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As we mentioned before, you can use content designed for emails in other areas of your site to improve your messaging system. One of these is using email notifications or alerts as an opportunity to update people about something important on your site.

You may be thinking, “Wait? I already do that!” That’s totally okay! Sometimes it just gets lost in the shuffle and people may not see it if they are looking for it.

But why don’t you make more of it? Why not take advantage of this powerful tool and use it how it was intended to be used? It can help keep your community connected and engaged, which is what most important sites have going for them.

What is editor content anyways?

Editorial content is plaintext or free-form writing that contains some form of suggestion or assertion. For example, a company might write an article about the benefits of their product or service, or they could state their goal directly (buy their products!).

It is sometimes referred to as op-ed style writing because it resembles editorial pieces written by newspaper writers. These types of articles are usually well researched and offer information that has solid sources.

Many times, they will conclude with a question or statement followed by some action items or suggestions. This way, the reader can go along per the instructions or ideas put forth.

Include images of the content

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There is one other way to include rich media in your email messages that many people forget about. Rich media can be an image, video, or audio piece that contains information or looks interesting.

Using rich media in your emails will help your reader give you more eye contact because they want to see what you have to offer.

It also helps tell your story better by including something that captures attention. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our list here!

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Focus on the quality of your article

Learn to monitor your reviews

As we mentioned earlier, you do not have to use your company’s newsletter as an opportunity to advertise for sale products or services.

There are many other ways to use editor content to promote yourself or others. You can write about how to perform specific tasks, contribute to a community page, increase engagement through comments, publish helpful articles, and more.

Your readers will enjoy reading these insightful notes and they may even find themselves creating their own!

By adding value to the conversation, you will win over some loyal followers who will keep coming back to read what you have to say. For you, it will be worth its cost because you get paid for this type of content.

Editorial content is one of the most effective types of content to use in your business. It will help you grow your audience, gain exposure, and earn rewards.

Make it clear what they should click on

As mentioned before, you can use content rich emails as notification messages to inform your subscribers of something or ask them to take some action.

These are called engagement messages because they get readers involved and connect with them.

Using an email tool such as Mailbox (which we talked about earlier), you can create custom, pre-designed templates for this purpose.

You can also design your own template if you have basic HTML skills. And even if you don’t, there is nothing wrong with using well designed free templates!

The key thing to remember when designing engagement messages is to make them informative while being engaging.

Only use editor content when sending email notifications

There is an annoying trend that I have noticed in recent weeks, at least for me. It seems every now and then, someone will promote something through social media or via direct mail marketing, and along with it, an email notification.

The emails are always the same – you as a business person being promoted, your company name, and then a link to make people join or purchase the product or service.

I understand why this is done, but it can be frustrating for users. Why not just send them the message directly from the source?

Why go through the effort of creating and promoting a product if you are going to sneak in some extra advertising by using editorial material? This looks bad for the user who wants to view the actual site or get information about the product without the influence of the marketer!

It also looks poor for your reputation as a professional company. If you really wanted to spread brand awareness, create a separate article and publish it. But leaving out the part about the product is sneaky and dishonest.

Keep emails short and sweet

As mentioned before, using editorial content in your messages is not only better for you, but also more persuasive.

It may sound crazy, but sending too many distractions can backfire on your message and lose you followers.

Too much fluff or unnecessary information will likely turn people off to reading your email. Break up large blocks of text with shorter paragraphs that are linked directly to the next part.

Don’t forget to use bold and/or underlined keywords to make your points even more clear.

Tell them what to do, not why

As discussed earlier, using interactive content in your emails is very popular these days.
You may have noticed that many of the email marketing programs include an “Interactive” option. This allows you to add pictures or videos into the message which can be clicked on or interacted with.

These types of messages are becoming more common because they work! In fact, it has been shown that adding engaging content can boost engagement by up to 200% after sending.

That means that instead of people just reading the message and then clicking away, they spend time interacting with the content within the app.

It also helps get rid of those who skip through your messages looking for something interesting. If there isn’t anything new to see, they will simply close the message and move onto the next one.

Create a website or buy products?

As mentioned before, you can use your email as a way to create an interactive element for your business’s website.

You can send out emails with content like this “Create an account today!” or “Shop now!” so that users can click through and do either of those things.

This is called incentive-based messaging or transactional marketing because it appeals to buyers who are looking to perform a specific action.

It also helps your site earn rewards points or discounts by creating an online shopping cart, which most sites offer these days.

The difference between promotional and informational messages is just how motivating the message is. A promotional message wants people to take some kind of action, whereas an informative one does not.

Email is a perfect medium for both types of messages since it allows you to target your audience more precisely. You can even mix them up in different ways depending on what type of content you want to promote.

Consider using a tool that makes creating videos easy

As we mentioned, you can use very different types of content when sending email notifications. The most common type is called “vanity link” or just `vanilla link`. This is an linked page with some kind of advertisement or product message/call to action (CTA) attached to it.

With this type of content, users will have to click on the link to view the article or watch the video. This may not be desirable for your reader or viewer because there are other things they need to do immediately. Or maybe their busy schedule does not allow them to spend time looking at the material unless and until they have time.

Alternatively, they might want to read the article but they cannot right now due to work or family obligations. In these cases, they would have to bookmark the article and come back later when they have more time.

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