What Does A Content Editor Do

A content editor is an integral part of your website or app’s overall user experience (UX). They are the people that contribute written, audio, and/or video content to give users some context for the site or product.

Content editors typically work in-depth sections of a website or app, such as About Us, Services, How To Guides, And More. Because they cover so many areas, their job can easily go unnoticed unless someone notices something was missing and needs to be filled in.

That could be because there isn’t anything available yet, or the content doesn’t seem natural or appropriate. Or maybe it’s just not clear what should be said.

As content creators, if we notice our own skill level dropping, we need to take a look at ourselves and determine why. Are we lacking certain skills needed to produce good quality content? If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, do some brainstorming and see what comes out.

It might help to ask yourself questions about how well known your field is, whether your audience would find the information helpful, and if you’ve put enough effort into developing your personal brand. Then, choose one of those things and start writing!

Edit content

As we mentioned before, not every component of your website or app is designed to tell someone else’s story. These are referred to as static pages or components.

A content editor is an interface that allows you to edit the text and other elements of a page or element (like in our example where we edited the header image).

They are typically found within apps and websites that have different types of pages or features. For instance, if you own a food-trucker business then having a separate mobile site with recipes, tips for cooking, and reviews is a good idea.

That way people can find helpful information quickly without needing to go back to the main web browser to do it.

Review content

As your site’s content editor, you will be tasked with creating content for different sections of the website and/or the overall look and feel of the site.

Content editors are usually given very specific assignments that require them to perform an action set (for example, they may be asked to create an appealing article teaser or lead).

Their tasks can range from writing new posts to editing existing ones. The length and level of detail of their job responsibilities is dependent upon what kind of writer they are and how much time there is for edits and revisions.

And while some positions ask more than just about anyone else in the company, most people have at least one responsibility as a content editor.

It could be formatting an article, rewriting someone’s bad sentence or paragraph, adding additional pictures or links, etc. There are never really “free days” when you're working for Squarespace.

A content editor is also sometimes referred to as a writer, but that doesn’t quite fit because they don't necessarily write his or her own work. Rather, he or she takes a topic and produces material based on that theme or idea.

There are other terms used interchangeably such as journalist, writers’ group member, blogger, etc.

Organize content

As we mentioned before, content creators are the ones that write article or tweet things to share knowledge with your audience. They can also include creating pictures or graphics, filming videos, and linking you to other sites or resources.

All of these tasks are done in the form of content. The term content comes from the word communication, which makes sense because that is what it does! It communicates ideas and messages to others.

Content creators have different levels of experience when it comes to putting together engaging stories, but they all have one thing in common — they love storytelling.

As such, there are several positions within YouTube that give you the opportunity to tell engaging stories through media. These include story editor, video producer, and narrative filmmaker.

A story editor’s job is to create and curate new episodes of a show you already watch. For example, if you like cooking shows, then a story editor would make sure that each episode includes something about recipes and tips. Their influence will be seen throughout the show.

On the other hand, a video producer creates new clips for an existing series or channel. This person may edit his or her own material, or look for ways to contribute to the team as a whole.

And lastly, a narrative filmmaker produces short films or feature length movies. He or she may work alone or have a crew member next to them.

Publish content

Writing is a very popular way to gain knowledge. People who write about things are often considered experts in their field. Who wants to be the novice writer that doesn’t know what they're talking about?

Content writers get paid lots of money because of this. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good content writing positions, though.

With the amount of content being created online every minute, it can become overwhelming trying to find the appropriate people or companies to collaborate with on your project!

That's where a content editor comes into play. A content editor works with other writers and/or editors to ensure the work gets done properly and on time. They may also have to proofread and edit material for accuracy and consistency.

Promote your site

As we mentioned before, content creators are the people that create interesting enough content to keep their followers engaged. They are also the ones that promote their favorite brands through social media marketing (sending out tweets or posting pictures about them) and via direct advertisements.

Content creators who have large followings are very popular because they know how to connect with others online.

Their followers feel connected to them because of this engagement process. It is not only entertaining, but it also helps inspire other individuals to start creating their own content as well.

By having a larger audience, content creators gain more exposure for themselves which may lead to greater opportunities later on.

Get more traffic

Being able to edit your site’s content is one of the most important things you can do for your website. Creating engaging, interesting content is a powerful way to get new visitors to your site and keep existing ones coming back.

A well-designed content editor allows users to add, remove, or otherwise modify text and other elements such as images and videos. Some people call this tool a “wysiwyg" (what you use) editor because it gives users full control over what they want to include in their article.

There are many free editors that most web hosts will provide to you. Others may not, but they're still easy to use so you should be able to find one that's close enough!

In fact, there are even some pre-made templates you can use! Many websites with large audiences have transitioned into using content management systems (CMSes) that offer similar editing features. These are usually paid services, however.

Become a website expert

Being able to edit and create content for your site is one of the most important skills to have as an entrepreneur. You will probably need to do it at least once per week, if not every day!

Content writers are in high demand these days. It’s easy to find freelancers online who will pay you for the writing services that you provide them.

In fact, there are now even apps which make creating written articles a bit easier by doing some of the work for you.

But what exactly does a writer do? They write stuff! And we mean really good writing – crisp, natural prose with appropriate use of vocabulary and structure.

That’s the key difference between being a writer and just putting together random words that people seem to enjoy reading.

Write for others in the industry

Even if you’re not writing for online publications, there are always people to write for. You can make your services known through social media or professional networks. Or, you can create an account at another website with enough credit to become a contributing writer.

By writing for other sites, you will be bringing in new readers who enjoy your style and expertise. Plus, it is a great way to gain experience as a journalist since they may ask you about yourself or what types of content you like to read.

Content writers have a variety of different titles depending on their field. A general term for anyone who writes for business or marketing websites is editorialist.

Editorialists are usually involved in the editorial process where a site editor reviews and edits article drafts before publishing them. This includes choosing how much information should be included and editing and revising them until they’re perfect.

Writing for mobile apps is another type of editorial work. Apps often require you to describe features and steps clearly so that users can easily find them.

And while journalists typically work for print magazines or newspapers, blogs now are just as valid a medium.

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