What Is Blog Writing — Examples and Stories

Write about what you love

what is blog writing examples

Everyone has something in their life they like or dislike. You should write about your likes and dislikes as well as your experiences related to them.

Your readers can relate to your stories and enjoy reading them!

You also may have interests other than yourself. If you know someone who is enthusiastic about something, you could help them share their knowledge with others.

These are all great reasons to include content written by people with a similar interest to yours.

And finally…

The most important reason why you should write about your hobbies and interests is that you want to. It’s hard work and fun time consuming, but the return is huge.

People will become more familiar with you and your personality because of your writing, and this can be valuable in building trust both inside and outside the workplace.

Focus on your audience

what is blog writing examples

In order to know how to write for other people, you need to focus on your audience and what they want to read or hear.

Everyone is different in terms of reading preferences and listening expectations.What works for one reader may not work for another.

You will also have different personalities and styles.Personalities can help set you apart from others, but only if you use them.

If you don’t believe that you can do it well, then no one will take you seriously.Your readers will sense that there is something fake about you.

They will never trust you or think you are great at your job because of who you are as a person.Be true to yourself and your skills.Don’t worry about being unique, most bloggers find their own ways of doing things.

Their goal should always be helping people get more out of life, even if that means becoming like someone else.Try getting into a mind frame where you view everything as learning experience.

This way you will never become arrogant and try hard enough to learn new things.You will just keep taking what you already know and trying to put it in a form that others could understand.

The greatest blogs in history all had elements that made them stand out.Each one was personal to the creator and his/her style.

Learn to use links and references

what is blog writing examples

This is one of the most important things you can do when writing a blog article. Links and references are words that connect someone to another place in your document or web page.

They help people find information more easily, an essential function of a good link. Here’s how it works : You create the link. You then provide some code (often called a reference) which includes details about where you got this content.

Other times, you include a quote. It may be one word or several lines of text from the source.

This serves two purposes. First, it gives credit to the original author. Second, it helps support your claim that you made an effort to come up with your own content.

Here’s what we mean by “supporting your claim.” Let’s say you write an article stating that kale is the healthiest vegetable alive. Then you give a famous scientist credits for saying so.

He has publicly stated his belief that carrots can become even healthier over time if they are heated together with green beans.

Maybe he has also said similar things about spinach. Most scientists today agree that eating vegetables as part of a balanced diet is very healthy.

Given these claims, others could argue that you don’t need the additional heat treatment because the evidence suggests that carrot and spinach are already super foods. We would simply add extra vitamins and minerals through our

Use lots of detail

what is blog writing examples

A lot of times, writers don’t want to give information about their story or their experience because they feel that it is “too personal” or that people will think they are lying. But your story is you; tell your story in your own way.

People know you and believe in you, so there is no reason for you to fake anything. Your entire life is you; what you write is who you are.

In addition, things that happen in your life help make you who you are today, and writing about them helps you get past them which allows you to move on.

It also helps you organize everything so you can be prepared if something happens again. Life is too short to waste time feeling guilty or missing moments due to fear.

Be honest with yourself but also choose relevant details based on your interest. If you discuss topics that scare you, then chances are you won’t share them with anyone else.

And lastly, keep it brief. People love short stories!

Keep it short and sweet

what is blog writing examples

When you write a blog post, keep your writing brief. Your audience will be scanning their inboxes or reading articles from page to page, so they need to get a good sense of who you are and what you’re about.

If you do have longer form content, try sharing it across different channels- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can also embed videos onto YouTube.

However, unless you plan to spend hours building up an author profile, I recommend limiting how many social links you include. For most bloggers, having a website is enough for them to share with others.

You can always add additional profiles but once you have posted more than a couple of times, it becomes easier to post stories time after time.

I still focus on keeping my posts short and simple because readers want something new that’s worth looking over. It keeps them coming back and helps them feel like they got value for whatever money they paid.

Never, ever share stories

Stories are very popular content items to share. They’re easy to tell, have emotional impact, and most people love them.

The issue is that not all stories are created equal. Some are simple stories with roots in your past, some are fictional tales with a set beginning, middle, and end, and some are inspired by events in your future.

All great stories have something in common: they make you feel something, whether it's sadness, happiness, anger, or confusion, you experience these feelings when you read or listen to the story.

This is why we have myths such as “you can’t write a novel” or “you must be rich to be a writer.” It sounds ridiculous because we know what it’s like to live an extravagant life without writing money.

Yet writers always seem to come from small experiences around us. Starting with young, we call this ability to transfer those thoughts onto the page ‘imagination.’

It is through our imagination that we can create worlds, emotions, and situations. We get to choose how we want things to happen! And because we chose that option, we have control over what happens to us and our characters.

This is what makes writing so incredible and fun for many people. The rest of us will never have the ability to travel to other countries or go back in time, but we can run wild thinking

Be original

what is blog writing examples

When writing about something, make it unique. Don’t simply tell people what you are doing or saying; wow them with your imagination!

Don’t worry if you don’t have anything original to say; fans will know that you are passionate about what you write about and they will respect how hard you work to express yourself.

What matters is not what you think others want to hear but what other people can relate to in their lives. It makes them feel connected to you and the message you are sending.

The more personal you get when talking about someone else’s experience, the better job you are doing at blogging. You connect to your readers much easier than trying to use data from statistics or research results.

Your views on life and human nature are just as important as what you have to say. Your opinions and attitudes are things many read for pleasure.

They wish to learn more about themselves through reading your content.

Being honest helps you gain reader trust and keeps your stories fun and true. People love telling others what they do because it feels good and normal.

Finding out why someone does something works really well when writing. Because it comes from the inside, rather than outside events.

Say what you mean

what is blog writing examples

It’s easier to connect with your readers in the early stages of writing a blog post, before you’ve developed a vocabulary for it. As your content evolves, you can build up to using more language, which is why it’s important to write each stage down until you are happy with how you express yourself.

You will also want to provide as many examples as possible. Your followers will need some way to understand what you are talking about.

And finally, you have to be willing to do the work that goes into keeping a journal. You have to ask yourself questions and search for the answers. And you have to be honest with yourself and don’t put off doing something because it isn’t fun.

Having a diary helps you keep track of things that happen to you, which is helpful when you start looking back at previous years.

It also gives you a place to record thoughts and ideas, which is helpful when you start thinking about future months’ posts.”

Provide easy reading

what is blog writing examples

One of the biggest complaints readers have is that content can be hard to read. If you’ve ever read a book, magazine, or newspaper, then you know how easy it is to follow what’s being written.

With an online article, things are different. While print newspapers were once considered high-quality due to their writing, today’s online versions are typically optimized for screen reading.

You don’t need to hunt for words, lines, or paragraphs. You won’t find disorganized chunks of text filled with jargon and abbreviations.

What you do get may be text-messaging shortcuts or emoji processing, such as links that skip over phrases like “read more,” or “share this page.”

Also consider how your site’s font size has been set. Larger fonts indicate a higher emphasis on design versus quality.

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