Turnkey Business Models

A turn-key business model is one that does not require any additional resources to get going, nor do they require you to invest in or purchase anything for it to run smoothly. This includes all of the components necessary to start doing your business!

As you can probably tell, this is not the case for many businesses out there. Most have to spend lots of money or need help running their business before they are able to launch.

There are some services that offer pre-made templates or even ready-to-go sites as part of a business model, but most of these include expensive subscriptions or large up-front costs that make them unattainable for most people.

What if we told you that there was a way to create your own website with a cost that could easily be covered by yourself? What if you could pick from several different design styles and add your own personal touches without needing to use Photoshop or other graphic software?

In fact, you would only need an internet connection and iOS (or Android) mobile devices to fully customize and update your site! That’s it.

We will go into more detail about what kind of websites using a turn-key business model can produce later in this article, but first let us discuss how easy it is to get started.

Commission based business models

A commission-based business model is one where you earn your income not only through sales, but also through giving away products or services.

This is typically done by making profits off of advertisements or marketing materials that are given to potential customers for free in return for their personal testimonials or reviews.

You can make huge amounts of money with this business model if you are good at putting together effective advertising materials and are able to create lots of buzz around yourself and your product/service via social media platforms!

By offering valuable resources for free, you’re creating opportunities for others to find success with you – which is what really matters. It may even inspire them to start their own business later on.

Running a commission-based business model doesn’t require too much investment either, as you don’t need special equipment or facilities to thrive.

Buy and hold

turnkey business model

A buy-and-hold business model is one that does not require you to find, create, or develop your own products or services. With this business model, someone else has done all of that for you! They have provided you with everything you need to start earning money quickly.

What this means is that you will not be needed to launch their product or service. You do not have to design anything, market anything, or talk about anything. You get to sit back and earn money while they do the hard work.

This business model is very common in the online world. You can pick almost any website where you can sign up as an affiliate or customer for them. Then, they provide you with easy to use software or tools to promote and manage their product or service.

The best way to make money using a buy and hold business model is by investing in high quality products and services that produce excellent results. By doing so, people will flock to you instead of you chasing them.

Rent to own

turnkey business model

In rent-to-own, a business purchases a piece of equipment or merchandise that a customer can use for a limited time before ownership transfers to them!

The customers then pay an initial rental fee per item, typically with monthly payments over several months. At the end of the term, they are given the option to keep the item or return it to the company. If they choose to keep it, they will usually be charged the cost of the item plus applicable sales tax in addition to their last payment!

This is great for two reasons. First, it helps prevent businesses from going out of business due to high overhead. By buying used equipment, owners save money because they no longer have to maintain it. Second, it gives current and potential future clients the chance to experience the product before investing in it.

Rent-to-own companies also make profit off of interest and fees. This is common when financing software or electronics which have increased in price. Many people still feel confident enough in the item to continue paying for it, giving the company more money down the line.

Service businesses

turnkey business model

Running a service business is another way to run your business that doesn’t require you to have a product or offering that people are willing to pay for. This isn’t always easy, however.

Running a restaurant requires a lot of different things — from stocking up on supplies to finding patrons and keeping them coming back!

As a entrepreneur, if you want to keep succeeding, you will need to learn how to do some basic services. You can start by offering simple things like writing services or running errands for other professionals.

These services cost less than what it would take to hire someone full time, so they're a great way to make money while developing your skills as an entrepreneur.

Alternatively, you could offer more complex services such as designing websites or taking care of all of your digital marketing needs.

The key thing about being able to run a service business is having a steady supply of customers who value your work. It's easier said than done, but staying in front of popular media and engaging with social media is a good place to start.

B2B companies

turnkey business model

Starting your business can be expensive, which is why many people choose to run their businesses as a business-to-business (B2B) company. This is also an excellent way to begin your entrepreneurial journey because you will not need too much start up capital.

Running a B2B business means that you provide a service or product to other businesses. You then get paid for each transaction that another business orders from you. Transferring payment is usually done through online payment systems like PayPal or Stripe, but some sellers prefer direct deposit into their accounts instead.

Business owners who offer services typically do so through marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. These sites have built-in tools that help promote their products and connect them with potential customers. Some of these sites even allow you to create an account free of charge!

There are several reasons why running a B2B business is the best choice for most entrepreneurs. First, it is less risk than starting a traditional business model. Because you are only offering services to others, if no one wants what you offer, you are still able to keep working.

Second, B2B sales generate more income per hour worked. This is due to the longer sale cycles that occur when businesses trade goods with each other.

Multilevel marketing

turnkey business model

Like direct sales, multilevel marketing (or MLM) is a business model that depends heavily on recruiting new members to reap profits. In an indirect form of this business model, individual representatives are not hired but rather “sponsored” by more senior level marketers or leaders in the company.

The sponsored individuals then recruit additional people to join the organization while receiving a small commission for their efforts. The majority of the money comes from the recruits they bring into the organization instead of the original sponsors.

There are several types of companies that fit the definition of an MLM including makeup brands, diet supplements, natural medicine, etc. Depending on what products the recruiter is promoting, there can be appropriate regulations and rules around multi-level selling.

While some say that MLMs are fraudulent because of how much emphasis is placed on recruitment instead of product performance, others argue that it is better than traditional models where only one seller exists.

I have a product for you

turnkey business model

There are many ways to start your business, some are more formalized than others. One of the most popular types is what we refer to as a turn-key business model. This is an established method that has worked for lots of other entrepreneurs.

A turn-key business model means starting your business with little to no overhead. You can choose from any number of products or services as your business headquarter.

This includes things like buying a domain name, hosting online storage, and picking out your logo and brand colors. All of these things are paid for via recurring monthly payments which reduce the initial investment.

By having this type of set up, users are able to easily add your business service onto their own site.

Online stores

turnkey business model

A turn-key business model is an online store with all of the features you need to start selling and running your business already installed. They are lite versions of what it takes to run a website yourself, but that isn’t meant to say they aren’t good.

Some examples of turn-key businesses include Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento. These sites have everything needed to create an account, upload products, and maintain the shopping experience for customers!

Turn-key businesses make starting an online business easy by taking care of the hard parts for you. Plus, most offer a free starter plan which can be extended if needed.

Most people begin their journey in ecommerce as sellers on these pre-built platforms. This way there is no risk involved as you don’t have to worry about anything other than marketing and sales.

Online buying has become popular so much that many vendors build their site using one of the above mentioned software programs.

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