What Is Content Targeting

Content targeting is a tactic used by social media marketers and SEO specialists to promote their content to an audience who would be more interested in the content.

The most common forms of content targeting are by demographics, interests, and geographic locations. Depending on which platform you use to post your content, some may be easier to target than others.

For example, if you are posting a video related to climate change, you can easily target young adults in climate change denial by using YouTube’s settings.

By setting the location to New York City, the age range to 18–34, and the ethnicities to African American and Hispanic, you will easily gain more viewers of your video.

Using Instagram is another way to target a specific audience. By using specific hashtags that relate to the topic or theme of your post, more people who are interested in that topic will see your post.

How to create targeted content

what is content targeting

Creating targeted content means finding topics, genres, and themes that your target audience finds interesting. You have to do some research to find out what interests your audience, what they would like to read about, and what they would find useful.

You can do this by doing keyword research, asking questions, conducting surveys, using social media monitoring tools, and paying attention to your audience.

As you gather information on your audience and their interests, put it all in a folder so you have it on hand when you need to create new content. This way, you can add some inspiration into your next piece of content.

Once you have gathered enough information on your audience, create a chart or list of all of the things that interest them. Then, go through this list one by one and see if you can connect any of these interests with topics related to your business.

Using your own personal interests as inspiration for content is also a good way to connect with your audience.

Examples of content targeting

what is content targeting

Content targeting involves reaching specific audiences with your content, instead of casting a wide net. This is done by focusing your content on specific audiences, groups, or verticals.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, you could create a blog on the top neighborhoods in the city and write informative posts about the amenities, transportation options, history, local gossip, and tips for prospective buyers.

You could then promote this blog to local residents, people who are moving to the city, and anyone looking to buy a home. By targeting these groups of people with this content, you are making it more likely for them to find and read your content.

By using both broad and niche targeting methods, you can reach a wide array of potential buyers for your clients. Both types of targets will read and appreciate your informative posts about their neighborhood, making for effective marketing.

Content targeting vs. advertising

While it is possible to use content targeting in place of advertising, it is not suggested. Advertising provides an incentive for other users to access your content, whereas content targeting does not.

Ads can be targeted by demographics, locations, interests, and more, which provide viewers with a reason to look at the ad.

By using only content targeting, you would only reach people who are searching for what your content is about- which may be a small number. Ads get more views because people are more interested in what they offer.

Are you looking to improve your marketing efforts?

what is content targeting

Content targeting is a marketing strategy that uses content to promote your brand, your products, and your services to specific groups of people.

You can target people based on their age, gender, location, interest groups, and more. You can also target groups such as buyers or prospective customers, prospective employees, clients, et cetera.

By creating engaging content that appeals to specific groups of people, you are exposing your brand to interested individuals. This method is cost-effective as it uses free platforms like social media and blogs to distribute the content.

Marketing specialists responsible for content targeting typically use software that manages this process. The software either comes built-in with features for targeting individuals or individuals can purchase a license to use more advanced features.

Learn how content targeting can help

what is content targeting

Content targeting lets you filter your content by specific

interests or groups of people. You can target by age, gender, location,

profession, and more.

Know your audience

what is content targeting

Before you get started, it’s important to know who you’re creating the content for. Are they younger or older?

Are they educated or not? Are they in a position of buying goods or services?

Are they looking for educational content or entertainment? The answers to these questions will determine the type of content you create and how you present it.

For example, if your audience is younger, then use more fun, easy-to-understand language and graphics. If they are in a position of buying goods or services, then highlight the benefits of your product or service. If they are looking for educational content, then get into details and provide lots of examples.

Knowing your audience ahead of time will help you target the right people with your content.

Consider using geo-targeting

what is content targeting

Geo-targeting means advertising your content to people in a specific location. Most social media platforms offer some sort of geo-targeting feature, usually tied to registered users’ locations.

For example, if you live in New York and create a Facebook business page, only people who live in New York will see your page and ads. This is a very powerful feature for businesses local to you.

We see this with restaurant pages all the time. You search for a restaurant on Facebook, and they have thousands of likes, but most of their audience is from outside of their city. This is because they are targeting people outside of their area, which brings them more business.

Using geo-targeting is not free, however. It costs money based on the number of people in your targeted area.

Use triggers for popular topics

what is content targeting

Content targeting is another way to get your content in front of the right people. By targeting your content to certain audiences or industries, you can reach people who would not otherwise see your post.

There are several channels you can use for content targeting. These include Facebook groups, Twitter groups, industry blogs, and niche sites like Medium or Steemit.

Facebook groups have a very specific audience. Look at the group name and description and determine if your content would be appreciated there. If so, then share your post with the group!

Twitter groups work similarly, but you can also directly tweet your post to the group to promote it. The best part is that most of these groups are free to join.

Industry blogs often have open submissions for posts. Send yours in and see if they post it! Alternatively, you can also write a post specifically for their site.

Niche sites like Medium or Steemit are great places to get exposure for your writing. You can either submit your posts or write new ones specifically for those sites.

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