What Does A Simple Business Plan Look Like?

A business plan is an integral part of starting your career or running your current company. It’s also a good way to evaluate the feasibility of ideas that have long been floating around in your head.

Business plans are usually two pages at least, but some take three or even four depending on how much detail you want to include. They typically start with an introduction, followed by a mission statement and then a sales/marketing strategy.

That’s it! You've completed what many refer to as the “Big Picture.” Now, let's break down what makes up the other parts of the business plan.

1) Operations // What functions does your business have? How large is your team and what positions do they hold? Are there any specializations within those areas? These are called "Operations" because they deal with things like production, marketing, finance, etc.

2) Strategy and Funding // This section discusses why your business exists and whether or not you have enough money to succeed. Strategic planning can help you determine if this idea has real potential or if you should look for something different.

3) Marketing and Sales // Who will be buying your product and how will people find out about them? More than half of all businesses fail due to lack of marketing so making sure these strategies are strong early on is important.

Steps to start a business

what does a simple business plan look like

Starting your own business comes with its own set of steps. There are several different ways to approach this step depending on what type of business you want to run.

You can choose from running a restaurant, manufacturing products, designing clothing or even teaching classes. No matter which one you pick, the next step is having a solid business plan that outlines everything about your idea.

A business plan is like an essay for business owners. It is usually three pages long at least, making it enough space to describe your ideas clearly.

Steps to run a business

what does a simple business plan look like

The first step in running your business is deciding what kind of business you want to have. This will determine how you market it, what products or services you offer, and what type of company you want to be.

The second thing is to create a simple business plan. A business plan does not need to be very long, just describe the basics of your business and who works for you.

It can include things like: objective and mission, key people, estimated income, costs, and an estimate of revenues.

Planning out these basic pieces helps you organize your thoughts and gives you time to think about how to implement them.

Skills you need

Being able to write a business plan is one of your most important business skills. But what makes a good business plan is very subjective, so there’s no way we can tell you what made this one great or that one was terrible.

What most people look for in a business plan is clarity. You want to be able to read through it quickly and understand what you are looking at and how it relates to you. You also want to know who these documents will help – internal departments or potential investors.

Some tips when writing your own business plan: use past experiences, research other businesses similar to yours, and make sure everything is legitimate before including false information.

Know your customers

what does a simple business plan look like

The second element of a business plan is knowing your customers. Who are you selling to? What types of people buy what products and how much do they spend on those purchases?

You will need to have some understanding of the market, as well as know who your potential clients are. Once you have that information, then it’s just a matter of putting all that together in a way that makes sense to you and your marketing style.

Determining your target market

what does a simple business plan look like

After you have determined what you are offering and how to offer it, now is the time to determine who will be your customers! This person or group of people can make or break your business depending on their perception of you and your product.

It’s very important that they perceive you as an expert in your field, so do some research and find out if there are any reviews about you. Also, talk with other members in your industry to see what strategies they used to grow their business and what works for them.

By doing this, you’ll know what types of things work for others and you can add those into your own marketing strategy. It’s also helpful to think about what kind of messages appeal to your potential audience.

Does color play a big part in their life? If so, use colors that match these colors and convey a feeling similar to theirs. Are they looking at lots of pictures and videos online? Use graphics and illustrations to keep them engaged.

All of these can help tell your story and give you a leg up on competition.

Creating your business name

what does a simple business plan look like

After you have determined how to start a new business, your next step should be choosing a good business idea or what we like to call creating your business plan. This is not only important for getting funding but also for establishing yourself as an entrepreneur!

After you have determined what kind of business you want to run, you will need to choose a business structure. There are three main types: sole proprietor, partnership, and corporation.

A sole proprietorship means just you – owning and running the business alone. A partnership has two or more people who share profits and losses together. A business can’t exist without employees, so this option is best if you don’t feel that you could handle being in charge of payroll alone.

A corporation comes with its own legal form that must be filed with state agencies. This gives the business certain protections such as limited liability, which mean you cannot be held liable for company debts.

This article will talk about some easy ways to create your business, but first let us discuss how to pick your business type.

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