What Is Ad Copywriting

Writing ad copy is one of the most important functions of marketing

When writing ads, you are either advertising or promoting. Advertising aims to get your message across about your product, service or business. You don’t want people to leave their question (the reason they need your information), but you do want them to know that you have something for them.

The question you need to ask yourself is, what message do I want to send? How do I want my audience to feel when they read my ad?

It’s impossible to cover all bases in this short section, but next time you write an advertisement, think about who you are selling it to and how you can make them feel motivated to buy. There are three main types of advertisements-selling, narrative and informational.

You should also note which channels your market will likely be receptive to; for example, print shops or websites. Wherever possible, apply the same technique to each type of media you use.

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