What Ecommerce Platform Does Squarespace Use

Facebook Marketplace

With over 800 million active users, you can bet there’s an audience for your product. The problem is that reaching these customers can be difficult. Unlike retailers with large stores and social media followers, small sellers do not have access to massive audiences.

Facebook marketplace makes it easy for smaller vendors to sell their products directly to consumers through Facebook. In fact, many people first learned how to use the platform by selling things they made themselves.

You create a store page (that includes a listing of all your items) and then choose to either offer manufactured goods or handmade items. You may also include images of your own creations in your store pages as well as pricing.

Once you get established, you can manage your sales and listings via your account. New buyers can buy your products directly from the website without having to go through a seller app.

That way they can verify who they are. If you work remotely, you might choose to shop for supplies online too. This gives you an opportunity to build trust and find out more about you and what you make.

Expression Engine

Expression Engine

Squarespace’s website is an online platform for creating your own business web site using their popular content management system (CMS). Your site can be built from any template you like, but it also gives you full control over all parts of your site including design, navigation, page layout, and copy.

It allows you to easily create different pages that make sense for your business or product line. Each page is made public so people can find them and edit them if needed.

All this leads to more traffic and higher conversion rates because you are being found through search engines, social media, and other channels. More visitors mean more sales.

Biz Stone’s Store

Biz Stone’s Store

In addition to having beautiful templates, one of the main advantages of using Squarespace is that it has innovative marketing strategies that other platforms don’t offer. For example, Amazon offers apps for making restaurant reservations and checking in at hotels, which rely on their own API’s (for reserving rooms). But Squarespace owns all the links included in its website, ensuring maximum exposure.

By incorporating social media into its platform, Squarespace was able to increase its followers by more than 500% without investing in advertising.

Users can share articles with each other via Reddit or Twitter.

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