U Haul Revenue

While most moving companies are in business to make money, there is an extra level of revenue they can add to your move. The best way to identify this additional income source is looking at how much moving company merchandise you see while helping with moves.

Moving company representatives often times sell moving company products to help pay for their own moves or those of friends. They also gain exposure that helps them market their moving company services!

The more moving company items you see at a given move, the higher paying job you have making it as a member of the organization. It is important to remember though that even if a seller does not get paid directly through rewards points or advertising fees, they may still receive comp tickets or discounts on future moves!

This article will talk about some easy ways to recognize moving company merchandises and what benefits you can reap by investing time in it.

Who uses U-Haul?

u haul revenue

Many people use U-Haul for all sorts of things – moving, going away for college or school, employment, buying a new house, etc. With its low monthly fees and frequent deals, it is a cost efficient way to do business.

The company also makes great revenue off of tow truck services and storage facilities. People hire their service to haul away cars, trucks, or other heavy goods that have been packed up and stored until they can be moved again.

The average person who uses U-Haul doesn’t realize how much money the company makes in various ways. All too often, these individuals give up because they don’t know what parts of the company make money and which ones lose money.

It isn’t always about what product or service you are selling, but why you are offering it and how well you are marketing it.

What services does U-Haul offer?

Being an ever growing company, U-Haul has many different types of services they offer to their customers. These range from freight shipping, storage facilities, vehicle rental, detailing, and more!

Some of these services are completely free while others have small monthly fees attached to them. It all depends on what you want to use the service for and how much money you want to spend!

The most popular way to access most of these services is through your smartphone or computer using either uhaul.com’s app or via their mobile website.

This article will go into detail about some of the other ways to earn extra income as a U-Haul employee. However, if you would like to learn more about the business side of things check out our article: How to Become A Part Time Employee at U-Haul.

How can I rent a U-Haul?

u haul revenue

The best way to start renting a uhaul is by talking to an authorized dealer. Many dealerships work with rental companies so that you do not have to deal with both brands directly!

Some of these companies offer you financing, which is great because you will not need to spend money up front to get started.

What are the different types of U-Hauls?

u haul revenue

U hauling companies have various sized vehicles to offer, depending on what type of haul you need done. There is full size moving trucks for big jobs that can carry lots of belongings, there are smaller truck beds that are better suited for things like furniture or larger items, and then there are heavy duty tow cars for pulling boats or other large pieces away from your destination.

The most common vehicle sizes are either a 5 foot, 6 foot, or 7 foot long light cargo bed. These are great if you are looking to transport one item such as a mattress or refrigerator. A 5 feet length will just cover some areas of the floor in a standard room, while a 6 or 7 feet will let you get more closeable space inside your house or car.

Some companies also have extended utility vans that have additional compartments and features such as ladder racks and tool boxes. These are helpful for transporting expensive electronics or outdoor equipment.

What are the different sizes of U-Hauls?

u haul revenue

The three most popular size classes for U-Hauls are small, medium, and large. These names refer to how many cubic feet (or meters) an SUV sized vehicle can hold!

A small size u-haul is less than 2 m long and 1m wide. A medium size one is between 2–4 metres in length and 1 metre in width. And a large one is 4 metres or more in length and 1.2 metres in width.

“Small” size class vehicles usually have up to 6 cubic feet of space, “medium” ones 8–12 cubic feet, and “large” ones 12+ cubic feet. Some companies also add compartments that drop down as you fill them with goods, this adds additional capacity.

How much does U-Haul charge?

u haul revenue

The price of moving is expensive, but you get what you pay for. The fees that most companies have to bear include a vehicle rental fee, a processing fee, and a per mile cost to your destination due to them paying for mileage.

The vehicle rental fee typically includes a transaction or pre-registration fee, as well as a daily rate and a nightly rate (if applicable). Daily rates usually start at around $25 and go up from there depending on how far you travel each day. Nightly rates are also relatively standard - starting around $40 and going up from there.

The per mile cost comes into play when the company doesn’t have you registered as an individual owner of the car. Many don’t, because they register the cars according to manufacturer specifications, which can easily add several hundred dollars to the total moving bill.

There may be additional fees for having the car returned before its normal drop off time, but those are generally lower level expenses than the main move pricing we’re talking about here.

What if I have a large item to rent?

u haul revenue

Renting an oversized vehicle like a truck or RV is not easy. This is why most big car rental companies have check-in kiosks where you can scan in your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and then they will let you pick up the vehicle.

But what about when you are already at the location picking up your rented vehicle and there is no way to access these services?

Or what if you need to get somewhere quickly and there is no parking available near the rental facility?

There are many things that can be done to solve this problem. One of them is to find a warehouse close by that rents SUVs or trucks as well. You could also look for online resources to see if any local businesses offer vehicle rentals.

What if I am moving across the country?

u haul revenue

Even though we spend a lot of time talking about ways to maximize your business for local moves, there is still one big challenge that can get in the way of success - how to manage your company while you are traveling.

Running a moving supply company means being able to do some things at any time! You will be running around all day long so having a well-managed schedule is important.

Most people start to struggle when their job requires them to travel frequently or even regularly. This is totally normal!

Hardly anyone who owns a car dealership stays behind the office walls his/her whole life. But what most don’t realize is that staying in contact with customers as they move is just as crucial – if not more so.

This article will talk about some easy steps you can take to run your business while away from home. These tips will help you keep in touch with your clients, organize your work, and preserve lots of personal time.

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