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Bellwether Media

If you’re looking for inspiration, there is no better place to start than Bellwether Blogging Club – they welcome both new and experienced bloggers, and their goal is to help each member grow in their blogging career.

Clubs are held weekly, with members of all levels — from beginners to experts — encouraged to join. We have several different clubs, with people joining and leaving as they please.

There are even more opportunities at this level for those who want to get more out of it! You can connect with other bloggers, learn how to build relationships through social media, or earn money by promoting others’ blogs and products.

The most important part of being a blogger is having fun while doing what you love. You will never be able to spend too much time on your hobbies -- once you pick something up, then you’ll understand why people devote so much time and energy to them.

Ogilvy & Mather’s Kissmetrics

A lot of web analytics tools offer visualizations of your website’s performance in terms of numbers of visitors, pages loaded, average visit duration, etc.

But few help you analyze what worked better than what didn’t. Web analytic tools can help marketing professionals to measure whether or not their efforts were effective.

For example, they can check how many people visited their website per month versus how many people would have without seeing all the promotional content shared through social media.

Effectively using social media to promote your business often requires testing different platforms to find the ones that are most engaging for readers and followers. Visit the websites of your preferred social media outlets to see what options for posting there may be.

This way you can determine which sites get the most traffic and engage users with consistency.

Customer Growth Story

When you write a customer story, you are telling your company’s tale from the customer’s perspective – trying to get them to believe that their experience with your brand is worth writing about.

Your customer story can be told in several ways: through a narrative or testimonial, slide presentation, video, graphic or photo montage, or even soundbite.

The main thing to remember when you tell a customer story is to keep it brief. Your audience will quickly grow weary of long stories that drift around aimlessly.

Be sure that you have a message to share and that you express it concisely. Then again, there are no hard and fast rules for how short something has to be before people will consume it.

Mad Science Creative

If you’re looking for creative ways to promote your business, look no further than the mad science creative workshop. At only $20 per session, this is one of the most affordable creativity courses available.

By having students in education, psychology, and marketing industries contribute lessons to their curriculum, they are able to equip you with skills that go far beyond writing skill-sets.

You can take these lessons all year long (or more if you want) to help increase engagement and sales within your business.

These lesson resources can be used for teaching purposes or for motivation rather quickly.

Everheard LLC

You can build membership sites with Everheard, which allows you to set up audiosales. You can also create social media posts and other marketing material using their software.

Everheard has a free version that’s very functional, but there are some limitations to what you can do. The paid version is about $20 per month.

For example, you can use the everheard free version to record 10 minutes of audio, but if you want to have multiple people participating in an event online or need to track attendance for members joining your webinar, you will need to upgrade to its premium service, which is around $10 per person per month.

Another limitation of the free version is that it takes longer to download because it includes more advertisements than it does content. So depending on your internet connection, it could take anywhere from several seconds to a few minutes to load the app.

With the paid versions, they remove the ads and give you bigger file sizes. They also update the design slightly more frequently. One change they made recently was adding a watermark at the beginning of recordings.

You must upload your own graphics using the template they provide you. Also, while the video tutorials are helpful, there aren’t as many compared to the ones we used to use.

We liked how simple it was to use once you went through the initial setup process. There were only a couple of buttons you needed to

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