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Import your products

Import your products

Online shoppers have numerous shopping options today, so it is important for you to present yourself in a consistent manner across all channels that you use to reach customers. This will help them understand who you are and what you offer them.

Your product presentation should be efficient as well as attractive, if possible. With an eye-catching image, people can make their own judgment about whether they want to give you a look.

You also need to provide specific information about each product, including quality standards, warranty details, shipment times, and any other helpful info that may increase confidence.

This includes both general and special instructions regarding each product. Special instruction flags new features or characteristics of the product from its category perspective. General instructions tell buyers how to clean products, maintain equipment, etc.

It’s important to remember that online sellers are humans like everyone else, with human faults. No matter how thorough you were when creating a listing, once someone finds something that they don’t like or wants changed, they’re going to change the price or request the change.

Don’t take shortcuts around customer service unless you feel comfortable doing so. It doesn’t cost much more to care enough to call things by name instead of relying on acronyms, such as " apo ” for ambulance.

Design your website

Design your website

More and more consumers are choosing to buy online, making it important for websites to be clean, intuitive, and effective.

People spend almost half of their shopping experiences browsing through computers or phones.

Given that 43% of purchases are made without seeing the product first, it’s clear that visual design is critical to helping people find what they want and how to pay.

Some simple tips for creating an impressive looking website include using color schemes that look nice and matching them with your brand. It helps if you have a company logo and image at the top of your page.

Another way to make your site stand out is by using single pages instead of long pages filled with text. This is called a “slider” show.

Don’t forget to add in the reviews and prices lists as well. By having these easy-to-find places, people will know where to go when they need information.

Also choose photos over screenshots - ones that match the style of your business. People want to trust companies they do business with.

Choose a theme

 Choose a theme

Your ecommerce website should have a unique and coherent theme that sets it apart from other stores. This makes your site more navigable and easy to find things on your site.

You can choose a theme be applying some basic principles, or you can go for a fully custom design. Here are several options that will help you get started with your ecommerce theme.

When looking around at different sites, make sure they tell you something about the style of the page. You would not want to pay money for advertising one product and then visit a completely unrelated site and buy the same product! Also, check out their home page, blogs, etc. Make sure everything is together and related.

Once you have a good sense of what they offer and how they operate, take them into your search engine accounts and compare products, pricing, ratings, and promotions. Go from a big idea to a finished product very easily.

Do Product Research

Do Product Research

Before you start selling your products, do some research on what’s trending in the market, what people are looking for and how much they would pay for different products.

This will help you determine which products to produce and which to offer

You can use social media groups or communities like Pinterest and Reddit to get started. Then, visit shopping websites such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay and play with the product features (you can also test out pricing by creating an account on Shopify).

Next, join popular chat forums such as Facebook groups and find other businesses who are interested in similar products.

Last but not least, be active on all these sites; sign up, upload content, promote your stuff and have fun spending time online meeting new friends. These are important steps toward finding and serving customers that want to buy your products.

Create a sales page

Create a sales page

This is the most important part of your e-commerce business. If you don’t have a sales page, then people will not know that you are selling products online.

People need to be able to see your product before they buy it. Therefore, you should create a template with the necessary information (such as price) displayed for visitors.

Then, when someone clicks on “add to cart” they go to their shopping account where they can review the details about the product. Then, after checking out, they get an email from you saying whether or not they bought what you offered.

The first step is creating a sales page so customers can look at the quality of the product. The second step is putting creative ideas in place such as branding.

Get customer reviews

Get customer reviews

Ratings and review content is vital for ecommerce businesses. It helps customers make a decision to buy or not buy.

Customer reviews give people an opportunity to speak about your business’s services and products. They help clients find what they are looking for!

Review sites like Google, Amazon, and eBay can also be very helpful to you if people look at your product pages. If you have great reviews on these websites, others will likely do the same for you.

Google reviews Let other shoppers know who made a purchase from you and provide them with feedback regarding your experience (good or bad).

Amazon reviews People write short reviews using their phones or laptops when they finish shopping. You can read each one carefully to see if there is any problem that needs addressing.

eBay reviews Work together with your sales team to get reviews. Better yet, work without them so that you can start a positive trend of repeat buyers.

Promote your product

Promote your product

You’ve probably already got an idea of what to sell using your e-commerce experience, but if you don’t, then here are some tips for you!

The first thing to do is to define who you want to buy your product, so called buyers or customers. You need to determine which group of people will most likely buy from you.

Next, you’ll have to find out where these groups of people are located. Are they in a specific geographical area? Or can you reach them via the internet? If you only have one customer, you may not know how to attract them. But if you aim high and can spread out effectively, then there are many ways to reach new audiences.

For example, you could put up ads in shops or newspapers that target general interest groups, such as sports fans or women between 18 and 24 years old. Keep doing this until you get someone willing to pay money for your product.

Take payment info

Take payment info

This is one of the most important things to do when accepting credit cards, but it’s also something that many people don’t consider. By taking payment information like your bank account or routing number, you can make sure they have a valid card before paying.

It’s also required by law for credit cards to be accepted online. Make sure you are keeping up with all current payments methods!

Keep your customers happy

Online shoppers have lots of choices these days. They can easily find what they are looking for and enjoy shopping from home comfortably in their pajamas. For many people, that is why they choose online shopping; they feel comfortable and able to shop when they want, where they want.

However, making buyers happy does not always make business sense. Even if you are selling high-end furniture or clothing, there are some things that will never be sold at full price. If this is true for you, then it’s time to move onto other businesses who also offer a quality product.

It all starts with having good customer service. A great deal may indeed be had! But only if the buyer feels satisfied with the purchase.

If someone doesn’t accept our price, we don’t sell anything. It is as simple as that. And believe me, I would love to leave them money, but no one has bought at those prices.

That being said, sales often mean lower prices for greater products. People buy because they need the product--and sometimes just thinking about it helps them decide.

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