What Are Simple Start Options?

As a self-employed individual, there are many different platforms you can use to run your business. Some of these apps have very expensive subscriptions, which is unnecessary for most individuals who are starting out.

There are several free accounting software programs that contain features such as time tracking, expense management, and payroll services. These applications also make it easy to connect to various payment systems like PayPal and Stripe.

By having access to all this information, you will be able to keep tabs on your money effectively! Most people begin working for themselves by offering their service directly to other businesses or marketing to potential clients through social media sites.

The best way to get started with keeping books on yourself and your business is by picking one of the simple start options first. Try out some of these free apps to see if they work for you before investing in an extended version that may not necessary fit your needs.

What are the topics covered?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

Beyond just having your own business, there is another way to go about running a business that is often overlooked. This option is called being self-employed or freelancer. With this type of business model, you retain ownership of your time, so you can pick how much time you want to invest in a particular project.

You will need to have software such as Microsoft Office (like Word and Excel) to be able at least create documents, and usually a web browser and some kind of spreadsheet program too for most things.

These programs can be expensive, but they are easy to use which may make it worth your money. There are many free alternatives to these products as well. You should do some research before investing in professional grade software though!

There are also several websites where you can find work. Some sites offer their users work through advertisements or by paying them a small fee per job, while others rely on subscriptions or monthly fees.

Finding work via online resources is a great way to earn extra income. The benefits of using these services over creating your own website with an advertisement system is that there is no starting cost, and people will constantly be looking for content you can provide.

Who are the authors?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

The two main writers of this article are Tony Aye, business owner, and blogger at Budgetingwithts and Ryan Johnson, entrepreneur and writer for the website Business Insider. Both have worked as self-employed professionals and/or employees in the past and have lots of experience with both small businesses and large corporations.

In their personal lives, Tony and Ryan enjoy traveling and spending time with friends and family. They also love reading new books and listening to music.

Tony is very organized and enjoys keeping things neat and tidy. He also loves cooking and baking and has done so professionally since he was able to take responsibility for his first job (making cookies and cakes for an office).

Ryan likes to consider himself more of a creative person than anyone else in the world. He spent many years working in advertising where he got to do graphic design, writing, filming, and even some web designing! Since college, he’s been involved in various artistic projects including acting, singing, and writing.

Both men agree that being a self-starter and having your own source of income is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have. Now, they want to help you be successful by sharing their knowledge about starting out as an independent professional.

QuickBooks is a free accounting software program designed specifically for business owners who keep records in spreadsheet format or use pen and paper to record transactions.

What are the goals?

As mentioned earlier, being self-employed comes with its own set of challenges but also many benefits. One of these is having control over your time. You get to choose when you start each day and how much time you want to devote to working.

You can easily limit yourself to only work for X hours every week or month depending on what commitments you have. This helps prevent burn out because you don’t have to keep pushing beyond your limits just because you thought you should.

There are several other reasons why being self-employed is a great option too! Being able to fit work around your life means that you don’t need to be in an office settings all day anymore.

This gives you more freedom than being part of a company where you need to take constant breaks and find ways to connect with people outside of work. For example, as a freelancer, you could walk away at any moment so you wouldn’t need to make friends who share the same passion as you do for becoming social again once you're done working.

Conversations about business and career sometimes include terms like CEO, owner, and entrepreneur which can seem very formal and/or overwhelming for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable calling themselves either one.

What is the schedule?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

As mentioned before, being self-employed comes with its own set of responsibilities that shift depending on your current projects and commitments. This can be as simple as answering phone calls while you are still in office or making lunch for yourself when you get back from running errands, to more involved things like finding and paying for new clients or putting together business presentations.

Running a business also requires you to keep track of lots of different bills and payments. You will have to log into online banking systems, read receipts, make sure all credit cards are updated, and so on.

Keeping up with these deadlines can become difficult if they don’t belong to you, which is why it is important to find a structure for your work that works best for you. There are many ways to organize your time as an entrepreneur, but no matter what you choose, just make sure you stick to it!

If you feel like you’re never getting anything done because there isn’t much time left at the end of the day, consider organizing your workload by quarter or season instead of week. This way, you won’t run out of things to do as quickly, and you’ll have extra time at the end of each period to focus on specific tasks.

Another option could be starting small and growing from there. If you're too nervous about launching your own business, start off with one project rather than offering your services full-time.

What are the prices?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

While some may consider paying for an online accountant or bookkeeper services as expensive, there is a way to do it without spending a lot of money. You can actually start your own business using the free tools that offer most accountants and bookkeepers’ services.

There are many free software such as Microsoft Office Online (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, etc.), Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.) you can use to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

These products have been designed to be simple to use so anyone can get started quickly with little training!

Office 365 and other paid versions of these apps include monthly subscriptions which can add up depending on how much usage you have. But they are all ad-free which makes them more user friendly.

Some people prefer the ease of use this software offers over premium accounts at costlier apps because it does not require payment per use.

Does the program offer a refund policy?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

Beyond offering you their products, most online payroll software companies also offer a money back guarantee. This is very important to consider as there are always costs involved in using any software. By giving yourself a full 30 days, you can try the product out risk free.

There are some things that needed to be considered when choosing which one is right for you. Make sure to do your research and read lots of reviews. Also, visit each company’s website to see if they list what business services they offer.

This will make it much easier to determine whether or not this is worth spending the money on.

What are the limitations?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

Beyond payroll, other key features that most small business owners do not use include expense tracking, time management, invoicing, and more frequently than not, tax filing. All of these things require some sort of software or app to work effectively.

Most people start with the easy option by choosing one of the “Simple Starting” apps like Xero, FreshBooks, or Wave. These applications have a free starter plan where you can create an account, upload documents, and start taking payments but they lack many advanced features such as employee accounts, timesheets, invoices, and taxes.

These paid versions offer additional features but cost quite a bit more up front!
If all of this sounds too expensive, there is another solution!

You can always run your own personal accounting site using something free like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive! But this will only give you limited access to certain features and it is usually very difficult to find anyone who knows how to set up an accounting system properly.

Who has used the program?

quickbooks simple start vs self-employed

Recent users of Intuit’s quickbook simple start include Allergan, The Coca Cola Company, Dow Chemical, Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Kellogg’s, Yum! Brands, Hanesbrands, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Unilever, Mars, Nestle, General Mills, PepsiCo, Diageo and many others.

These companies have spent anywhere from $100 to well over $1 million installing the software and getting going with it.

Mostly what people say is that they were impressed by how intuitive the product was and how easy it was to use. A lot of businesses find it helpful in keeping track of their accounts and finance.

There are lots of resources available via the internet and within the app for help as well. You can search Google or YouTube for all sorts of tips and tricks.

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