What Are Recurring Transactions In Quickbooks Online

With all of your transactions happening at once, it can get confusing as to what item goes into which category or account. This is where recurring transactions come in handy!

A recurring transaction occurs when one item is repeated (or done over and over again). For example, if you run a restaurant, then monthly food bills are a recurring expense. So instead of having to create a new bill every time there’s an order, you just add this cost to the existing budget and work out how much money you have left for the month.

In fact, most small business owners use a tool called QuickBooks to do this. It is a free software that helps you keep track of your accounts, and has features such as creating invoices, recording expenses, and keeping records.

However, some people may not know about another feature within QuickBooks: the ability to set up recurring payments. These are very easy to implement, and can be saved for later or automatically put together according to timescale.

Examples of recurring transactions

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

One example of a recurring transaction is when you run out of gas while driving. You can either stay and spend the rest of the day trying to find an empty parking lot or you can pull over at a station and get more gas.

With quickbooks, there are times when you will make a purchase that requires a recurring payment. For instance, if you buy your friend’s coffee gift card, it is unlikely they will reimburse you for the money unless they have access to their own spending account.

So what do you do? You could always say “sorry, I ran out of funds!” but then they may not be your friend anymore. Or you could just pay with a credit card and treat yourself later.

Luckily, there is an easy way to handle this situation in QuickBooks. It is called a recurring transaction and it is very common. Here are some examples of how to create one:

You can add a recurring donation via email or through the app. After that, the business owner gets notified every time a certain amount is spent, automatically. They don't need to do anything beyond confirm the transaction.

How to reduce quickbooks fraud

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

Recent changes to how Intuit handles recurring transactions in their software has helped limit fraudulent activity, but still allow for some level of stealthy fraud.

Previously, when you made a purchase that was categorized as a recurring transaction it would automatically update your account with an average price. For example, if you spent $100 at a restaurant every Sunday for one year then it would add up all those weekly visits into one big spending session and say that you spent $150 per month at the restaurant. This is not only inaccurate, but also misleading because you know you’re not paying that much for each visit!

By having this automatic process, users could easily exaggerate what they spend by adding additional costs such as buying drinks or using the lunch menu. Due to this, many people have used these features to perpetuate fraud. By being deceitful about how much money you make, you can continue to steal from unsuspecting victims.

Create a company in quickbooks

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

Another way to organize your business is creating an LLC or even filing as an Employee Business in QuickBooks. Both of these will allow you to use recurring transactions for your business!

Recurring transactions are easy to set up. You can choose whether it is monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, yearly, or whatever fits your budget best.

You can also add additional services to each transaction such as sending out invoices, emailing customers, etc. This way they don’t have to check off that box saying ‘Send Invoice’ because everything is automated.

There is one downfall to this, however. It won’t update the tax information automatically. You would need to do that yourself either through a different app or using paper documents.

Record your company assets

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

A recurring transaction is another way to categorize transactions that occur frequently, such as monthly bills or subscriptions.

With a recurring transaction, the app will automatically add the item onto an asset ledger list for you! You do not have to enter this information yourself.

This can save you time by avoiding repeating work that has already been done.

You get two benefits under these settings- it helps organize all of your receipts and records into one place, and it also gives you more detail about each line entry, such as what product or service it is for and how much money it spent.

Record your company liabilities

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

A recurring liability is an expense that will continue to incur for very little cost, typically monthly or yearly. Examples of these types of expenses include utilities, phone bills, subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and credit card payments for business supplies and/or personal use.

By recording this type of debt as an asset, and then tracking its depreciation over time, you can more accurately calculate how much money your organization has tied up in it already. This helps you plan future expenditures and whether or not there are ways to reduce the costs of these products or services!

You may also want to look into alternatives to some of these services if they’re no longer needed or effective. For example, many small businesses start out using free web hosting before investing in their own domain and hosting. As such, they spend money on software fees every month without realizing it.

Record your company stock

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

A second way to use quick books is recording purchases. This can be done through what are called recurring transactions or automated billing. Here, you create an account type for your business with quick book that automatically adds money to your account every month or weekly, depending on which one you select.

This is very helpful if you run a website or shop that sells products. You do not need to go into the app each time you would like to make a purchase because it does it for you!

This is also helpful for those who sell online courses or educational materials. Students will no longer have to buy expensive student accounts as they grow out of college. Your students can just renew their subscription without having to re-enter all of their information again.

Record your company debt

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

A recurring transaction is any type of payment that occurs frequently, usually monthly or weekly. For example, if you run a yoga studio, most likely your income comes from teaching classes. So what happens when someone doesn’t show up for class is a recurring transaction.

You can also have running bills such as utilities and phone services which continue to be paid throughout the month. These types of expenses are considered recurring transactions.

By recording these sorts of debts, your accountant will be able to determine how much money you owe per month and at the end of each month, an extra line item called “Other Debt” will be listed with a value. This other debt includes things like mortgage payments, credit card dues, and more.

These additional lines get added onto your overall loan amount and are calculated using a simple formula.

Create your customers

what are recurring transactions in quickbooks online

The next step is to create your customer for which you will use their name as the seller and email address as the contact information. You can now choose whether or not to allow credit cards as payment methods, too!

After that, you will need to pick an inventory location. This setting works like eBay where people buy and sell things. For example, if someone sells shoes, they would go into “Store” under Inventory Location.

Then, you will want to add products to your store. Pick and edit any product you want and then click Add Product to bring up more settings. You can also edit how much of each product you have left here as well.

Last, you will want to associate this product with your customer. Simply search your computer or phone for your customer’s last name and get them linked together.

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