What Is eCommerce Customer Service

The customer is king. This old adage also goes for online businesses. You want to treat your customers like royalty, because they're the most important variable in helping you grow your business.

How do you do this? With a helpful and responsive online customer service. That's what this post is about.

Help customers before they have purchased

Help customers before they have purchased

There are many ways to help customers before they decide to purchase your product. This can be done by giving discounts for existing products, offering rewards programs, and other types of customer service.

Customer service is when a company helps a customer during their transition from shopping to buying. It can be in the form of discounted merchandise, gift cards, or helping the customer find what they want.

The idea behind pre-purchase customer service is that it encourages people to buy something even if they do not need it yet. For example, someone may only think they want the game installed on a computer but with appropriate customer support (such as guided purchasing), they will then also consider buying the console version too.

These strategies work because the customer feels like the company cares about them and wants to provide great experiences. In turn, they will feel more compelled to buy what you offer.

Answer questions in real time

Answer questions in real time

Beyond providing quality products, e-tailers must also provide customer service to their customers. This includes answering questions that your customers have about your product line.

You may not be able to answer every question immediately, but it should still be your priority to get back to them as soon as possible.

Many companies use an online support forum or chat room to do this. However, some businesses prefer to send an email reply or make call response.

Customers expect immediate assistance from business representatives through using social media such as Facebook or Twitter. In fact, many industries even offer a help guide or training session for new users so they can quickly learn how to access the platform.

By having a team member available at all times to assist anyone who needs it, you’ll build a connection with your customers and keep them coming back.

Provide good customer service after the sale

Believe it or not, you were probably selling to people with good customer service before they bought. However, now that you have their money, you need to make sure they get their purchase as quickly as possible and without problem.

In order to keep your customers coming back for more, you need to provide excellent customer service.

This includes answering emails promptly, taking back-orders securely and then delivering your product within a reasonable time frame, providing technical support, and resolving disputes between you and the buyer — all while they are still wanting to buy from you.

You also should let them know about other products that would be of use to them. This comes across as very professional and helps build trust in you and your brand.

Follow up after delivery

Follow up after delivery

Once your customers make their purchase, you want to make sure that they’re satisfied. But if something goes wrong with the shipment of your product, you should know how to resolve the issue.

You should ask yourself what matters most to your customers. Are they happy or not? How do you measure customer happiness?

Response time is one important factor. If someone experiences delay in receiving her order, then it means she has to wait too long.

Also, you can help your customers feel more comfortable with their purchases by letting them know they are being served well. You can check off items from the list as people buy them.

Let them know that there may be some delays in shipping an individual item so they expect it and have nothing to worry about. It also helps keep track of outstanding issues.

Last but not least, thank your customers for choosing your products and doing business with you. They could leave a review telling others about their experience using your site.

Welcome back old clients

You may have noticed that your previous e-customer service is not as good as it used to be. That’s because customers grow comfortable with their experience when they use your company’s services, and they gradually stop noticing them.

It happens slowly, but over time, you lose things in your own store or online: attention spans shorten, demands for customization increase, etc.

And it affects both newer customers and those who've been around for awhile. Newer customers see what's available and choose to buy something else, while older customers find the store no longer fits their needs and leave.

You can try to avoid this trend by constantly improving customer experiences in every way possible, but that would be a huge waste of effort.

Instead, help visitors get familiar with the site again by giving them a little taste of everything. This helps them feel like they're getting into the groove of things, so they'll be more inclined to browse through the site and perhaps buy something.

New techniques to enhance customer experience

New techniques to enhance customer experience

Customers want a convenient, personalized experience when they shop online. To meet these demands, retailers have been focusing more on the quality of service that websites offer customers.

Customer service includes everything from finding products in your catalog, placing orders, receiving an email confirmation, shipping issues and pricing questions. Other types of issues may arise such as delivery delays, wrong product images, lack of call options or assistance, and incomplete ordering processes.

Issues related to shopping can hinder a customer’s experience and result in a negative purchase experience. By offering services that help customers prevent issues like delayed deliveries, they stay in control and enjoy their purchase.

Here are some ways you can provide a better online purchasing experience for your customers.

Give them helpful information

Information is key to giving your customers what they need. When buying something, people often feel lost about where to find appropriate storage space, how to clean it, if it is even worth investing in, and other matters.

You can solve this problem by providing useful information. For example, you can give tips on saving money while shopping or offers for referral discounts. You can also link people to additional resources for learning more about different brands and items.

Provide live chat support

Even though internet connections are fast, some people still prefer to talk to someone person. If you know who they are, you should encourage them to add you on Facebook or Google +. This way, you can start a conversation right away.

Helps you find new products and solutions

Use bright colors in the customer journey, and focus on reducing anxiety to help them move through the process faster

Finding what you’re looking for online can be tough, which is why ecommerce customer service is so important. When buyers get stuck, they call either via chat or email to ask for help.

Here are some ways that you can respond to your customers to make their experience more productive: Give them a specific answer to their question. Instead of having an open-ended conversation, have a short interaction where you explain exactly how to solve their problem with instructions.

This way they don’t need to keep asking questions, saving both you and the caller time. Let them go do what they need to do, then wait patiently for them to contact you back.

Let them talk about what they want to work on and how with you as a guide. You can help them put together a plan that fit their situation.

Better marketing strategies

Your e-mail list is your best asset when it comes to customer service. People trust you, in fact, more than they trust companies. You can build up loyalty with people that are already customers by being transparent about how you help others find happiness through buying things.

You can do this by offering valuable tips and tools via email. Providing helpful content means people will continue to come to you for help instead of looking for an online company or shop.

Your website also helps attract new customers if you provide them with information on what products sell well and what don’t. Customers are visual and audio learners. They love explanations and demonstrations done before they make a purchase.

If possible, offer videos and virtual tryout periods. Give prospects time to test out the product at their own pace without making a commitment to buy anything.

Customer service doesn’t mean selling the product alone. Add in customer service comments and responses so customers feel comfortable asking questions and sharing problems. This way, people who may have bought the product anyway will know better if its worth it to them.

Redistributes products so that people can buy more of what they want

In order to provide a better customer experience, e-retailers often repurpose items in inventory from another category or sell things that you may not even know you had. These are called “cross promotions” or “bundles.” If you only offer these as deals, customers can have a hard time figuring out when and where to find them at a lower price.

To help yourself out, start by tracking cross promotions and bundle offers in an Excel spreadsheet. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated; a rough count will do for now.

Then once you have some data, move into Salesforce or Marketo or any other tool you like and keep tracking the same way. You will then have an idea of which items people are most likely to purchase together and could possibly be bundles.

My favorite example is laptop computers + monitors. People who buy laptops also usually buy a monitor, and vice versa. By keeping track of both devices, you can determine whether someone would probably buy one if they couldn’t get the other piece with them (they might buy just the monitor), and therefore should include both pieces in their original search query (both screens and notebooks are typically shown separately).

This kind of analysis will put you in control of the terms you use in your product listings, and it will make making sales much easier.

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