Very Simple Business Ideas

Starting your own business is an incredible way to make yourself happy. You get to choose what hours you work, you pick your clients, and you can even diversify by offering additional services or products that fit into your business.

All of this starts with having a passion or skill that people are willing to pay for. Having a knack for sewing would be perfect if you were trying to run a clothing store, for example. Or being able to do great makeup could lead to a career as a cosmeticist.

Running your own business means there’s no one telling you how to run it. If something isn’t working, you can try different strategies until you find one that works. It also means you get to keep all of the money you earn, not just part of it!

Very few people ever start out intending to be self-employed. But once they take the leap of faith and invest in themselves by learning new skills, opening up for business, and investing in professional looking gear, then things really take off.

There’s a lot of tips and tricks you can learn from online forums and blogs about running a business, but nothing beats diving in and doing it yourself.

Write a blog post based on very simple product ideas

very simple business ideas

Writing a blog post about very simple business ideas is the easiest way to start building your blogging career. All you need to do is pick an area of the field that you are passionate about, find some solutions to those problems, and then create content around them!

Running a restaurant is a great example of this. If you have a passion for food and like to spend money buying good ingredients, then starting a website or app where you sell recipes is a great idea.

A second option would be to offer tips and strategies for running a restaurant or cooking cuisine of your choice. A third could be offering nutritional information about foods – we’ve discussed how easy it is to do this here before.

The last one can be doing bar reviews or giving ratings and feedback on different drinks or restaurants.

Make a list of very simple service ideas

very simple business ideas

Now it’s time to get creative! Chances are, you already have some skills that can be monetized. You can make money by offering your services to other people in any field- whether it’s taking good pictures or designing nice looking websites.

Some more examples of small business ideas include giving lessons, teaching classes, performing arts such as singing or dancing, writing, talking, consulting, helping with projects, or doing business acumen (for example, studying marketing strategies).

All these things require no special training or education beyond what you’ve got right now. So start thinking about ways to turn those talents into income!

Very few businesses survive their first year, so don’t worry about losing all this money immediately. But if you do well your second season, then keep going! It takes hard work and dedication, but being your own boss is one of the best feeling jobs there is.

Start a blog

very simple business ideas

Starting your own business is an incredible way to make money. With the right niche, audience, and marketing strategy, you can create an online outlet for your skills or ones that pay to hone.

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to do this. It’s also one of the most valuable!

Blogging is a medium many people use to share their experiences, thoughts, and information. It’s perfect because it rewards those who are good at writing and communicating.

Your personal blog doesn’t need to be about making lots of money per se, but if you're not careful you could end up spending all your time talking about how much you made today instead of what you did today.

This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but if that's the case then you've lost the point of blogging. You'll still earn some revenue from the traffic heaped upon you, but you needed to focus more on producing quality content than on being popular.

There are many different types of blogs out there, so pick a genre that sounds interesting to you and start writing. Most bloggers begin with creating an appropriate domain name and hosting website before picking a theme and color scheme for the site.

Open a pop-up shop

very simple business ideas

Apop-up business is when an established business with lots of revenue opens up a location that is separate from their headquarters or place of operation. For example, if your favorite clothing store has a brick and mortar location then next year they may open up a second location that is totally dedicated to selling fun party supplies.

This type of business is very popular these days as people are using pop-ups more and more in celebrations suchas birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties. Many stores have done it and are making money off of it!

So what about you? You can start your own popup business by buying a space at a high traffic area like a mall or restaurant site where there is already foot traffic.

Start a tutoring business

very simple business ideas

Starting your own tutoring business may not be as difficult or expensive as some make it seem. All you really need to do is teach someone else how to learn! Whether you are teaching children, adults, college students, or even seniors, there are many ways to start up this type of business.

There are several different types of tutors that can begin their career as a tutor-teacher. You will probably want to know what kind of student they prefer before deciding which one to get started with.

For example, an academic tutor teaches students who have trouble understanding concepts in school courses. An individual tutor helps people achieve a goal such as studying for a test or finding out more about a subject.

A social tutoring position is helpful for individuals who need help improving relationships. This includes helping with homework assignments, studies, and/or lessons on various topics.

The difference between these all is just how the tutored party is organized. Some employers offer free tutoring services through organizations like The Tutoring Company or Great Books Inc., etc.

Start a financial service business

Starting your own business comes with its own set of challenges, but don’t worry! There are plenty of resources available to help you get up and running. Many companies out there offer free guidance and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

All too often, people start businesses because they think that will make them rich, or at least more wealthy than they already are. It is important to remember that no matter what kind of business you choose, you will never know how much money you’ll earn it until you run one.

However, by offering certain services to others and generating revenue through those services, you can almost guarantee yourself a steady income. Plus, being your own boss means you get to pick your hours, which helps mitigate stress.

There are many ways to go about starting a new business. Some do it like super millionaires online gurus who have done it before and share their secrets with others. Others find success in going into an area they are already familiar with and expanding upon that. Either way, you should be careful not to underestimate the costs involved in getting started.

Start a craft business

very simple business ideas

Starting your own creative business comes with its share of challenges, but they’re mostly focused on how you will bring in money to cover your costs. Most creative businesses don’t make a whole lot of money unless you are very skilled at creating what you offer, so making products or offering services that fall within your area of expertise is the best way to start off.

If you want to get started as a crafts person, there are many ways to do it. You can be creative in how you approach this, whether it’s designing your own patterns, putting together new materials or even taking old materials and re-purposing them into something new. The possibilities are endless!

There are also people who sell handmade items online – you could create your own Etsy store, for example, or you could try Amazon FBA (full basket supply) if you have equipment or material resources you need to stock up on. Either way, you would just have to handle your shipping which should be no more than a few dollars per item.

Whatever type of crafting you choose to pursue, the most important thing is to enjoy what you do and talk about it frequently. Your creativity will take over once you feel motivated and inspired by what you are doing.

Start a food business

very simple business ideas

Starting your own restaurant is one of the greatest things you can do if you love to eat and like to have fun with nature. The chances are very good that you already know how to cook, so developing your skills as a chef is not needed!

Running a restaurant is a lot of work, but it can be quite profitable if done right. There are many ways to run a successful eatery, from owning a large location with lots of parking to offering only online or mobile orders.

The most important thing to remember when deciding what kind of restaurant to open is to keep it true to yourself. Make sure everything about the restaurant reflects who you are as a person and what you want to achieve with your life.

Also make sure your customers feel comfortable while they’re there- whether by being friendly or offering helpful services. Between running the kitchen, meeting with suppliers, hosting events, keeping in touch after opening, and responding to comments and messages, any time left over will probably go unused.

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