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The United States Turkey Business Council (UTCBC) is an organization that works to strengthen business relations between the U.S. and Turkey. This is done through promoting economic growth, fostering investment opportunities, and enhancing people-to-people exchanges.

The UTSBC was founded in 2003 as a non-profit membership association. It is funded by individual member dues and donations from corporations and foundations.

Membership in the UTSBC comes with access to exclusive benefits such as industry publications, networking events, and training courses. There are also scholarship programs available to members’ children or grandchildren via education providers.

Since its founding, the USCTB has held over 100 events across the country to promote trade and business relationships. These events include tours of Turkish factories, seminars about market trends, and keynote addresses from prominent politicians and businessmen.

Who is the U.S.-Turkey Business Council?

u.s.-turkey business council

The United States-Turkish Business Council (UTBC) was founded in 1989 to strengthen business relations between Turkey and the United States, and to promote an open market economy and humanitarian values in both countries.

The UTBC works with Turkish businesses that are looking to expand into international markets as well as companies in the United States who want to source products or services from suppliers in Turkey.

Since its founding, the council has sponsored over 1,000 events including trade missions, seminars, roundtable discussions and exhibitions. It also offers customized consulting and advocacy programs for firms seeking to do business in Turkey.

Over the past two decades, the council has developed strong relationships at all levels of government in both countries as well as the private sector. These include senior level executives, entrepreneurs, academic scholars and policy makers.

In addition to promoting economic engagement, the council works to advance understanding and respect for one another’s cultures and democratic systems.

What sectors does the U.S.-Turkey Business Council focus on?

u.s.-turkey business council

The U.S.-Turkish Business Council works in four main areas of business engagement: economic relations, education, environment and health, and homeland security.

In addition to these four major categories, we also work on cultural affairs and technology as well as outreach programs that promote entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for Turkish nationals living in the United States.

We have active committees made up of executives from various companies in each area who are engaged in promoting trade, educational exchanges, cooperation on non-profit projects, and more with Turkey.

These groups meet regularly to discuss issues related to the above topics and how they can be improved or strengthened.

What are the key sectors of the U.S.-Turkey Business Council?

u.s.-turkey business council

The United States Turkey Business Council (UTBC) is an organization that was founded in 1994 to promote business relations between the two countries and increase economic activity within their borders.

It does so by offering members direct, one-on-one access to top Turkish and American executives, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals through weekly meetings and educational events.

The UTBC also hosts or attends conferences and workshops to focus on issues such as entrepreneurship, trade, logistics, supply chain management and investment promotion.

Since its founding, the council has sponsored over 1,000 events including roundtables, receptions and keynote speeches for approximately 6,500 participants.

Who are some of the members of the U.S.-Turkey Business Council?

u.s.-turkey business council

The United States-Turkish Business Council (USB) is an organization that was founded in 1994 to strengthen relations between Turkey and the United States by promoting business interactions, supporting American businesses in Turkey, and encouraging Turkish companies to do the same in America.

Since its inception, USB has sponsored over 1,500 events including trade shows, roundtable discussions, lectures, and receptions. It also hosts semi-annual working groups designed to explore new opportunities for engagement.

The membership of the USA-TURKEY BUSINESS COUNCIL includes representatives from all sectors of the US economy as well as different regions within each country. These include individuals representing both large corporations and small start up firms.

Who are some of the famous companies that are a part of the U.S.-Turkey Business Council?

u.s.-turkey business council

The Business Council was formed in 1995 to foster business relations between Turkey and the United States. Since its inception, it has sponsored events, workshops, and roundtable discussions to promote trade and investment opportunities for both countries.

The Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce (TACC) is one of the most active members of the council. It works with local businesses to help them expand into the other country by offering marketing strategies and advice.

Another member organization is ACI Worldwide which helps entrepreneurs start their own business in Turkey or abroad. They offer free business consultations as well as mentorship services to aid in your business growth.

Some of the bigger members include Anadolu Eğlence Vizesi, Koç Holding, Kia Motors, Renault Nissan, Turkcell, and Turkuvazlararı Ihracat Hizmetlerle Kolay İşlenen Firmalari. All of these have sponsorship agreements with the Business Council to use their services.

What are the key challenges for the U.S.-Turkey Business Council?

The ever-evolving geopolitical landscape is one of the top challenge facing business professionals in the United States – and around the world. This includes finding ways to navigate through changing economic, political, social, and technological landscapes.

With tensions rising between Washington and Ankara over Turkey’s bid to join the European Union as well as their dispute with the United States over Syria policy, it is more important than ever before that Turkish businesses understand how the American economy works.

Likewise, U.S. companies must be aware of all the different dynamics within the Turkish market if they want to succeed there.

The U.S.-Turkish Business Council (UTBC) was established in 2004 to help facilitate this communication and interaction. UTBC brings together senior level executives from both sides of the Atlantic to meet once a month in person to discuss issues related to doing business in Turkey and in the United States.

Since its founding, UTBC has played an integral role in helping promote trade, investment, and understanding across the two countries by hosting events such as roundtables, working groups, and receptions. These gatherings give participants the chance to connect face to face and chat about topics of importance to each side.

Not only does this help foster relationships, but it also provides opportunities to exchange knowledge and information on products and services.

What are the key opportunities for the U.S.-Turkey Business Council?

u.s.-turkey business council

The United States Turkish business council has many important tasks to fulfill in its mission to advance U.S.-Turkish relations, increase trade between our countries, and strengthen ties among businesses in both nations.

One of these responsibilities is to help ensure that small-to-medium sized companies can fully participate in commercial exchanges with Turkey by offering effective networking events, promotional activities, and educational programs.

Many USTB members offer such services throughout the year at low cost or no cost to attendees, making it easy for companies to join and benefit from this program.

Furthermore, the organization works to promote understanding of the other country’s culture through initiatives like monthly cultural roundtables and participation in international expos and conferences.

What can the U.S. do to improve its relationship with Turkey?

u.s.-turkey business council

The United States cannot afford another false hope in the Turkish presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He has not shown any desire to be democratic, to protect minorities or promote free expression. Instead he has systematically dismantled civil society, politicized his country's law enforcement agencies and concentrated power in himself.

Erdogan is also an unreliable partner when it comes to fighting terrorism. While his government made significant progress early in the war against the Islamic State (IS), it now seems more focused on undermining the group than defeating it.

That was clearly seen this week as Ankara accused Washington of supporting IS by withdrawing troops from the border.

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