Vlog Marketing: How Influencers Do It

A video journal or, as some call it, a vlog is a way to keep your followers engaged with you while also giving them new things to watch. You can pick and choose what content you want to include in your videos. It does not have to be about beauty or fashion, though that is popular content people may find interesting.

You can talk about anything! If you’re passionate about something, sharing your experiences and lessons related to that thing will inspire others. Your audience will feel more connected to you if you share yourself online, especially since most of us are living our lives mostly through social media at this time.

There are many ways to use your voice in a video. You can do a narration-style comment, ask questions, give opinions, describe and showcase your skills, and even teach. The length of each segment depends upon its nature and how long you want to make it.

Many people begin recording blogs and other creative projects when they are too busy to devote an hour to making a full movie.

Make a video marketing plan

Starting your vlog channel is not as easy as some make it seem! It takes more than just filming yourself to have an effective business model. You will need to think about what you want to get out of your content, how you will promote it, and what mediums you’ll use to share it with the world.

It is important to know that creating a successful YouTube channel isn’t necessarily limited to only videos. Many people start off making short videos and then expand their repertoire by adding other types of media such as GIFs or longer essays.

There are many ways to market your channel so don’t feel like you have to spend hours per day producing content. Rather, focus on one area of content production every week and stick to it. This way you’ll keep up momentum and grow your audience.

Create a YouTube channel

vlog marketing

The next step is to create your own YouTube channel! You can use this link as a starting place for creating your profile, picking your username, and linking it all together.

Once you have those basics done, it’s time to pick your niche and format. Pick a field that you are passionate about or one that you will enjoy producing content in.

Your audience should feel like yours when watching your videos – so make sure your voice sounds authentic and natural. Don’t worry too much about being perfect at first.

After all, no one is ever truly perfect their very first few times trying something new.

Develop a brand

vlog marketing

As mentioned before, your vlog style content and format can play an important part in how successful you are as a YouTuber. What kind of videos you upload and what you upload of yourself is very crucial to your success.

Your followers will form opinions about you based on your personality and if they like what you say then they will watch your channel!

Your style and personal touches will also help set you apart from other YouTubers with similar content.

You can even create different personalities for yourself depending on the video genre you choose. For example, baking or fashion videos require you being in front of the camera more than music theory lessons do.

Making your own content is great way to gain inspiration and learn new things. Writing a script and recording a voice over using a good microphone is a nice start if you’re not sure who to ask for tips.

Finding out which genres get the most views is another way to develop your content. Creating reviews or tutorials is a popular choice that can be done at any level.

If you want more advanced ways to improve your marketing skills, looking into YouTube channels that use strong branding and media coverage is a starting point.

Know your audience

vlog marketing

As mentioned before, vlogging is a medium that can be done virtually anywhere at any time. With that in mind, what content you produce and how you present yourself online will determine who your viewers are and what messages you will give them.

As you start creating videos, think about who your target audience is and what they might want to see. Is this for social media? For YouTube? Test out different styles and genres to find one that fits.

The most important thing to remember when producing your video content is to be authentic and relateable. If there’s something you know or have experience with, then include it!

Your followers may already know of your successful career, so use that as motivation to keep sharing more information about yours.

Post consistently

vlog marketing

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that content is what gets views for their channel. It’s not! Consistency is. This could be your passion, an interesting story, or just about any type of content you want to create. But if you don’t have consistency then there's no way anyone will know how to use you!

As with anything in life, I'm sure you've noticed before that things that lack consistency are unsuccessful. So, make sure you're spending time creating content for your channel and try to do it every day!

It'll take some time to get used to, but once you do then you'll see your view counts rise quickly.

Offer a service

vlog marketing

A lot of people make fun of people who do “self-promotion” by posting about their products and services on social media, talking about them, and promoting them. But offering a service is just as valid a form of self-promotion!

Running your own YouTube channel is another way to offer your service to other people. You can create content that will help others learn how to bake or sew clothes, for example, and promote it as your business.

By creating an online presence that adds value to someone else, you are indirectly advertising your business and generating potential new clients.

And while most vloggers start out filming only themselves, there are many ways to include partners in your videos.
You could be baking with me, or I could be doing something related to baking so I invite you to come join us! Or we could both give tips and tricks to each other!

This is a great way to feature brands and companies that you know and trust, and draw more attention to yourself (and maybe even some sales!).

Create content

vlog marketing

A little bit of vlogging is great, but creating an engaging video with some story and features is way better! If you are too nervous to put yourself out there, then don’t worry about it — you can hire someone who knows how to do that.

Some tips for becoming more creative in your filming include no background noise (use headphones if needed), stay in front of a good quality camera, use products related to your business or niche, and be spontaneous.

There is an endless amount of ways to add variety to your videos, so try finding one thing that you feel comfortable doing and keeping things fun! Your followers will enjoy watching you film and being able to watch your creativity unfold.

Product reviews – talking about a product you use in a segment or whole episode is a great way to promote for both the company and yourself.

Distribute videos

vlog marketing

A growing number of people now have access to a camera device that they take some sort of video with every day. This is great as it means you can create your own channel and spread your message around!

There are many ways to begin filming yourself or other individuals for your vlog. You can use a smartphone, webcam, or even a dedicated YouTube recording device. The important thing to remember about being recorded while using these devices is to be comfortable and natural when you film.

Try experimenting with different angles, distances, and settings to find one that fits you.

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