What Do Content Editors Do

As we've discussed before, content editors are in charge of creating new posts for your website or media platform. They may also need to update older posts with more detailed information or revisions.

This is not necessarily limited to writing new material, but may include editing and revising other people's written materials. For example, if someone else wrote an article about how to do something, you can take that and make it better by adding additional tips and tricks.

It is very important that once published, their work be their own. No one should write an initial draft of what they believe to be the best version and then edit it later.

Editorial teams have separate writers and editors who each bring unique skills to the table.

Edit content

As an editor, your job is to edit other people’s writing or material. You may be asked to make changes to a sentence, a paragraph, or even the whole article depending on what level you are assigned to.

Your writer will probably give you several drafts of their work, and then you can choose from there to make edits. Depending on the author, they may also leave some parts of the editorial process up to you!

Content writers often times do not handle themselves well when it comes to editing their own writing. So, if you are ever given writer’s block, ask yourself if this person is capable of taking feedback gracefully and properly responding to it. If so, try to help them take out any negative comments about their work with ease.

And for readers that may be frustrated by poor quality articles, try to be as gentle and diplomatic in your criticisms as possible. Sometimes, even if someone does not agree with something, they may not have the time or energy to call out the wrong doing.

Editorialists get paid less than content creators, but we still need to know how to take criticism graciously.

Organize videos

Video Marketing

As we mentioned before, content editors are responsible for ensuring that all of YouTube has appropriate levels of quality and professionalism. They also organize uploaded files and materials to make them more accessible for viewers.

Content creators often upload their work in progress or finished pieces so other YouTubers can use it as inspiration or even take what they have and create their own versions of it. Your content team may be working with you to develop your signature style or you could be looking at another artist’s work and trying to replicate some parts of it!

Other content editors look through and categorize old material to see if there is anything new people might want to watch. They also choose which videos get featured and drawn attention to help spread the name of the channel.

Running a successful channel means having enough energy to do all these things consistently, but content editor positions can pay well depending on how much time you’re willing to put into it.

Review videos

As we mentioned before, content editors are in charge of creating engaging, interesting, and informative video or audio stories. They look for things to include and how to edit the video or tone of the voice to add value to the message.

Content editors also review other people’s work to see if there is anything that can be adapted and modified to make the film more effective. For example, looking at the style and format of a movie like EIIs or studying what makes an entertaining story and translating it into your own writing.

There are many different positions a content editor could hold within a company. Some may handle filming and editing their own footage, while others write up proposed ideas and those with final say choose which ones to use.

In both cases, they have to create quality content and promote it so it gets seen by the right people. This could mean publishing it on YouTube, Facebook, or another platform depending on the job role.

Distribute content

As a content editor, your job is to make sure that the rest of the team has enough content to publish online. You may be asked to write an article or update a piece of content such as a paragraph or bullet point.

Content marketing isn’t just about writing new posts every day – it's also about editing, revising and proofreading older material to ensure it's perfect.

Your colleagues may ask you to find the appropriate picture or citation for a given topic, or to look up some information or ingredients for a recipe.

Promote your website

As we mentioned before, content editors are in charge of making sure that every piece of content on your site has an appropriate amount of content – this includes blogs, pages, and videos. They also make sure these pieces of content look good and are written with consistency.

Content writers must be familiar with your company, its products, and services. While it is okay to use keywords occasionally, they should be used sparingly to prevent search engines classing your article or video as spam.

When writing for other departments, content editors may need to do some research into how well-known companies perform similar tasks and what types of articles and media they use in their campaigns.

They can then apply those strategies to create an informative read for their audience while still sticking to business style and tone.

Monitor reviews

As mentioned before, content writers are also known as editorial staff or product reviewers. They check other people’s work to see if it is well written and clear.

Content editors monitor reviews of a book or movie to make sure that they contain no errors and that their writing is easy to understand.

They may also edit the way that a piece is worded to make it more concise or elaborate depending on the space available.

Many companies have internal review processes where content editors help promote their products by giving them positive or negative feedback.

This not only helps improve the quality of their own writing, but also boosts morale in the department since they are given ample exposure.

Be consistent

As mentioned before, content editors are not just writers! They also play an integral part in ensuring that your website or article is well-written and that everything makes sense to whoever will be reading it.

They do this by editing other people’s writing and making it their own. For example, if you were given very short notice to write a recipe for lunch, they would take that material and make it much more elaborate and thorough.

As another instance, if you had written an essay about why dogs are better than cats, someone else could take that topic and create an argumentative piece using that material as a base.

Their edits can be significant (like changing “no offense to all you cat lovers out there” to “definitely take this with a grain of salt, but most dog owners seem to agree that cats are totally evil,”) or slight (changing “some say” to “many experts believe”), but they always bring something new to the table.

That new element comes from who they are writing things like recipes or essays for and what their personal style is. All of these factors combine to make their writing special and unique.

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