What Are Recurring Revenues

Recurring revenues are anything that is done repeatedly, such as watching movies or reading books. This includes things like subscribing to a magazine or monthly book club, or paying for online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

These types of revenue streams make it easier to stay invested in the product because you have to invest less money to enjoy what they offer.

For example, if you were subscribed to Netflix, you would only need an account with them to watch all their content! You wouldn’t need to purchase a separate subscription or pay extra for individual pieces of content.

Recurring revenues help keep the company thriving long term because even though there may be times when you don’t use the service, you still pay for part of the production cost and/or the marketing costs to bring people to the site.

Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription model is one where you pay for an extended service or product every month or at least several months of use. This can be anything from buying Netflix to access to their streaming services, to paying for a fitness app that monitors your workouts and provides tips and tricks, to spending money on beauty products or supplements that improve your skin tone and internal health.

Most people have subscribed to something similar at some point in their lives. Many people still do today with large corporations offering this solution virtually free to them!

With the explosion of technology these days, there are now more ways to get a monthly service than ever before. Online courses have become very popular as students and teachers offer them online through sites like Udemy and YouTube.

These educational resources are typically cost-effective because they are offered freely or low cost eBooks are available to purchase. Given how easy it is to create content online, there are now plenty of way to learn new skills while staying within budget.

Making money online is always a changing field, but teaching yourself new skills is not. There are many ways to make money doing things such as writing, designing, photography, and educating others. You just need to find your niche and start experimenting.

Per-sale charges

what are recurring revenues

Another way to achieve recurring revenues is via per-sale fees or commissions. This is done through sites that offer services, such as hosting or domain names. For example, if you have a website and people want to create their own site, you could charge them a per-site fee or commission. People also need web space to store information and documents so they can share it with others, and there are websites that offer this service for free or low cost.

This is similar to what we discussed earlier about advertising. Even though you may not get paid directly for an advertisement, you still earn revenue from the company providing the platform for it (the web host, the browser your visitor uses, etc.). The same goes here!

These types of sites usually require users to pay a subscription or monthly/annual fee in order to use all of their features. These additional features typically include some type of online storage, email, domain name registration, and more.

Trial periods

what are recurring revenues

A trial period is when you try out something for size. Most businesses have a trial period to determine if you like them enough to keep buying their products or not. Companies offer discounts or credit cards to draw in new customers, which are both good strategies for business growth.

Trial periods can be done either totally free of cost or with a small fee that gets waived if you purchase within a certain time frame. This helps your potential customer decide whether they want to invest in the product before fully purchasing it.

Some examples of this are going into a restaurant for lunch without spending any money at all or grabbing a coffee from somewhere close by to make sure their system works for them. Both are great ways to know if a company has its life outside of marketing commercials!

Recurring revenues come down to creating experiences people will continue to spend time having, and then monetizing that experience via advertising or adding additional features to grow on top of what you already have.

Repeat customers

what are recurring revenues

Another way to have recurring revenues is through repeat business or what’s known as customer loyalty. This is when your product or service comes with a regular monthly subscription, annual membership, or yearly fee.

A good example of this is buying a magazine every month. Or buying a book from an indie publisher each year that you re-buy each season.

These types of products are designed to keep coming back so they earn more money in revenue than they cost to maintain.

The publishers spend money creating the content for the magazines and writers who produce the books, but it is also supported by income they get from subscribers or buyers.

There are many ways to create frequent loyalists of yours via repeat purchases.

Month-to-month subscriptions

what are recurring revenues

Monthly subscription services are apps, games, or tools that require you to pay for them each month, usually via your credit card. This is what allows them to continue functioning because they get paid again at the next monthly payment time!

A great example of this is Netflix. You can choose to subscribe to their service yearly (paying more per year), monthly, weekly, or even daily depending on how much content you want to watch. They earn money from these subscriptions every month!

This isn’t just limited to entertainment products either. Companies use recurring revenues for business resources and software. For instance, someone may purchase an annual membership to a community website such as YouTube so that they don’t have to re-pay monthly for expensive memberships.

These types of businesses depend on having people place an initial order so that they can stay in operation. Therefore, it is important to determine if there are any opportunities to create longhand, shorter term purchases within your product or service.

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