Taco Bell Revives Nostalgic Coin Drop Game in Digital Form for Mobile App Users

Get ready to salsa with nostalgia! That’s the spicy deal Taco Bell aims to serve up with a revival twist of its Coin Drop game. As part of a step-up in their mobile app strategy, they're giving you a side order of reminiscence, mixed up with a serving of reward points and dollop of charitable giving. It's Taco Bell's recent recipe to resonate with today's digital consumers and boost its loyalty program.

Rewinding back to simpler times, the Coin Game at Taco Bell was a countertop fixture in the 2000s and 2010s, entertaining customers as they flicked coins onto a paddle in a water-filled contraption. The reward? Free food! After a decade-long hiatus, the game that earned countless giddy, wide-eyed smiles is set to make a comeback electrified with a digital twist. The move seeks to pour more customers into the fast-food chain's increasingly significant mobile terrain.

“We’ve seen so much success in meeting our fans where they are – from launching the Taco Lover’s Pass to the in-app voting experience and we’re excited to introduce this digital iteration of Coin Drop,” said Dane Mathews, chief digital officer at Taco Bell. This move not only makes the customers winners every time, but it also assists in boosting donations for the Taco Bell Foundation.

Engaging consumers with elements that evoke nostalgia is a strategic move taken by several brands, as they look to capitalize on a wave of sentimental reminiscence, especially during this chaotic post-pandemic period. Fellow fast-food chains McDonald’s and Wendy’s have made similar leaps towards evoking turns-of-the-century nostalgia recently.

Created by gamification platform CataBoom, the new Coin Drop will continue to offer the same reward choices — Cinnamon Twists, Crunchy Taco, or a Bean Burrito — as the original game. In its initial run from 2003 till 2016, Coin Drop contributed over $41 million in donations. With its re-launch, Taco Bell hopes to double the $20 million gathered in 2021.

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