What Is Copywriting All About

The importance of writing in marketing

Writing has become such an important part of our culture even though we often ignore it completely in advertising.

Marketers think they’re being creative by coming up with catchy slogans, but what people actually get to know is that words are powerful.

That’s why there’s a whole field devoted to it, copywriting, which creates written content for brands or advertisements.

What makes for good writing? How can you write well? Those are questions that need answering, which is where copywriters come in.

They create statements that explain products and services or motivate customers to take action.

Composing with confidence

Writing comes down to being confident in your ability to effectively communicate information through words.

You need to believe that you can create clear, engaging content that works for your reader.

And you need to feel comfortable making arguments for your readers’ attention.

Content marketing is about provoking thoughts, ideas, and feelings enough times that they become familiar concepts to your audience. You do this by creating or contributing articles, posts, videos, stories, etc. that are helpful or inspiring to your target market. But it also helps when you write from the heart.

That means writing without fear of thinking too much or being overly critical of yourself or your work. It means not overthinking simple phrases.

It means telling a story even if you don’t fully understand how to get started. Because we tell stories. We share our experiences, both good and bad.

We connect with other people through stories. We read stories, listen to stories, watch movies and documentaries. Stories are what make us human. They help us connect with one another and live together as a society.

Developing your voice

Writing with passion is one thing, but it’s what you say

Writing with passion is one of the most defining qualities of great copywriters. You want to write in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you.

However, you should also know how to get more creative on the page/screen by changing things up. You can do this by :

Getting familiar with some common writing formats is always good practice, as well as knowing your tools.

Paragraph: A graphic novel is a comic book series illustrated with graphics instead of drawings. They are usually designed so that they can be read either vertically or horizontally.

A cartoon is a kind of graphic novel; however, it’s not written in prose nor is it printed like a traditional comic book. A cartoon is made through film treatment, similar to a movie.

Interesting cartoons appeal to the senses as well as the intellect. People love reading them because they are able to understand the story and enjoy the art at the same time.

Using storytelling

Writing with passion is one of the most attractive things about writing, but it’s also something that requires effort.

If you don’t feel like telling a story, then no one will believe you are passionate about your work.

But if you can tell a story, then people will trust you more and think you are more interesting and knowledgeable.

A good writer knows how to use stories to their advantage. You can be the best copywriter in the world, for example, but if you can’t write a paragraph based on an engaging storyline, people will not trust what you say.

You would either come off as arrogant or ignorant.

And both of those qualities aren’t welcome in business. People want to trust they are being told the truth by whomever they are listening to.

Therefore, storytelling is very important. Even if you don’t consider yourself a storyteller, there are ways you can using stories to connect with your readership.

Connecting to readers

Writing is not about telling stories, but it is about people being willing to read your words and engage with what you have to say.

There’s a reason why good writing gets shared; everyone wants to feel like they are being told a story that matters to them.

When you write, make an effort to connect with the reader at some level. It can be as simple as showing someone else caring about something that he or she already cares about.

You can take extra steps to hook your audience by creating interest in the topic you’re writing about. You will also need to assume that your target reader might not know anything about your topic, since you’ll want to establish confidence in their mind that you can help them.

To get results from your copywriting work, you must develop a connection with the reader in the first few lines. You should believe in your product and spend more time explaining how your specific product solves a particular problem rather than talking about yourself.

You must realize that too often we focus on what we want others to do for us, instead of doing what we want to do for ourselves. Your sales pitch must center around the problems and needs of your potential customer, not you.

Limit your clutter

Blog posts are limited to 350 characters. It’s enough if you are engaging, but not so much that it is hard to read.

Number one cause of blog site loss is “overflow”. When a viewer clicks on your article to view more content, they get an error page instead.

You can fix this by putting any additional text after the character limit. More often than not, people will scroll down to see the rest of the post anyway.

Your opening sentence is what people look at first. If you have too many words in the window, they may skip reading altogether.

Make sure your opening line is short and compelling. You want them to keep scrolling because it sounds interesting? Here are some examples:

• "How to clean quartz crystals" – This is a useful tip that explains how to handle your most precious objects with care.

• “How to choose a health insurance plan” — Today might be the day when you find out you need surgery. Your doctor needs to cover these expenses, which is why there’s a cap on how much health insurance costs.

• “How to live with no money” -- There are 6 steps in this guide that will help you live a life without spending far too much money.

• “Why we love our dogs” – Every person should know this truth about their pets. Anyone who has watched

Keep it short and sweet

Writing concisely is one of the most important skills for effective copywriters to develop. If you have a lot to say, try breaking your idea into several paragraphs.

You want readers to understand what you are saying, but they should also be able to grasp how your message fits in their life.

Making everything easy to read is very important if you want people to listen to what you have to say. They will not take the time to listen to you unless you speak easily for them.

Let’s look at an example from last week’s lecture. “Lose weight with blogging” has three sub-points under its parent point: keep it simple, keep it clear, and keep it fun.

Keep it simple means eliminating unnecessary details. For this part, we will simply repeat the subtitle:

“Blogging helps you lose weight.”

Keep it clear? We will now rephrase the topic using bullets instead of phrases. The whole phrase now reads:

“How to lose weight with blogging”.

Every word matters

When you write, you need to know what your article is about, how it will help the reader, and what else could be added into the text.

You’ll also want to know who the target audience is and if the message in the text matches that of the site as a whole.

Many bloggers start with an idea and then look for ways to add value while writing. Because people are spending time reading their content, they should get quality material written by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

It can be difficult sometimes (when you’re not sure where to find something new to write about) but keeping up creative energy is half of the fun and in the long run makes things more interesting.

The better you understand copywriting, the better you’ll do at it. Practice using bullets and quotes when possible. They make readers feel like there’s more to read, and helps them spend more time on the page.

When we talk about spending more time on the page, this refers to having longer paragraphs and sub-sections, instead of just one line. Quotes and bulleted lists give the eye some extra depth and keep the page looking less flat.

Follow your keywords wherever they lead. Google actually rewards pages that use enough relevant keywords so that they appear in the top spots in search results.

Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes –

Provide easy reading

Writing is an art form, and as with any art form, there are no rules. But here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you write.

Do try to be succinct

Don’t put too much information into your writing – your readers will skip what’s unnecessary and move on to more important things. Keep it short and clear everything else so that your reader can focus on your message without too many other distractions.

Also do choose meaningful words and phrases

Don’t use overused expressions or phraseos. People get tired of them (or worse, they are totally false), but still bring out the same expression every time. Choose powerful words and phrases that really express your message, rather than relying on clichéd ones.

Incorporate simple sentences

Avoid overly complex sentences that waste space by adding pauses before stops before spelling a word. Not only is this awkward, but it makes your writing seem formal.

Simple sentences work best; they're less likely to cause wrangling.

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