What Are The Best Free Writing Tools

Postit Notes (iOS)

what are free writing tools

Postit Notes is a free app for android and iOS devices. You can write your notes here then just pull down the note and edit it or add more entries.

You can set up reminders (for example, every day at noon) to record something in your journal. These notifications are called “auto-notes”; you choose when they will happen.

When creating auto-notes, you have the option of adding a quote or writing a paragraph based on an article or other content piece.

This feature allows you to capture topics that you might want to discuss with someone else. For instance, if there was an interesting topic coming up during counseling, you could create a separate entry detailing what it is about this topic that makes you feel uncomfortable.

By having these extra entries into your phone or computer, you are able to track your progress over time. This way, you can see how far you've come and know that you're on the right path.

Write Now Word Search

what are free writing tools

While some people may think of finding words by looking at a picture, this task is much simpler when you use our online word search tool.

This also works well if you want to teach children how to do it, as they like searching for words and pictures. Or you could make your own prints out of words or letters that have different fonts and designs.

You can even combine text and images into one page and call it visual writing!

There are many other features available on Google Images such as making colorize changes, adding text shadows, and resizing an image. Have a look yourself and see what options we have.

Bullet Points

Use bullet points in your writing to organize thoughts, topics, or sections of text.

There are many different ways to create a bulleted list, but the most common one is to use an underscore between words or phrases to indicate that these are part of a list.

For example, assume you have several ideas for a blog article. You can write only a few sentences before getting tired of them, or you can work up a more detailed version with additional thoughts interspersed through the already established paragraphs.

The second option gives you a more complete piece of content to put on your website or share on social media. It will also give you a better outline if you want to write a full-length article about what you researched.

This method can be used for any kind of document (including handouts at workshops).

It’s easier to convert a notebook into a neat document than it is to translate loose notes into thoughtful content. The latter may require greater commitment; the former less.

Artistic Pens

what are free writing tools

One of the things I like best about artistic pens is that you can draw with them. You can give it more depth by adding lines, which makes it look like you’re drawing with crayons or wax pen markers.

Artistic pens also wear down faster than other ones. This means you have to spend more time fixing mistakes. That said, these are some of the most inexpensive writing tools out there!

Also, they don’t cut down on quality when you use your pen hand for writing. However, many writers prefer the feel and experience of handwriting.

Some people even find that they get better results when they write with one finger instead of two. The brand Ardy does not recommend using ink pads as replacement for professional drafting pens.

It simply doesn’t have the flow in words that way. There are several reasons why experts agree on this tip.

Text Expander

what are free writing tools

This is an expansion of my article, “20 Fun Games To Motivate Writers In Their Routines”

There are many apps that do this kind of thing, but I only use one (that also happens to be free).

You can set it up so that whenever you have a certain keyword in your text (such as " morning or ") then it will expand into a full sentence with another app.

It saves you time having to write a paragraph based on just the title of your blog post.

Marker Flair

what are free writing tools

In my opinion, this is one of the best free writing tools available today. It helps you create story arc body parts by pulling out your emotion, setting up a tension, and creating an action.

It does this by using a lot of keywords and then adding in some humor. For example, if you were to write a paragraph based on the following topic and bullet point,

Topic: How To Inspire Others In The Workplace On A Daily Basis

Bullet point: Incorporate Movement

Paragraph: Moving our bodies is also important for feeling energized – and not too much. You want to feel alive and excited when you wake up in the morning and as you move through your day.

Movement isn’t just something that keeps us feeling good — it’s what allows us to focus more easily. Why? Because movement engages all areas of our brains, including those responsible for self-control.

Consider how often you use willpower to choose between having dessert or going back to sleep. By choosing either option, you are making a choice about fitness, health, mood, and energy levels.

Willpower is a valuable resource to have, but let’s not ignore the importance of routine. As we get closer to bed time, make sure to spend at least 10 minutes doing yoga moves including rollbacks, breathing exercises, and side breaths.

These help release the adrenaline from

Juice.ai is a great tool for generating blog posts

what are free writing tools

If you are in need of a blog post generator that automatically gives you a first draft of an article, you'll definitely want to check out Juice.ai.

Juice is a tool that you can use to find relevant long tail keywords and then generate content with them.

Juice comes with a SEO content analyzer that analyzes properties of the article and uses that to calculate a score that will predict how that article will perform in a search engine. For writers looking to avoid writers block, you'll definitely want to check out this tool.

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