What Is Ecommerce Photography

Online retailers offer customers a variety of photography services

Online retailers offer customers a variety of photography services

Customers who visit online retailers are often looking for products to buy. If you take pictures of your products, people will be more likely to buy them.

Your employees are also able to spend time taking pictures of your products instead of selling other items. It’s even possible to use digital set-ups that allow you to photograph your products yourself.

These are all ways to get quality photos of your products without paying extra.

They may buy products from overseas companies

They may buy products from overseas companies

With an online store, you can sell your goods to people who are not locally-owned

They may buy products from overseas companies which saves time and money

These prices are usually lower because there is no importing or manufacturing cost

You also don’t have to deal with shipping your items when you sell through an online store

An online store gives you a bigger audience too so more customers

There are many different ways to take pictures for ecommerce websites

Some sites use artificial light, while others use natural light

Direct sunlight is best for photos as it is well lit and won’t require extra lighting

Open shots use both types of lights mentioned before so they can be recorded at any given moment

People use open shots to record moments in their life that happen every day

Close ups show a personality trait or unique feature about your product

Buyers like seeing lots of details and close-ups of materials so you can compare one thing to another

You can take creative liberties with them by adjusting your shot position, depth of field, and color settings

Photographers take pictures of their clients' stores

Photographers take pictures of their clients' stores

Since e-commerce has become such an important part of online business, taking good photos of your customers’ websites is critical to selling products.

However, many website photographers don’t make it easy for themselves by not having a digital camera or using an analog one that doesn’t allow them to capture image correctly.

Furthermore, they don’t realize how much more effort it takes to shoot quality images from scratch versus editing programs.

It can be hard to distinguish between those with experience when it comes to lighting techniques, shadows, autofocus, and other matters.

To solve this problem, invest in high-quality photography books about web design templates so you know what a good picture looks like.

Then, find people who have invested in web development skills and ask if there's any chance you could use some help. You can either hire them or work under them until you reach your ability level.

Practice making basic graphic designs and consider getting training in photoshop, as most reputable website photographers started out simply creating graphics ‘by hand’ and then learning about Photoshop filters later.

The images displayed on websites and in marketing materials aid customer decision-making


Customers are spending less time making decisions and more time reading online reviews. To make them feel comfortable buying from you, the first thing they look at is an image.

That’s why graphic designers spend hours crafting photographs that appeal to the eye. By having appealing photos online, customers can make a quick judgement about your business and what you offer.

They want to know if they will get good service or support for their money. Will the pictures tell me something about your brand? About your products or services?

Photographs help customers understand what you do and who you are. They say things like “your product comes with lots of fanfare!” or “this photo makes me feel confident they will deliver quality work.”

The images you use on your website should be high resolution. Most companies have a central web team that works through them, but If you need extra assistance, there are many reputable vendors who provide this service.

Customers can choose between traditional or digital forms of photography

Customers can choose between traditional or digital forms of photography

Traditional photographs are printed on photographic film, either in an instant format or taken out to be developed later. Digital photos are created by taking them with any number of devices such as smartphones and cameras.

In both cases, images are made using light when photographing people, which is why those mediums are called "photography". Filters such as brightness controls are used to alter the intensity of lighting effects.

E-commerce websites often use photography for product marketing. They may take pictures at different angles, in different lights, with and without props, to highlight their products’ appeal.

Website owners don’t have to be professional photographers to create these types of ads. Yet even if they aren’t professionals, they can still produce some stunning results.

Google “google image search” and enter your topic, subject and brand name into the search field. You will see what others think of your photo material.

Product photos are key to selling online

Product photos are key to selling online

An attractive photo is necessary for your website to be found in the search results of Google and other search engines. Customers want to see pictures of the product they’re considering buying.

There are many ways to take good products shots

  • Don’t use too much lighting, mainly around windows and doors. People are mostly familiar with light colors and shapes.
  • Come up with something unique like black frames or colored lenses.
  • Filters can add drama but don’t overdo it. Audiences start looking at filters as boring when there’s a lot.
  • Try shooting at different times of day. Morning and afternoon hours usually work best.

If you only have one hour, try to shoot between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. When people get home from school or work, this is their peak time for shopping.

Some tips for ecommerce website design

Some tips for ecommerce website design

professional looking web photo will help sell your products. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to choose which one to use. Here are some tips that may help you select the right e-commerce photography.

Focus on the product itself rather than the scenery.

Don’t make the user search through pictures to find what they want. If there is an article or short description along with the picture, then it increases the chance of them clicking on it.

The color of the background should match the colors in the products and accessories.

Avoid overused stock photos and avoid using too much text. People don’t like reading blogs/pages.

Keep each page simple and uncluttered. Having more pages means better organization!

Consider having a portfolio of previous work that shows examples of ecommerce photography. It provides users with an idea of how your style might look if you were to do the job.

Keep your web presence up to date

Keep your web presence up to date

With Google updating its algorithm daily, it’s hard staying on top of what works and what doesn’t. You want to be able to offer your customers quality content, and you need to have an online identity that stands out.

Link building is a way to build total links to your website. When people who visit your website click on links, they can get to another site directly related to theirs.

When possible, use as many relevant links to your site as you can. Try using other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, as well as niche websites.

By having lots of connections, users will look at your webpage more often to see if there are any updates. This will give you a better idea of what services are available and what prices are.

Updating your page with new information helps too. People who come across your article may not know how long you’ve been writing about ecommerce photography or how much money you make.

Having a regular feed of content will help them stay engaged and allow for more questions. It also helps show that you're knowledgeable about the topic and that you know your stuff.

Use product listings, reviews, and ratings

When people look for products they may not know much about the item. They would like to find out more information such as whether it is safe or not, how long it will take them to see results, and other factors.

Therefore, let your customers know what others have said about the product. Let them hear first-hand experience from those who have tried the product already.

This way they can make an informed decision.

There are several ways that you can list product details, including writing article overviews, creating video presentations, and listing all of the ingredients online.

You can also give feedback directly within the cart before leaving the store. Many stores include a space at the checkout where you can rate the quality of the service received, or add comments if you didn’t leave when asked.

These methods can be just as effective as written reviews, but in some cases reviews may bring more traffic to your website.

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