What Is Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Online conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your online store

Online conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your online store

It’s impossible to calculate exactly how many visitors you have or what their browsing behavior was like, but no one would ever guess that by having an awesome website.

A good example is with referring websites. How many people came directly to your site from another site? Again, it’s hard to quantify, but we can all agree that having more referrals is better than none at all.

Another example is through emails. More and more stores are sending each other email sales messages every day. These sale messages can be for products, packages, discounts, and deals. People are starting to get sick of receiving these emails so they go to those sites to buy their materials instead.

Yet another example is navigating to the shop page directly rather than going through your homepage, category pages, or search engine. They are either looking for something specific or maybe they aren’t sure what they want and need to browse.

Having a high-converting shopping cart isn’t just about selling goods, it also helps sell yourself as a business you know you are. The more visits you send customers to your own site makes you easier to find and connect with them. That is why using keywords in your URLs (i.e. mystore.com/catalogues/products/keywords.html) is important.

Percentage of sales comes from repeat customers

Percentage of sales comes from repeat customers

There is no secret to finding or keeping good customers. You do business with people because you want to earn money, so they must think highly of your product or service and be willing to pay for it.

However, some businesses make the mistake of thinking that increased production leads to more income. They try hard to get people to buy their products by lowering prices to near nothing and then wonder why they don’t make much money.

You need both low prices and high quality goods/services to attract buyers. If all you offer are low priced items, someone will take your place with his higher-quality alternative. This is called competition.

All too often, I see companies putting all their effort into producing lower-priced items instead of raising their price points. Why? Because they believe that if they raise their price points, they won’t have enough cost savings to compensate for the loss in volume.

This isn’t rational behavior. The more expensive your item, the less likely people are going to want to purchase it. Price inflation doesn’t happen when people can find other places to spend their money.

If you provide value at a reasonable price, people will continue to come back to you. That’s what we call loyalty. It makes sense to me…

Increase the number of referral visitors and their conversions can help grow your e-business

Increase the number of referral visitors and their conversions can help grow your e-business

People buy from you when they believe that what you have to offer is worth buying. And you only become a seller once you convince someone to purchase from you.

Thus, the importance of marketing has always been crucial for an e-business. More so today than ever before.

With more people online every day, the cost of advertising keeps going down. Also, more companies are understanding the value of social media and how to use it to promote their products.

By having a beautiful website with lots of information, you’ll increase the odds that people will turn into customers.

Provide a great product with clear instructions, then you have something worth selling

Provide a great product with clear instructions, then you have something worth selling

People don’t buy products because of sales incentives; they buy them because they need them or want them. In fact, sales are only one reason to purchase some items.

Some people buy products simply because they like trying things at store or sampling items.

Other people do research online first and visit stores to see what interests them before making a decision. Still others just go through the checkout process to actually make a purchase.

How can you increase ecommerce conversion rate? You can start by improving your overall website quality, design, and functionality. Also, you can submit your site to major search engines for free to get more exposure.

Use website marketing in combination with advertising to promote your e-business

Use website marketing in combination with advertising to promote your e-business

Digital media is very cost effective as an advertisement tool, so use it to its fullest extent.

Start by investing in web design to make your online business look good and professional. You can also create special offers and promotions to attract customers to you from the many digital advertisers that offer promotional tools.

Keep up with the latest trends by surfing the internet and taking notice of what others are doing. There are hundreds of apps that help you do this for free.

These kinds of campaigns have been around for years and are very successful, so if you want to compete, then you should try something like this.

It’s hard work, but if you put enough effort into it, then people will start recognizing you for being different and helping their businesses more than other competitors.

The best way to succeed is by working hard, staying dedicated, and making mistakes. If you keep trying new things, eventually you will get results.

Also, never worry about going big or getting lucky; the only thing that matters is producing quality content.

Test different forms of marketing including social media sites

Test different forms of marketing including social media sites

Your e-mail list is your most important asset, so it should be tested to make sure you are using it effectively.

You need to find out what type of content your audience responds to most strongly via email or through your website’s contact page.

Which method of communication does your potential customer use most often? Email works best for almost all types of businesses, but some services such as Facebook pages require a better approach than an email form.

By combining communications methods, you can reach more people at once with your message. You also have the ability to segment your messages according to preferences that you know about your customers.

For example, you may want to send promotional emails followed by scheduled emails, then chat rooms, then finally direct mail. Each person has different needs and only one of these ways will work for them.

To test which way people respond to you most positively, try several channels in various combinations. Which channel leads to the highest conversion rate? This is why testing digital ads is critical to improving sales.

Buyers prefer purchasing products from established brands

Buyers prefer purchasing products from established brands

More buyers are turning to online stores to buy goods that they don’t know much about. That is why it is important for your brand to have an existing e-store with good conversion rates (the amount of sales versus visitors).

Your current customers are more likely to visit an online store instead of going to a brick and mortar location. You can also be found online through searching engines.

Having an e-store will help you get more visits to your website which in turn helps increase conversions. The best way to do this is by having a compelling product range with competitive prices.

You should also make it easy for people to find your web page; put a search button on your site and promote pages where users can find your products. Make sure all of your social media profiles link to each other as well as your home page so that consumers can start with you there.

Last but not least, let people know you are available if you feel like someone wants to give you money. Your staff may even ask questions like “how would we contact you?” or “are you subscribed to a discount program?”

It is up to you to provide answers, but making yourself accessible is a must. People want what they need, when they need it and they trust those who supply their needs.

Personalize customer service

It’s impossible to achieve good conversion rate (the number of people who buy something) if you don’t treat your customers well.

People spend money online for three reasons: because they have to, because it is what their friends do, or because they feel like they should.

You need to make the shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible, with an easy transaction process and security, without making a person feel forced to purchase.

If you sell digital goods, make sure that the delivery method is convenient for the user. Let them choose whether to ship it overnight, first class, 2-day, ground, through the front door, etc.

The more choices they have, the better the chance they will choose your product over another option.

Make buying easy by displaying prices

It’s hard to buy something if you don’t see the price. Even if you know how much you’re going to spend, it still can be difficult to find places that will let you buy it.

That’s why most stores show their products before you get to the store. Online merchants show they have items for sale with an image and name; in shopping malls, shop attendants usually showed us the next available item.

Nowadays online shops do things a little differently. Most of them have a grand opening sales page where people can choose between different products. Some of them give you free samples so you can try out the product before you buy it.

Another new ecommerce business model is showcasing deals or discounts specific cases when customers arrive at the site from Google Ads.

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