What Ecommerce Platform Does Wix Use

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

If you are thinking about developing an e-store, then choosing one platform is not the first step to take. Even if you are already using a web address, you can’t rely on it being available forever. And when it comes time to upgrade your equipment (i.e., memory, storage, software), you’ll have to start all over from scratch.

An online store provides a permanent space for customers to go to get their hands on what they want. Whether you sell laptops or handmade gourmet cookware, you’re going to need a way for people to make purchases quickly and easily.

A well-developed platform offers additional features that help speed production of products and getting them into consumers’ hands. These include inventory management tools, analytics applications, and customer care programs.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce

If you are looking for an ecommerce platform to manage your online store, then may we suggest big commerce?

Big commerce is a very popular platform among small business owners because it provides many features at a low cost.

You can customize your website using its built-in editor . You have several content management systems that allow you to edit pages, posts, categories, and products easily.

And if you need help with design, you can get free templates. They also offer paid subscriptions where you can hire sales people to assist you in selling your product.

Facebook Marketplace

Are you running an online store but don’t want to give up social media? Then try our Facebook marketplace!

It’s like having your own e-shop, without all the work. You can use special offers and promotions or sell products directly to your fans and followers.

You set your own prices and decide how much you charge per item. When someone buys something, you send them a notification through the platform and they receive an email with their shipping details.

Your customers also have access to your website via the same interface if that is more convenient for them.

Custom Developer

Custom Developer

If you want to create your own custom solution or integrate another platform, then you can try out WIX Connect. This is an integration that allows developers to connect different platforms together.

There are many services available, so if one doesn’t work for you, there are hundreds more! You can choose between small groups, individuals, or even companies who need assistance with their online presence.

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