What Is A Turnkey Process?

A turnkey process is an efficient way to run your business. Rather than starting from scratch with no resources, you are given access to everything you need to succeed quickly. It’s like getting professional help for free!

A turnkey service provider will have all of the ingredients necessary to launch your business, including domain names, website content, marketing materials, customer lists, etc. They will also be trained in how to use all of these products effectively, so that you can focus on running your business.

It’s our hope that by offering this pre-packaged success, we can inspire more people to start their own businesses or realize their dream of becoming successful self-employed entrepreneurs. Click here to learn more about some of our favorite turnkey services.

Definition of a process

A process is an organized way to complete a task or job. For example, your workplace has processes for changing your password, updating your personal information, and sending out formal messages (such as invitations for a party).

These are all examples of process- this means having what we call a step-by-step method of completing a task. Whether it’s organizing something physical (like putting items in a box) or doing something mental (like reading a book chapter), processes have structured steps that can be followed almost automatically.

This how many things you do every day! If you ever feel like you’re too busy to read, spend some time figuring out how to organize your daily activities into processes. It’s easy!

What is not a process?

Not everything has steps. Some things just happen quickly, so they don’t have a specific order.

For instance, when you were a kid, you probably learned how to swim by diving in the pool and swimming around until you understood the basics.

But that doesn’t work if you want to learn how to surf! So, moving onto our second definition, let’s look at why organizational processes are important.

Examples of a turnkey process

what is a turnkey process

A turn-key business or product is one that has all the components you need to start working, staying in business, or achieving your goal fully prepared. Essentially, you do not have to spend time going about and buying individual pieces to achieve your end goal!

Turn-key services are very common these days. You can find them virtually anywhere – from changing your career path to finding the perfect house to having full-fledged marketing strategies for your business.

They go by different names depending on what field they’re used in, but the main concept is the same: ready-to-go resources to help you get started, take care of basic needs, and/or launch your business with little effort on your part.

This article will talk more in depth about how powerful a tool a turn-key service can be via an example.

Definition of a process template

what is a turnkey process

A process template is an easy way to start your own business or take over another company’s operation. You can choose from thousands of pre-designed processes that other companies have created and then customize them to fit yours!

Process templates come with all the components you need to succeed, including resources and tools needed to implement the process, step by step instructions for implementation, and supporting materials such as spreadsheets, videos, and more.

It may be simple adding products onto Amazon, but designing and developing a website takes much longer than buying a ready made one! Using a process template helps eliminate this time cost by already having everything you need to make your site live.

Definition of a process template

what is a turnkey process

A process template is an easy way to start your own business or take over someone else’s business model. It includes all the components you need to succeed as a entrepreneur, including funding, marketing materials, customer list, etc. All you have to do is choose which one you want to replicate and launch!

There are many process templates available free online and through various crowd-funding websites. The easiest way to find a good fit is to compare them with yourself. If you have a business idea that makes money, then choosing a process template for making money can be a great source of inspiration.

You may also want to check out our article: How To Choose Between Starting Your Own Business, Buying An Existing Business, Or Taking Over An Existing Business Strategy. It covers some basics about each option and what factors should matter to you.

Questions to ask when choosing a process provider

what is a turnkey process

How do they handle clients? Are their reviews online? Can you check their social media accounts to see what types of comments and messages they leave? You want to make sure that you are being seen, heard, and supported!

How do they handle returns? Do they require you to send them all your materials and products before returning the item(s) back to you? Most reputable companies will accept returns without requiring this if there is a legitimate reason for return.

Are they professional looking? Does everything seem authentic and well-organized? A company with no presence or pictures of themselves on social media sites or through other forms of advertising isn’t a very trustworthy company.

Marketing is important

what is a turnkey process

A turnkey process means having the tools you need to quickly start your business without investing in expensive or limited equipment or services. Most companies that offer turnkey processes have everything you need ready to go, from marketing materials to website templates to a logistics service for shipping products.

Product launch packages often include free promotional items like t-shirts or posters to help promote your new product line. Companies will also commonly pay for some of the necessary startup costs, such as printing business cards or emails or fees for an online shopping site so you don’t have to worry about financing them.

Organization is important

what is a turnkey process

Being able to quickly get up and running makes your business more efficient and productive. A turnkey process means having all of the needed components in place so you don’t have to worry about anything other than marketing and growing your business!

Most people start their own businesses with great intentions, but then things get in the way of them getting going.

They run out of money and stall because they don’t know what next steps they should take. Or maybe there are too many commitments that they can’t easily give up without repercussions.

Whatever the reason, this doesn’t need to be the case for you!

By being prepared before you launch, you will save time and energy in the long-run by not having to look for or build these resources yourself. You also won’t have to source and organize everything yourself either – someone else has done it for you!

There are plenty of turnkey services available online and through partner sites like MyBusinessHome.

Quality of service is important

what is a turnkey process

The term ‘turnkey’ typically refers to buildings or services that have been prepared with quality facilities, equipment and staff so users do not need to worry about anything other than using the facility.

This concept was first used in the hotel industry where owners would prepare a room for a guest without having to check out items such as towels, bed sheets, etc.

The same applies when an organization offers a business professional or individual their own personal office space through work-from-home programs. This way, they do not have to look for those things like desks, internet access, phone lines, etcetera.

These types of services are very expensive to offer because workers must be hired that can take care of the additional responsibilities that come along with the service.

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