What Does Content Marketing Help With

More traffic

which of the following does content marketing helps with

More than half of online customers abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load, so don’t risk it with your visitors! Test your site in various ways (ads, plugins, etc) to make sure that it is fast enough for Google and other search engines.

You can also use tests like Pingdom Speed Tests to see where improvements need to be made.

Increasing page loading speeds will help you gain rankings in google as well as user experience. Both are important parts of content marketing.

Higher conversion rates

More often than not, content marketing is used in conjunction with other sales techniques to boost conversions. This works because customers are much more likely to buy what you have offered if they feel that there is a genuine need for it in their lives.

By using content as a tool to keep your visitors engaged and interested, you’ll increase the chances of them making a purchase. Also, studies show that visual content produces nearly four times the engagement rate of text-based content.

More sales, obviously...

One important benefit that content marketing offers is more traffic to your website. When you create quality content and promote it through other channels, people will link to it, which can have an increasing effect on traffic.

According to HubSpot, for example, producing fresh content typically results in about 1,000 new visitors and 33% increase in online sales. Your results may vary depending on your niche and what you are offering, but with content marketing, you should always aim to produce high-quality content that solves a problem or increases interest in a product or service.

Content gets shared better than promotional materials such as flyers and posters. People love sharing stories they read on social media and then talking about them. Sharing news articles is also a great way to spread information around your community.

By having these conversations taking place outside of your site, they’ll make people feel more comfortable coming back later to check out updates and ideas.

The more connected you are with your audience, the easier it will be to build relationships and trust. This will help people move beyond a feeling of mistrust often associated with advertising campaigns and general public relations work.

Your brand will grow along with your content's reach. People like reading good things! Good stories, images and messages appeal to the emotional rather than the logical part of our brain. We want to feel good and this makes us more likely to share those feelings we had while reading something.

Repeat customers

which of the following does content marketing helps with

Another benefit of content marketing is that it helps you build relationships with potential clients, which can lead to repeat business. By having consistent content streaming your website or app, you are showing that you take quality seriously.

Your audience will feel more comfortable giving their information to you if they know you and trust you.

Making yourself available through different channels (apps, social media, etc.) promotes awareness of your identity and expertise. Your existing customer base who knows you well is another obvious way to get people to trust you.

People don’t like unknown things; we want to do good business with people we know. So if you have products and services that help people solve problems or add value, then people are going to trust you and buy what you sell.

Content marketing gives you two ways to interact with your target market:

You can share insights from inside your industry or product files using articles and posts, or you can give helpful guides and instructions written as conversations.

These discussions take place within the context of your brand and promote confidence in you and your team. They also become an opportunity to begin building rapport and trusting relations with those you mention in your content.

By including links to other resources in your content, you're demonstrating that you know your topic and you're interested in talking about it further. Other ways to gain credibility is by adding expertise and useful knowledge into your previous experiences.

Improved brand awareness

which of the following does content marketing helps with

Brand awareness is a common content marketing strategy. It’s used to promote new products and services or highlight changes to existing ones.

Brand awareness articles are usually written specifically to educate readers about a product, service or company. They may also be used to introduce people to a career path or specific role.

Article ideas for brand awareness can come from different sources. You could have expertise in a certain area and want to share it with others. Or you could be a student who wants to learn more about their field.

Either way, they both follow the same process which consists of research, writing and posting. After that, there's still some maintenance work that has to be done regularly to keep the article set up and updated.

Cloud storage

which of the following does content marketing helps with

As mentioned earlier, content marketing helps you to build up an online presence.

A major step in establishing your brand’s identity is letting people know who you are and what you have to offer.

Cloud storage allows you to be accessible to others online. This can help you get more engagement and drive traffic to your website. By creating high-quality content that other people can access, you can increase your followers and fans.

By having a cloud service, you are able to store all of your content in one place so it is easy to find it when you need it. This way, you don’t have to search through different files or folders.

The key with cloud storage is making sure that you have enough space to keep everything you want to upload. Of course, if you only use certain apps, like google docs, you will not run out of space!

This article goes into detail about best practices for uploading content onto the internet from either a computer or mobile device. It also discusses some free options for file hosting. However, the real trick is using cloud storage.

Here we will talk about the top 10 providers, along with Google Drive, which is free. Don’t forget to check out our guide to backing up your data!

Lead generation

which of the following does content marketing helps with

Since content marketing is about establishing trust with your audience, it helps with lead generation in several ways.

If you’ve built up an online presence, adding a contact form at the top of your website makes it easy for people to get in touch with you.

Also, by including information about your business on all relevant pages, others may turn into potential customers because they know you.

Finally, having original articles and other forms of content creates opportunities to refer them to your future partners, as they can then order products and services that fit their needs from you.

It also increases the likelihood that they will return to your site later to buy something or check out another service.

Content generated this way can help bring traffic to your website, inspire confidence in you and your business, and facilitate conversations with yourself (and maybe others) around what you offer and how you could help.

Better content marketing helps with all of these things, especially when it comes to lead gen

which of the following does content marketing helps with

There’s a reason that most popular blogs get over 200,000 hits per day—because they provide valuable content for their readers.

If you want to see how much traffic your blog can generate, check out this sample blog from our home page

Quick and easy lead qualification

which of the following does content marketing helps with

The thought behind this is that if you’re going to invest time and energy in promoting someone else’s content, then they should know right away whether or not your promotion helps them.

Without investing more effort, can you help them determine what product/service they are offering?

What price you want to charge for it?

What kind of results do you want to provide?

How much time does it take to produce results?

These are just some examples; you can also ask open-ended questions such as “what challenges did you face when growing your business?” or “how has technology changed the way you work?”

By asking relevant leading questions, you will find out which products and services they offer and at what prices.

This introduces them to the idea that their products and services could benefit them and might interest them.

Later on, once they understand the benefits of your marketing campaign, they can start doing research about how their customers and people affected by their products and services feel about these things.

They can then make changes and implement new ideas.

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