The Best Copywriting Podcasts

Marketing Storytelling

Tell its story

If you’re looking to learn how to tell a story in your marketing, look no further than the podcast called “Marketing Storytelling.”

It was created by Joanne Bradford who teaches the attendees about the power of storytelling in marketing.

There are more than 20 interviews that cover everything from tips for telling stories in marketing to industry-specific case studies to help you apply what you hear. There are also occasional bonus items included (such as the Podcast Toolkit) all related to learning how to market with stories.

Brad comes across as very knowledgeable and listens carefully to each episode to make sure it gets her main message across. And she makes every guest feel like they’re part of the show because everyone wants to ask questions and chat; there is never any felt-need to rush them off or let them go.

You can find this series on SoundCloud. It will not disappoint!

Writing Tips with Mary Moore

Find out how to speak social audio, talk to your audience as though you were talking to friends

If you’re looking for some help from a professional editor, look no further. Writer and editing consultant, Mary Moore, will help you get your story out into the world using effective writing tips as well as advice about how to improve your own writing style.

A Writer’s Life

Each week Joe Hughes, author of “Storytelling for Busy People,” shares stories from his writing life and interviews with other authors to help you grow your storytelling skills and achieve your creative vision.

This podcast is all about developing your story telling abilities as a writer, so that you can engage and inspire people through stories. Stories are a very effective way to get ideas across, to lead others in a direction, or to simply enlighten someone by talking about what they have been doing every day.

Stories not only make things interesting, but they are also quite powerful when used correctly. That being said, there are some tips that may help you in your quest to tell more stories.

First, it is important to recognize that you do not have to be good at storytelling. In fact, it is likely that we tell lies far more often than we remember them.

Daily Write Talk

Each week, there is a new podcast featuring some of the best writers in the industry and their most recent interviews with other authors. You also often get to learn something new about writing through the questions asked by the hosts.

There are many great things you can do to improve your copywriting skills set using these podcasts as guides. They’re easy to listen to and searchable, so if you need help from someone, you have them right here!

It’s free and available anywhere audio books are sold.

Audiobook downloaders typically can find one every couple hours. With more than 20,000 episodes, you should already have one good place to start.

Another excellent resource for aspiring authors has several different specials once you sign up. There are way too many people trying to convince you that you need products or services they offer, so we’ve curated this list to give you the best chances of success.

Listening to an audiobook helps boost your chance of success of finding employment, so keep that in mind when seeking out advice. Some experts recommend having at least six novels under your belt before thinking about being a writer (that’ll be the test case), while others suggest it’s enough just to write what you love.

The only sure thing I’m aware of is that you must love words and put heart and soul into a story for it to truly work. If you

Words & Ideas

There are many good copywriting podcasts to enjoy. You can find popular podcast apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora.

Some organizations offer free lessons along with a paid membership for access to their content. Others have completely independent studios that produce original audio programs.

Either way, you’re bound to find something worth listening to. In this article, we’ll talk about the best copywriting podcasts.

We’ve included both free tutorials as well as subscription-based content. Some of these focus primarily on sales, while others center more on design and writing.

Whether your goal is to become a better writer, or to improve your storytelling ability, there should be a show here for you.

Listened to any good stories lately? Want to learn how to write bigger books? Find out what makes for a big story and why you should use bullets instead of paragraphs? Check out the Top 5 Tips from an Author Storyteller.

There are lots of talented authors who share techniques they love or wordsmith insights. These include Matthew Miller, Chris Crawford, and Graham Rogers.

You might also listen to them tell jokes. They have some funny things to say!

What Happens When We Speak

Most copywriters will discuss what they have been doing, their takeaways from the last podcast or latest trends to watch out for. It’s also fun to hear about other writers adventures in blogging and marketing, and you can pick up tips that can help your writing business too.

There are so many different genres of podcasts you can listen to, with most being either music or talk shows. You can find them easily with apps such as iTunes or Google Play.

However, there is something unique about talking into a microphone while eating someone else’s time. It feels more genuine than reading an interview posted on the internet.

People love sharing things about themselves through interviews (and by people, I mean us humans!). Getting to know another person comes across as more real when it's done face-to-face or over the phone, which makes conversations more sincere.

An experience like this could only be achieved through a human contact. Even if you’re viewing them online, seeing their name and knowing that they are who they say they are makes these connections even deeper.

That is why despite all the technology available, good old-fashioned email interviews still exist today!

Art of Blogging

Are you looking for more inspiration or to learn new techniques? You’ve come to the right place!

Art of Bloging is one of the most popular podcast channels about blogging, with over 1 million listens worldwide.

You can listen to current and former bloggers talk about what they love and hate about blogging. This channel offers insight into how to grow your audience and increase visibility through social media, plus help from some of the industry’s biggest names.

There are over 75 episodes available, so check back regularly to hear new topics and hosts. Also link up your WordPress blog and network to gain access to free resources like poster artwork and template design.

Hosts Sarah Griffith and Melissa Moore have helped thousands of people build their blogs and websites since 2010. They both share advice on how to become a successful blogger and content creator, while also paying the bills.

Consider joining our Facebook group to ask questions and get expert answers.

Create and Cultivate a Facebook Group

‘The more groups you have, the more people you can reach with your message’

Facebook was created for communities like these. It’s not just a place to find friends; it is a platform designed to help you create community around your brand or business.

By having a Facebook profile, you are already creating one of those communities. Now, if you want to take that community concept and run with it, then by all means create a group.

But what I’ve noticed is that many businesses don’t understand the importance of group culture-where they go from group member to friend, where their goal is to gain members, where their goal is to promote themselves instead of the organization.

That’s why I made the Groups Magazine feature Team Projects.

We took six team projects and analyzed them based on a project’s success rate and time frame, and we had our interns search for patterns in how each project managed its team resources. We found several things that caused greater team collaboration and productivity, and we’re going to teach you right here how to improve your next project!

Build a Digital Business

If you’re looking to grow your business in the internet age, it helps to know what tools people use for marketing.

Your target audience should be your primary tool when trying to figure out how to reach others. What works best for them? That will work for your business too.

Here are some podcast networks that offer many different copywriting podcasts to help you grow your business. And don’t worry about buying all the gear you need – sharing apps can take their place.

You can start listening today.

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