the crux of the matter.


Detecting AI-generated content is mathematically impossible

That's right – the sophistication of modern large language models makes it impossible to distinguish their output from that of humans.

A year ago, OpenAI attempted to develop a tool to "detect" AI-generated content. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Don't just take my word for it.

Research conducted by the University of Maryland has shown that there's no reliable "AI detector."

This being the case, there's a huge elephant in the room here...

Why do so many products brand themselves as passing "AI detection?"

Shortly after Jasper was valued at $1.5B in late 2022, there was a massive explosion in AI writing SaaS clones.

Nearly all of them have some sort of "AI detection tool" that allows you to double check if your AI-generated posts can indeed be ID'd as AI-generated.

These same tools all claim to have the power to convert your AI content into content that passes as human.

The irony is palpable.

If detecting AI-generated content is mathematically unfeasible, as research and real-world tests have shown, then the efficacy of these "AI detection tools" is, at a minimum, highly suspect.

The truth likely lies in the marketing.

In an era where AI is both celebrated and feared, these tools offer a sense of security—whether or not they can truly deliver on their promises.

It seems to me that businesses push these 'phantom problems' primarily to justify higher prices. While they're free to do so, it's dicey to build your entire value proposition around such a blatant fallacy.

What it all means

The misconceptions surrounding Google and AI content highlights a broader issue in the AI tech sphere right now: the propensity to create solutions for problems that may not exist or are not as significant as they are made out to be.

This is not to undermine the incredible advancements and benefits AI brings to the table, but rather to question the entire narrative surrounding the supposed need to distinguish AI-generated content from human-created content.

What matters most, as Google seems to suggest, is the quality of the content, not its origin.

Engaging, informative, and useful content is valuable regardless of whether a human or an AI produced it.

Here at, we're leaning into AI 100%.

Instead of putting precious R&D resources into so-called "AI detection" tools, we're focusing on making the ultimate content marketing platform for small businesses.

Join us as we help make small business development a breeze!

About The Author

Derek Sturman
Co-founder of, CEO of Panda
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