What Is Considered Copywriting

The imperative statement

One of the most important things to remember when writing is that you are talking directly to your audience. You want them to know what you’re saying, why it matters, and how they can relate it to their own experiences.

This is called the “imperative statement” or the “call to action”. It starts with who, what, where, when and why followed by asking an obvious question such as “so then how will they fix it?”.

Then follow up with some deeper insight into the problem (why it needs fixing), what they should do about it, and what additional steps may be needed beyond doing something about the problem.

Your message

The core of your work is your message, which is what you try to communicate to your audience. It can be simple like “buy these shoes” or complex such as “create joy in people’s lives”.

Whatever your message is, it is what you focus on during your work. And if you do your job well, your message will carry your work.

It is only when we stop to think about our messages that they begin to burden us. This is why many professionals get mired down in bureaucracy—they feel overwhelmed by all they have to do.

All they really need to do is follow their gift/talent and write — this is who they are. Only then can they enjoy the success of doing what they love.

There are ways to identify your message beyond thinking about it. You can also track your message over time and see how you evolved over time.

Boring, but important, facts

There’s a common misconception that all content marketing starts with some sort of fancy, proprietary method that only sales professionals use to generate leads.

It starts back at the very basics: naming names and writing keywords.

Keywords are an essential ingredient in any type of advertising whether it be online or in print.

They provide the linguistic trigger for someone to either do something or go somewhere after hearing about them.

By using more and more specific keywords, you can keep your audience interested because names give people a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Spelling and grammar

In this era of digital literacy, there’s no excuse for bad spelling and grammer. If you write an article, all but the most rudimentary spell checkers will flag lots of errors.

And even if you don’t use spell checkers, we’re teaching kids how to speak English, not how to type it.

Don’t worry about getting everything right now; your goal is to get out the words and form sentences, which is what matters in the long run.

But do keep up the good work by making mistakes correct.

Practice every day. And when I say “practice,” I mean it. This is where adults need to step in and be responsible.

If you are too busy or reluctant to practice, then you should consider becoming a better writer. There are many courses that can help you learn how to write!

Every aspect of writing, regardless

The way you write can either make or break your content.

Writers have different styles

You may be inclined to use more professional language, or you may like writing in a more informal tone.

Whatever style you choose, it should suit the content of the page and the topic at hand.

Avoid using clichés and repetitive phrases such as “no one”, “nothing”, or “you won’t believe what happens next”.

Instead, try creating unique descriptions that attract the reader and help them visualize the story.

It is also important to avoid exaggerations and embellishments. It makes people think you are trying to fool them, so be honest with yourself and keep writing based on your intentions.

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