What Are AI Writing Tools

A writing schedule

There are many ways to write a book.

The most common way is just by writing. But I prefer an easier way, which iswriting a writing schedule.

You can start with writing every day for a few minutes. And then when you have some ideas written down, you can shift your focus onto writing.

This way you don’t need to know how to write yet. You can still get things done before you realise that you should be focusing on your writing career.

There are lots of reasons why people cannot work well from home. This way you can keep working while having more freedom in terms of where we do our writing.

Also, if you do not have any contacts or resources available, this is a great way to spend time doing something else other than sitting at a computer.

It may sound weird, but reading books (and blogs) off line is a wonderful way to gain knowledge. It works online and it works offline.

Whether you are looking through stacks of library books or scrolling through websites featuring articles, you can learn information and new skills.

And what better place to find resources to help you accomplish goals? Then again, learning several new things at once is useful.

An outline

what are ai writing tools

While writing is about creating an flow of thoughts, outlining helps to organize your book into a direction.

An out-line contains all the scenes you want to tell in order but also give you a detailed list of events, ideas, characters and titles that will help you access this flow more easily.

Outlining does not have to be done with paper! There are several good software programs available online. You can use a desktop program or a mobile app.

The important thing to remember when planning out your book is that it should feel natural and come from the heart. Your first draft should feel like your stream of consciousness written out on paper.

Once you’ve finished your first draft, go back and edit that first section to make sure it feels right. Then move forward using the second part of your manuscript to update and revise your original work.

This may sound complicated, but it’s really just reorganizing what you already wrote in a simple way. By switching between editing and programming skills, you can improve your script writing ability.

You can read more about scripting here.

Bullet points

what are ai writing tools

Have you ever noticed that when you are reading an article or book, sometimes there are sections where the writing becomes more narrative than technical? That’s because narratives are easier to read than written lists.

They help us move through information while we keep our attention focused on the story. A great way to make your content more accessible is by using bullets.

A bullet point or bulleted list tells a reader explicitly what the topic is and gives the lead a chance to elaborate. Your readers will probably want to know why they should care about the topic, but the important thing is that it gets its importance understood.

There are many reasons for using bullet points in your content. Here are some example uses :

Thematic outlines

what are ai writing tools

Another useful tool for structuring your writing is a thematic outline. A thematic outline helps you organize your thoughts around a central topic or idea. You can write more freely without being concerned about who may be reading your work

However, once you have written one article using this technique, you will find it very easy to apply to other articles as well. This is because you now have a structure that serves both to help you organize your thinking and to allow you to write in a fresh way.

There are many different thematic outline formats available. Some are free, some are paid. There is no single format that is required to create a thematic narrative.

You can either write down ideas independently (like chapters of a book) or you can write up a theme and story matching together concepts that you already have in mind.

The only requirement is that they form a coherent storyline. Your thematic narrative should be able to stand alone as a poem, short story or album track.

Think cards

what are ai writing tools

A great way to start an article is with ‘think cards’. These are pre-prepared notes that you can use to write your piece.

The beauty of this method is that it requires no writing skills. You simply write down the thoughts from the think card in your own words.

You can make them by yourself or buy pre-made ones. Both work well. Make sure they are plain and easy to read.

Put the think cards into different boxes, so you can choose which one to use for each topic. This helps keep the writing process simple as you don’t have to worry about choosing pens or ink or how it looks.

It also means you can get straight onto drafting content without wasting time design things you won’t need.

Creative exercises

what are ai writing tools

After you’ve finished your writing, it is important to fix it in the best way that you can. There are many different tools you can use for this purpose.

For most people, choosing what comes next is simply fixing errors and adding clarity where needed. Beyond that, there are several other creative ways to alter and improve your prose.

These methods involve being able to remove words or phrases that get in the way of the flow of the sentence or word, respectively. By removing such verbal clutter, their meaning becomes clearer.

Some examples of these techniques include using synonyms, rephrasing, paraphrasing, and word shuffling. Others may include repeating parts of sentences, changing tenses, or introducing contradictions.

Tips for blogging

what are ai writing tools

Learning how to blog is easy, but putting yourself out there takes confidence. Here are some tips that might help you start from anywhere.

Be honest about your writing skills

It can be scary to put your work out into the open for everyone to see, but once you do, you’ll feel much more comfortable with it. You will also need to be confident in your skill set if you want others to trust what you write.

Of course, none of us have perfect stories to tell, but we all have something worth sharing. Take a look at yours as well as other people’s blogs and see what they’re doing and saying!

There are so many to choose from: original content, personalized stories, funny posts, educational info, helpful guides, and more.

And while Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ offer ways to make it easier than ever to share content, nothing beats a good old-fashioned blog post anymore.

Your story may be just the one someone needs right now. Does she or he laugh? Is his or her mood improved? Do they ask questions?

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes: If you were sitting behind a couch watching TV and reading an article, would you believe it?

You should never worry about being unique – everybody has a story to tell. From beginnings to endings, highs to lows, issues to solutions.


Questions to ask yourself

what are ai writing tools

After you have determined your purpose and topic, it is time to think about how you will write your article. Your first step was to create a plot or sequence of events in your head.

Next, you’ll need to know where your story is going. A lot of people get stuck while writing because they don’t know what will happen next. It’s important to be able to hold onto both your beginning and end points so that your story can flow from start to finish.

These are things you should always consider before starting to write. Once you have a plan, then you can focus on implementation. There are many different tools that can help you with this.

For instance, use an index card program to make notes. Or, add a journal to note down interesting ideas that arise for future reference.

Finally, read through the entire article several times until you understand the overall meaning and context. Think about other relevant topics and information and see if you remember any related concepts.

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