Top Search Terms For Marketing

Email marketing

top search terms for marketing

If you’re looking to increase your email marketing revenue, then these top search terms can help.

Email marketing is in vogue right now. People are obsessed with their mobile devices and digital media. Thus, if you want to hook people into opening your emails and signing up for your newsletter, you need to be engaging them using existing technologies that they are already familiar with.

Hashtags are great ways of increasing engagement. You can include specific keywords in your tweets or messages that relate to trending topics, hobbies, events, or current news. By doing this, when users see your messages they will automatically feel more inclined to engage with you.

Another way of boosting engagement is by including photos or videos in your content. Users love visual stimuli!

QR codes

Scanning is an easy way to share content with other technology-savvy people in your network. They can use their smartphone or tablet to scan the code within messages or apps.

Sometimes, you send someone a link via email, but they don’t have access to that type of software. With scanning, you can pull up their Google Play Store page, YouTube clip, Spotify playlist — even if you just sent them something as simple as a list of dinner recipes.

Apps and services like Snapchat and Facebook are getting more engagement by using scans rather than clicks. And while it may seem counterintuitive, studies show that quotes and references make people feel more confident about what they’re reading, which can make them want to read further.

Mobile advertising

top search terms for marketing

More and more consumers are turning to their phones instead of computers to make purchases. Over 40% of adults in the US own smartphones, and other mobile devices such as tablets have also become very popular.

With access to large amounts of information through apps and websites, people no longer need to research things from your ad’s description. You can be one step away from a customer who is willing to try something new provided by your company.

Mobile marketing techniques include: text messages, photos, videos

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