Top 20 Marketing Research Companies

Millward Brown

millward brown

If you are looking to do research or have questions regarding marketing, then you should consider Millward Brown. With over 80 years of experience, they’re one of the world’s largest market research companies.

Their contributions to society include “The Study Of Economic Behavior” (1940), “The Living Room Surveys” (1965), “Diabetes Care” (1987) and many others.

They’ve conducted studies for governments worldwide as well as businesses from around the globe. If you need help with conducting research, then this company is worth knowing about.

Given their long history, it’s very possible that they have done work similar to yours. You can search through their extensive database to see if your project was handled by them. Then contact them directly to find out more.

You can also visit their website here. Feel free to browse their resources section to get an idea of what kind of research they provide.

There are so many opportunities available, so feel free to ask any question you may have. Whether you require data or information, they should be able to assist you in getting everything sorted out.

Nielsen Corporation

nielsen corporation

The Nielsen Company is one of the world’s largest market research companies. It provides data for more than 100,000 markets worldwide. Nielsen's analysts publish well-respected academic and practitioner journals as well as weekly reports that outline new trends and changes to existing habits and behaviors.

Nielsen has been doing marketing research since it was founded in 1920. Today, it conducts global online and offline surveys and uses technology to collect data.

Due to their immense size, many consider Nielsen to be an advertising company. They work with businesses to help them advertise their products by measuring consumer response to ads and promotions.

How do they accomplish this? By asking questions during survey sessions, tracking customer behavior, and collecting archived information such as web browsing history. Surveys are asked directly by telephone or via the Internet.

Behavioral analytics incorporates current data into a persons past actions to make educated guesses about what will happen next. This can include purchasing patterns, whether someone clicked on an advertisement, or where he or she searched before going to a website.

By analyzing millions of pieces of data, statistical analysis allows Nielsen to accurately predict future human behavior. When combined with relevant advertisements, behavioral analytics helps Nielsen provide better targeted messages which lead to increased sales.

Alpha Design

top 20 marketing research companies

With over 24 years of experience, AD has become one of the leading independent marketing research firms in China. Their team is made up of experts with diverse backgrounds from academia, business, management, marketing, public relations, investment, psychology, software development, data analytics, engineering, etc.

Alpha Design was founded by award-winning entrepreneur Jack Ma (known for being the founder of Alibaba). While he no longer owns the company, Mr. Ma continues to be an honorary chairman and performs the task as an advisor.

The company has offices in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Munich, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Washington DC, and New York. And they have partners throughout Asia Pacific!

AD offers both online and offline services. The former consists of website design, market survey, and audience analysis; while the latter includes telephone surveys, customer interviews, and focus group sessions. In addition to these methods, you can also send field workers to conduct face-to-face interviews or take part in community activities.

What makes Alpha Design unique is their capability to combine various methodologies and techniques into one package. This allows them to provide useful insights at a great cost-effectiveness.

WPP Digital

top 20 marketing research companies

As mentioned above, one of the biggest companies in the world that specializes in marketing research is WPP.

WPP has been around for decades, helping businesses and brands develop marketing strategies and campaigns. They provide market research, data analysis, content creation, digital advertising, community building, and social media management.

As the world’s largest public relations company, you can find them working with all types of clients, from small businesses to global corporations.

They perform customer survey design, execution, and distribution. Client engagement tools include phone calls, emails, focus groups, and online surveys.

Consumers use their web site to take these surveys as well as apps. People also meet other requirements such as having background checks performed.

Data collected includes consumer profiles, retail habits, and product preferences. From this information consumers make decisions about what products to buy or not buy.

Creativity Inc.

top 20 marketing research companies

If you have original ideas or concepts to promote, then you need the help of research companies that focus on marketing analysis.

Their job is to look at your competition, customers, goods, services, pricing and promotions and come up with innovative solutions.

It’s not just advertising creative skills that are needed – it’s finding out what people want and how they think about products and prices.

By being able to make suggestions based on research, you can be sure that these experts do their work honestly.

You can trust them to provide quality insights.

EyeQuant Analytics

top 20 marketing research companies

If you want to know what makes your website or app interesting or useful, look behind the eyes of your users with no text! EyeQuant Analytics uses Smart Vision technology, which can quantify everything from how focused you are on a page to whether an image has been scanned completely.

This information helps you determine where you could improve your user experience with content, images, or layouts. For example, you may find out that people do not like vertical alignments when they scroll down.

You will be able to learn about use styles by comparing previous studies and analyzing results. This way, you can identify potential problems before going live.

One Night Only Media

top 20 marketing research companies

If you are planning an event, conference, seminar, or any other type of marketing campaign related to your brand’s image or purpose, invest in one night only media.

This service creates a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account specifically for your campaign using stories users can tap into. By creating multiple accounts under one banner, people who follow your campaigns will see your message across all platforms.

By having new content posted regularly, it also helps keep your followers interested and participating. This is also useful if you need to notify your followers about changes in agenda or schedule.

AKQ Integrated Solutions

top 20 marketing research companies

If you need assistance with marketing research or design, look no further than AKQ Integrated Solutions. Our team of quality researchers is at your service to provide answers to questions surrounding consumer behavior, product performance, and industry trends.

Our expert consultation process enables us to learn how to better serve our clients and provides them with insights they cannot find anywhere else. We specialize in listening to what people want from an advertising standpoint to help business focus on their customers, which is why we rank third on Business Insider’s list of best companies for sales growth.

We can assist you in creating products that will attract buyers and motivate them to buy through viral campaigns, reward programs, or word-of-mouth advertising. Your next creative campaign is just a phone call away!

Crisp Consultancy

As we mentioned, marketing is an ever-changing landscape, with new firms popping up every day (and old ones fading away). It’s become even more competitive than before to reach the top companies in the industry.

However, no matter what kind of company you are running, there are still professionals out there who have expertise in market research!

Crisp has been conducting market research surveys and studies for over 40 years, allowing us to build long-term relationships with our clients. We work across all industries, providing quality data so that you can be sure your investment is worth it.

Our team consists of certified researchers who are trained to run effective interviews and experiments to help you achieve your goals and improve your business processes.

We have experience working with consulting and engineering organizations as well as with Fortune 500 companies. Our focus is helping small businesses make better decisions about their next steps, whether that means developing proposals or finding funding solutions.

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