What Is A Turnkey Booth?

A turn-booth is a lot like a show room or demo space for furniture. It’s designed to appeal to potential buyers, so it must feature all of the important pieces and things needed to showcase the product well.

Turn-booths are also referred to as “show rooms with feet.” This is because you can easily transport the booth by simply pulling out the legs!

Many vendors will rent their own turn-booth, but there are some great free resources online that can help you create your very own.

Who should run a turnkey booth?

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to run a turn-profit-making-style booth to start selling products online. In fact, having a simple website or shop with only products is enough!

Running a turn-booth style business means that you are producing merchandise and buying space for it to be displayed from another person or company. This other party provides all of the items and settings such as light, shelves, etc., so you just have to show up and put in the effort to spread out your product.

The hard part will be deciding what types of products to offer. It can be anything from fashion to fitness to culinary – the possibilities are endless!

By offering various categories, you open yourself up to a wide variety of customers. People who like baking could buy your chocolate chip cookies or people who love workout gear could purchase some new clothes or shoes.

The easiest way to begin turning profit via a turn-boot style business model is by investing in some basic equipment. A computer, table, shelf, and lights are very common starting supplies.

How can I start a turnkey booth business?

turnkey booth

Starting your own professional services firm is a great way to make money while helping others at the same time. What you need to know about starting a service business is that you do not have to be an experienced business owner to get started!

There are many ways to begin, and most of them don’t cost a lot of money. In fact, some of these initial steps may even be free if you're willing to give it a try.

The easiest way to begin your service business career is by creating or joining a pre-existing team that has a turnkey (built-from-the-ground-up) professional services practice.

A turnkey professional services company is already run like a business, so there's no having to find out how to do things such as hire employees, organize payroll, deal with vendors, etc. You just have to pick one thing you're good at and go through the motions for another organization that does it well.

It's also pretty easy to switch employers, which is helpful in the event that you aren't happy working for the rest of this year. By switching employers, you keep yourself fresh and able to land new work.

What does a turnkey booth include?

turnkey booth

A turn-booth is not your average exhibition booth! It includes all of the things you would typically need to have as an artist, including display cases for showing off your art, framing supplies, etc.

All of these items are already prepared and organized so that you just have to put them together yourself! And since everything is pre-packaged, you will know what each item looks like, and how it works. This helps ensure proper use and organization of every part of the booth.

The organizers of this product also take care in ensuring that there are no bad memories by giving you plastic sleeve casings to keep your tools separate and protected. They even included small notes about using materials and tips for best practices.

Who are my competition?

turnkey booth

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to have your own booth to participate in trade shows. You can choose to show up with a turn-up or hire pre-made booths that other exhibitors use.

There are many companies out there that will offer free services to cover all of the logistics for you! Their booths are already designed and decorated, they handle setting up at the venue, and taking down after the event, as well as marketing for the exhibitor while they’re away.

These vendors usually require you to pay an installation fee and/or monthly service fees, but these costs are quite small compared to the cost of buying a new box of business cards and printing some flyers or posters.

In fact, some of these services even have discounts if you’re looking to keep changing styles and brands frequently.

How can I get clients?

turnkey booth

Being an artist is hard! It’s even harder to make art that people want to spend money buying or investing in. As artists, we are constantly trying to find new ways to market our work and ourselves as professionals.

In this article, you’ll learn some easy ways to promote your artistic business without using expensive marketing strategies or materials.

You’re probably already doing one of these things anyway…


The term ‘marketing’ has grown vague over time. What was once considered effective marketing tactics have become clichés used by novices with little success.

Instead of thinking about what types of media and advertisements you should use to draw attention to yourself as an artist, try looking at it from a client’s perspective instead.

What would my ideal artist do for me? If I were paying for their services, what would they tell me how to invest my money into? These are important questions to ask yourself before picking your next marketing strategy.

Here are 5 low cost ways to promote your artistic business. Try all of them out for 30 days and see which ones give you the most results.

1) Create An Artist Website Using WordPress

A website is a way to connect with potential customers, showcase your talent, and generate income through sales or online courses. This is especially true if you are an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, or creative writer.

What are the benefits?

turnkey booth

As mentioned before, you do not have to invest in expensive equipment or facilities to run a booth at a show. You can turn yourself into a business owner by offering your services as a table vendor!

There is an endless amount of ways you can take advantage of this service. Your provider will get the space prepared for you, and then you just need to show up and be ready to sell.

They also help with logistics which means they handle all the transportation for you. This takes away one of your main responsibilities as a exhibitor.

Their staff members keep an eye out for customers while you are busy working so that they do not have to worry about anything. They know how much merchandise you have and what styles look best so they make sure to pull some crowd favorites.

And if there are any leftover items at the end of the event, they go through several rounds of quality control to see if there are any leftovers. The vendors’ accounts are scanned for purchases so you know everything has been accounted for.

What are the costs?

turnkey booth

As mentioned earlier, turn-booth services cost anywhere from $500 to well over $5,000! The price depends on several factors including the length of your booth run, if you’re providing decorations or sourcing them yourself, how many people you have helping you set up and take down, etc.

Most vendors will ask for at least an appointment before they agree to work with you. This is so that they can get a sense for whether you are organized and time efficient as well as see what kind of marketing materials you have. It also gives them some time to prepare their own business look and feel!

By using our service, we include all of the components needed to start selling online in one low monthly fee. We even pay for shipping and handling which usually comes out around $150 depending on where you live and the size of your box.

What should I choose?

turnkey booth

As mentioned before, you can always use free resources to help promote your business or website. But what about those great looking designs that are not free? There are many ways to pick up where other people left off when they designed their booth or promotional material.

Most likely, you will have noticed beautiful marketing materials and logos for various businesses. They may even be easy to replicate or modify! This is an excellent way to get some extra exposure for your company and special features you own.

In fact, there are many sites with free and paid logo design services online. You could search around and find one you like and then alter it slightly to represent your business more clearly.

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