What Forms Can Content Marketing Take

Good old social media

With social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and snapchat, you have one of the most powerful communication tools at your disposal.

Social media allows brands to create first-hand interactions with their fans. It creates a two-way conversation between the brand and its followers.

Here are some example conversations that take place on social media:

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How-to guides as an alternative

More and more businesses are turning to how-to blogs as a way to deliver useful, relevant information to their readers. These can be free resources or people who write about subjects related to your industry.

How-to guides are an effective way to provide users with immediate access to helpful knowledge. If they aren’t sure how to perform some task, they will look for an answer online which could cost them time or money.

By providing helpful answers to questions that they might have, you can get them to come back to your website or make a purchase then and there. Some common topics for how-to guides include shopping tips, things to do before moving into public space, health and nutrition ideas, and technology help.

Guides also work well in terms of marketing because people like to follow steps. Instead of searching through pages of search results, they will read a short guide that explains the topic and contains all the essential info.

White papers

A white paper is an informative document that details how you help people with your topic, product or service. It can be about solving specific problems, sharing insights, teaching others methods, or describing the benefits of new products.

White papers are written articles that are factual, objective and helpful. They are used by professionals to educate customers, employees, colleagues and other stakeholders about their topics using facts, statistics, research and analysis.

The best whitepapers get right to the point and write in an easy-to-read style. However, they need to include enough information for the reader to learn from them.

They should not focus on marketing spin or hype words such as “new”, “innovative”, or “cutting edge”. For example, say instead of saying:

“We have found that writing action verbs help readers take actions related to your content.”

You could write:

“Our findings show that when readers see this phrase, they will make the appropriate mental note to buy your product or service.”

Infographic reports

content marketing can take the form of

Visual storytelling is becoming more popular than ever. Once you’ve written a story, creating an infographic report can take over. An informational graphic report (also called an infographics) is one graph, picture or piece of media information plus a text summary together in one document.

You can find many websites that offer help with crafting informative graphics. There are plenty of free tools to use as well as some that require a fee but come packed with other functions such as marketing.

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