What Is B2c Ecommerce

B2b retail

B2b retail

Buying from other businesses is known as b2b commerce or ecommerce. More and more companies are turning to online sales to connect with customers and increase their overall revenue.

B2b retailers offer wholesale prices for new purchases without including shipping costs. People who work at companies that sell to other businesses may not need to ship products directly themselves, either.

For example, imagine you work in construction and sell equipment through your company website. You don’t need to hire an internet marketing team to promote your business or purchase advertising space for your building supplies page.

These types of websites require significant investments of time and money which only serve to encourage repeat business via regular visitors and conversions (i.e. buying something).

Others focus on one product type like kitchen tools or furniture. They use professional designers and testing engineers to create catalogs and shopping carts that appeal to consumers.

Still others take it a step further by offering corporate discounts for large orders. Sales teams can register with their email addresses and access confidential information about future shipments.

But is selling to government officials really “selling to corporations”? Yes and no. In general, government agencies try to save people money, so there’s a chance they’ll find a good deal.

Building a website

Building a website

There are many ways to build a ecommerce webstore. This article will cover the most common way which is by using a platform.

There are several popular platforms that can be used for this including WordPress, Shopify, and Big Commerce. These services offer similar features while being implemented differently.

At WebShopix we implement our own templates and add-ons to ensure we get exactly what we need with no unwanted frills or costs. We also have a wide range of customization options for your business.

For example, you can customize your homepage, change colors, add products, edit product names and prices, and more. Many people choose to use our integrated shopping cart instead of having to install another plugin or program.

However, we do not restrict customers from installing other plugins such as shipping apps. Our plan includes unlimited monthly usage so you only pay when you go over their limit.

You can download any new version of the app whenever it becomes available. Once installed, these apps work on all your websites. You can even test out new versions before you put them live.

Categorizing products

One of the biggest challenges that most e-retailers face is categorization. More than half of all online shoppers abandon shopping carts because they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

A large part of this has to do with product category selection. How you organize your products determines how people search for them.

You can improve your cart abandonment rate by improving the categories or groups that you have in your website. You can also simplify the types of products you offer (such as simple sales versus an auction style format) and consider offering subsets within categories.

Think about grouping similar products together into larger sets, like cosmetics packs or gifts under skin care. This makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Another option is using keywords in your product names or descriptions. Keywords are used when customers type things into Google or Bing searches. If you use relevant keywords throughout your site, this will help users find what they are searching for faster.

Choosing a web development company

Choosing a web development company

Your website is your business card, so making a great first impression is very important. When customers are looking around for businesses to visit, they will find yours through online search or going to a shop window.

Your website is where people will get to know about you and your services. Therefore, it should be sophisticated, efficient, and let viewers want to learn more about you.

It should also be stylish as well as functional. This helps draw visitors in and makes them stay longer.

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, these days there are many ways to build a web presence. Only hire professionals to edit and improve your website that have experience helping others with their digital identity.

The best way to connect with other people is face-to-face, so make sure your web design companies understand this. Their offices should be comfortable and reassuring because the top performers are always backed up by their teams.

Designing your site

Designing your site

After you have defined your online business, the next step is to design your e-store. You will also need to create an informative website that attracts customers to do business with you.

You want people to be able to find what they are looking for easily when they shop on your website. You also want them to feel comfortable making a purchase from you.

To achieve these goals, make sure that all of your products are well organized and that the information that does not tell them how to buy the product tells someone else who might be interested what each product can offer. Your company name should also be unique and easy to remember so that customers know where to reach you if they need help or have questions.

Using shopify or 1affeted?

There are many great e-commerce software solutions for businesses, but if you’re looking for something specific to business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, these two are at the top of our lists.

Shopify is one of the most popular options in this space. The platform has thousands of active sellers and received an overall rating of 94 out of 100 from G2A.

One feature that makes Shopify unique is its ability to track inventory. This helps buyers know exactly when they can expect to receive their items so there aren’t any surprises upon delivery.

What makes Shopify special is its ability to integrate with other services and systems. You can use Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, and more to connect with your customers.

Marketing your b2b ecommerce business

Marketing your b2b ecommerce business

To sell your products or services to businesses, you can market through advertisements in newspapers and online directories. You also can use social media to connect with companies.

To reach people directly, create a website and register as a seller on an auction site such as eBay.

You will need to prepare an advertisement including details about your product and pricing. Then sit back and wait for customers to contact you.

If you are contacting other businesses, be professional and avoid asking for donations until you have been introduced to them. Your introduction could prevent a rejection later when they find out how much you charge.

Sales and customer service

Sales and customer service

When you sell online, your sales are recorded in real time. You can track how many people found your product through SEO (search engine optimization), social media, or by finding your website through a search engine. Once they make a purchase, you receive an email confirmation containing information about their order.

You also have the ability to handle orders directly within your e-mail account. It’s easy to communicate with your customers for any question they might have. At last count, I had over 7,000 orders handled via email, week after week.

Tracking what works and what doesn’t is important because you can use this knowledge to improve next month and year. I only recommend products that I would personally buy, and I am consistent in my purchasing habits.

When buying products offline, there’s no way to measure effectiveness like there is when you sell online. With digital downloads, it’s impossible to tell if someone has heard of your song, likes it, and then tells others about it.

Sales online rely heavily on referrals from other users, bloggers, and companies. People start using your product because of friends who recommended it to them. The internet community is very small relative to the number of things you could possibly buy, so making loyal followers and repeat customers is extremely important.

Tracking conversion rates

Tracking conversion rates

The b2b e-commerce market is very different than b2c, so things to keep in mind when you're looking at your stats are listed below.

The most important thing to remember is that your tracking code should be added inside of your stat tag.

It doesn't matter what tool you use, clickathome, hyrax, or poweremails — all of these tools work the same way by adding a tag into your website page.

However, they will show you information about your visitors from where you placed your tagging.

If you look at your statistics carefully, you can see how many people visited your web page, how long they stayed, and how much money they spent during their visit.

By having them register for an account, you can then gather even more detailed information about your visitors. You can find out who their audience is, which pages they viewed, and eventually what actions led to them clicking on the link to get to your site.

All of this helps you better understand your marketing goals and what messages lead to purchases. From there, you can do targeted advertising using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever medium suits your style.

Keep in mind that someone who visits your site may not actually end up buying anything. It's possible that they may have left info on her phone or computer that convinces them to buy later.


There are two main types of tags used in online marketing campaigns to measure progress. They are unique codes and session variables.

Unique codes track specific events related to clicks on links on your website. Session variables are set via cookies associated with a user’s browser.

When users return to your website, the content they view is stored in the cookie. If users don’t accept the cookie, they won’t be able to access certain parts of your website.

You can use various methods to set cookies. One method is to put them between quotes around the url address of your website. For example:




To remove the tracking code completely from your website, just leave the corresponding box empty or delete it from the html file.

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