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A few weeks ago, we at The Broke And Married Life Club decided it was time to update our site’s look. We are very close with our members, so we wanted to create a space where you feel comfortable sharing your experiences, thoughts, and dreams!

We have made some major changes that will make BAM more intuitive and easy to navigate. With this new design, you will be able to easily find the tips, tricks, and resources you need to manage your money better and save more of it.

It is our goal to help you become more conscious spenders and savers, while also having fun doing it! If you have any comments or questions about the redesign, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section below, on Facebook, or Instagram.

Uhaul Loves Art

uhaul blog

Over the past few years, uhaul has made several efforts to emphasize the importance of art in people’s lives. They have sponsored artists to create artwork inspired by different themes or products. These artists are paid to design their paintings and then donated all of the proceeds to charities that focus on educating young minds about art.

One such charity is The Young Professionals Chapter (TYPC) of The Leukemia & Blood Disorder Society of America (LBA). TYPC raises money through auctions where they sell items like lunchboxes, t-shirts, and jewelry designed by professional artists. All of these funds go directly towards helping patients deal with effects of blood disorders.

Artists donate their time to design the merchandise so none of them are paid for this work. It is our hope that people will look at the designs and recognize the hardwork and talent that professionals use when creating things we enjoy spending time looking at.

These individuals devote time to research, designing, and producing what you see displayed across your screen every day.

Uhaul Loves to Travel

As mentioned earlier, along with their famous van rentals, Uhaul also loves to travel. Starting in 1991, they designed what would become one of America’s favorite spring break getaways- an annual spring break trip for employees.

Since then, over 2 million people have attended this event, which has now been extended to March! The main goal is to give attendees a good time while exploring some of the top destination sites in the country.

There are many ways to attend this event, either as a participant or spectator. For participants, there are different rates and packages depending on how you want to spend your money. There are also trolley tours that take you around certain areas for additional spending money.

For spectators, there are usually VIP experiences at some of the attractions where you can eat food and drink alcohol at the expense of Uhaul.

Uhaul Loves Memes

uhaul blog

This week, we are celebrating all things memes at Uhaul! Starting this weekend, you can use the coupon code “BESTMEME” for an extra $10 off any one-day service or overnight shipping with uhaul.com/bestmeme to enjoy some of their best sellers like The Best Of Life Quote and Love Is An Award Style Picture.

Their products have inspired many people to make fun of themselves and show love for others through funny pictures and quotes. They are also known for offering great value merchandise that fans will keep and use often.

All of these apply to the Best Meme line as well! Many people find it helpful to laugh about difficult situations in life by looking into inspiring sayings and humorous picture quotations. These really brighten up your day and help you feel better after buying them.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our new product category today! If you found this article helpful, let us know by commenting below and sharing with your friends.

Uhaul Loves Online Shopping

uhaul blog

As mentioned earlier, u haul loves online shopping. The company has very successful apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices as well as desktop web browsers. You can find all of their products anywhere you have internet access!

The app allows you to add items to your cart from anywhere and complete your order at any time. This makes it easy to stay in budget as you can check out as soon as you are done looking through things.

You can also search for an item or category to make finding something new easier. The best part is that you do not need wifi to shop online with u haul! You can even purchase some goods using only credit cards which helps prevent wasted money due to poor connectivity.

Overall, this article showed how great buying online from u haul is and what benefits they offer.

Uhaul Loves Coupons

uhaul blog

As mentioned before, you do not have to use all of your coupons at one location or during one trip to get great savings! By having online access to lots of brands, along with their coupon policies, you can save lots of money in shipping and fees!

Most major car rental companies offer either an annual membership to Ibotta or daily members that are much cheaper than the regular price. The cost is usually around $10 per day or $180 per year.

These memberships give you instant discounts in return for taking out more advertisements for the company. It works like buying movie tickets through Fandango — you earn points towards rewards that increase the value of your membership.

Uhaul Loves Fashion

uhaul blog

As mentioned before, you can find lots of fashion inspiration from the blogs and websites of large corporations and companies. Companies create blogs and run advertising campaigns to get new looks or features for their products or services.

This is very common practice in our society now. Almost every major company has its own website and channel through which it communicates with its customers. It is also quite easy to access these sites as they are usually linked directly from your browser.

By reading the blogs and watching the advertisements, people are able to get inspired by all sorts of things such as product ideas or designs. If someone wanted to take what they saw at Costco and apply it to their car storage system, then no one would stop them!

These businesses have designers that work hard to produce an aesthetically pleasing look for the site while also promoting their brand.

Uhaul Loves Photography

uhaul blog

As mentioned earlier, Uhaul loves taking pictures! They even have their very own photography team that takes beautiful photos of all of your furniture and merchandise! Their photogs are really creative with their styles as you can tell from some of their fun photo sets and decorations they made.

Their website features more than just pictures though! You will also find info about each item along with size charts and additional photos. This gives you the chance to research or look at another product before deciding if it is right for you or not.

Uhaul Loves Skincare

uhaul blog

As mentioned before, you can find lots of products from Uhaul that claim to improve your skin or make it look better. Many of these are marketed as anti-wrinkle treatments or sun protection products, but some go one step further and include other benefits like improving your overall health and aesthetics.

Many people have noticed improved results from using their products so why not try making your own beauty stash? If you’re ever struggling to decide which products work for you, create a test batch!

Some tips – do not use too many products at once, only apply a small amount every few days, and be careful not to overdo it as this could cause more problems than solving ones.

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