Top Content Marketing Ebooks

Wyzowl's Create Buyer Personas That Work

It’s easy to create content that you think will work, but if it doesn’t resonate with the needs of your audience then you may as well throw in the towel right now.

And that’s why a buyer persona can help you!

A buyer persona enables you to define your target audience so that you can speak in their language and resonate with what they care about.

This eBook from Wyzowl will walk you through all the steps that you need to create your own buyer personas for your business. It’ll get you to assess everything about your customers including demographics, buying trends, values and goals.

This eBook includes:

  • What a buyer persona is
  • What you need to include
  • A free guide to creating your buyer personas

Kuno's Content Marketing's ROI

Did you know that over half of marketers don’t measure the ROI of their content?

It’s probably not a lack of time that’s the problem, more so a lack of understanding how to measure content marketing ROI. But in the world of marketing everything should be measured, otherwise how do you know if your strategy is the right one for your business?

This eBook that has been created by Kuno, will help you think about the goals that you want to achieve with your content, and how you can go about measuring them.

This eBook includes:

  • Top tips on how to measure content ROI
  • The best metrics for measuring content ROI
  • How to gauge the success of your content
  • Tips on how to improve your content ROI

Encyclopedia of Productivity Hacks

top content marketing ebooks

If you are looking for some good resource to help you get more done with your business, then Encyclopaedia of Productivity Hacks is something that can help you!

This book contains over 1,000 tips drawn from the best productivity advice out there, all in one place. You’ll find everything from hacks that work for boosting efficiency to ideas that focus on getting things done faster.

The range of topics covered is wide, so even if you aren’t sure about trying any new habits or strategies, this may still be a useful read.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to run a smoother business, or someone working within a company who wants to bring back lost creativity, this ebook will come in handy. It offers practical solutions to helping you get through the day quicker.

You’ll learn ways to make projects go much more quickly while also being able to source resources more easily as well as stay on top of daily tasks.

Social Media Hero

top content marketing ebooks

Are you struggling to get your content shared?

Do people always seem to have better things to do than read what you write?

If you said “yes”, then there is a solution for you!

It’s called social sharing, and it’s covered in this ebook.

You’re going to learn how to take all of the work out of writing good shares.

How to make it easier to convince others to share your content. And most important, we are going to show you some cool tricks that will help you put more eyes on that content.

Start A Online Business

top content marketing ebooks

If you want to start an online business, then the right ebook can make you get started fast.

There are many ebooks that discuss how to build a business website or how to install and run a web-based platform.

But there are few that teach people what it takes to establish a successful business career and workflow.

In “Start An Online Business” we will look at different ways to develop your online presence and earn money from home.

We will also talk about creating viable marketing strategies as well as discover ways to grow your audience using free resources.

The book helps those without any experience in the internet industry, understand how the world works when it comes to online engagement and interaction.

It focuses on how to find and connect with your own unique brand of value through social media, blogs, articles, content creation, etc.

This is important because without a strong online presence, you won’t be able to earn trust or scale your ideas.

By having a solid understanding of the concepts behind engaging and interacting with others, you will know where to target your efforts going forward.

Blogging For Dummies

top content marketing ebooks

If you’re new to blogging, “Blogging For Dummies” is an excellent starting point. Written by long-time blogger Mary Morrissey, this easy-to-follow guide explains how to start a blog, growing it over time, and ultimately driving traffic to your website.

This book offers plenty of tips and advice that will help you along the way, including specific strategies for working within social media platforms (such as Facebook), writing headlines, using tags, and more.

By the end of the book, you will have a better understanding of what needs to be done to grow your blog. And since it’s written by someone who knows where each step is going, you can feel confident in their ability to help you achieve your goals.

This ebook takes you through all the steps you need to know to begin a business with a beginning price of $197.

Design Thinking Co.

top content marketing ebooks

This ebook is all about creating content that people want to read. It takes inspiration from several sources including the classics (Warand Peace, Romeo&Juliet) and some of our favorite stories (Breaking Bad, House).

There are three elements in writing you should know about: scene, theme and voice.

Plotting out your story is not very fun, so what we recommend is doing is planning. Plan your scenes ahead of time, but don’t worry if they aren’t quite finished yet.

The beauty of writing is that you can write something different every day. You will never get bored by reading one thing because there are always new experiences to have.

What we also call ‘hooking your audience’ comes down to choosing topics that are relevant to your readers. Their interest in what you have to say is the starting point for gaining traction with them.

Hooking your audience isn’t just limited to putting forward things that are totally new or unexpected; it’s also taking their expectations into consideration. Things that seem ordinary can still be surprising when you put them across.

Peak Performance

top content marketing ebooks

What does peak performance have to do with content marketing? Everything! Creatively you need fresh, unique ideas that will attract people and keep them coming back for more.

You can only produce so many emails, posts, tweets, and messages every day. After that, you need to start making room for new material.

Content is one of the most important things you’ll work on as a marketer and in order to make it count, you’re going to want to put in the effort up front. Before you write a single word, gather some examples of good content and promote those products/services.

People are searching for information about your product or service and their expectations should match what they find online. If they expect confusion and cost, they will probably settle for a cheaper option.

They won’t pay for a quality product when there are cheap alternatives. People who seek real value tend to look for higher priced items. It costs money to purchase quality gear, but it saves time and energy later.

The more time and effort you save others, the less you charge. You also earn credit for finding ways to make someone else's life easier.

Master Your Metrics

Are you measuring how many views your online content gets? If not, you should be!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in other metrics (for example, comments made on social media) and fail to measure what matters most – new leads and sales from your website.

Without good measurements, it can be hard to know if your content is effective. In this article, I’ll cover some basic content marketing ebook benchmarks, plus advice for two different types of people who want to start a home decor blogging business.

You can also listen to my public podcast with Ian Drew here.


Measure What Matters

Top Paragraph: More People Will Look At Your Page

There are two reasons why people don’t look at pages like yours:

People may not have the time or they may not feel that what they need to do is important. By showing them something interesting, you make their job easier and then they value your time more.

But there’s another reason too: fear. They might worry about seeing things they don’t want to see.

And that is just silly. Because the only thing that makes a page worth looking at is whether or not someone looked at it and wanted to look through it.

If no one wants to read anything else on your page, guess where they’re going next? The same place everyone else is

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