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Compare online vs. in-store shopping

Technology has made it possible to shop from the comfort of your own home. You can search for what you want, compare prices, and buy the item.
This kind of buying is known as ecommerce or electronic commerce. It started with small businesses selling their products directly to consumers through the Internet. But today, large corporations also have websites where they offer different brands and varieties of products at one place.

The advantages of online purchasing are that you can check out customers reviews about the product to see if they are trusted, and you can use tools to find the best deals. With these same companies, you can subscribe and get emails with special offers. Some of these may be store discounts, some might be sales, or occasionally freebies from people who like their stuff.

It’s hard to track down all these offers and decide what to purchase without going offline. An easy way to do this is by looking over the top sellers on eBay or Amazon, and what kinds of things people buy there. These are the easiest ways to scout out new items to try out.

Set your budget

Set your budget

You’ve probably already got an idea of how much you want to make from your e-business, but in case you need some inspiration, here are some common earnings figures for small businesses :

More than half of these businesses earn $100 or less per month. Only 4% bring in more than $2000 each month.

And although most of these websites only have one page, many have custom graphics and design features that can cost money.

Getting feedback

You should consider hiring someone to review your website or opening a shop if people seem to like what they find.

Find out what your customers are looking for

Find out what your customers are looking for

There are many ways to find out about your shopping preferences, but one of the easiest is to look at your Amazon account or store website. You can also make a notepad folder specifically for notes about your purchases and keep it in your home office.

By knowing what you want, you’ll be able to buy things that you like and need. You will then become more willing to purchase products that way.

It’s helpful to know why someone would want to buy something. Are they purchasing goods for themselves, or are they buying items for resale?

------Does anyone ever call you asking questions related to e-commerce?-----

Are these people interested in paying for stuff online, or in going to stores and buying things ‘off line’?

------Do you prefer talking to people over the phone, or using email?

------If you were trying to sell someone anything, how would you go about it?------

These are all useful ways to get some insight into your spending habits, and help us decide if we want to spend money on those items.

Offer a rewards program to loyal buyers

Offer a rewards program to loyal buyers

Although this may seem difficult, it is important to reward your regular customers for their loyalty. This can be done through discounts or free gifts. You can also give away prizes to people who use special services or go to specific websites.

You can get ideas from other businesses; you just have to make sure that they are working well at the time. Another way to encourage repeat business is by offering good customer service.

Let clients know that you are available to help them any time they need it. Let them know that there are qualified professionals ready to answer questions and solve problems. Also let them know that there are friendly employees willing to assist with issues.

Client satisfaction is an excellent way to keep business. People are more likely to trust and talk about their experiences with companies if they feel they were treated fairly. If you handle situations professionally but accurately, people will respect you more and tell others how great you are.

Provide customer service

Provide customer service

Customer service has been one of the most important parts of an e-store since its inception. The first step to great customer service is understanding your customers’ needs and wants, and satisfying them without making their experience too painful.

That way they will come back again and tell their friends about you and how great your store is!

You can achieve this by providing helpful information and friendly staff who can make answering questions easy and fun for them. It makes it easier if you have other people with similar interests as theirs.

Also, the more often you contact someone, the more likely they are to return to your site to buy something. That is because they will become regular buyers. For these reasons, it is always recommended to give personal help instead of going through automated messages.

By having good answers to commonly asked questions, users will be able to find what they need or want easily. They will also feel comfortable coming to you rather than trying to find things out themselves.

Having photos of products arranged so people can see what they would like to purchase, may cause people to buy even if they do not need it. Having product videos may also encourage people to buy unless they know they do not like or want them.

Finally, good prices are key to getting sales and being successful at selling online. Without low costs, you will increase price. People want to get a deal for their money, we all spend less when we pay higher prices.

Design your store

Design your store

You’ve got this great idea for a e-business site, but you need help from experts to bring your vision to life.

An excellent web developer is needed to create an online storefront featuring all of your products.

A website with quality design will put customers in a good mood, helping them feel more comfortable making purchases.

Developers should also have easy navigation that is clean and simple, so shoppers can find what they are looking for easily.

Furthermore, the layout and aesthetics of the page must be appealing enough to draw people in, but still tell users everything they need to know.

Last but not least, it helps to have a professional logo and other graphics that make things look cohesive. People often trust images placed on websites, as long as they are small or clear.

You want your customer to invest time in your site. Any irregularities could scare away buyers.

Therefore, don't forget to choose a custom domain name and hosting address which reflects the style of your business.

Build your website

Build your website

Now that you have a good idea of what to sell, it’s time to build a great looking eCommerce site with an easy-to-use interface.

Your website should be designed to make buying easier for both old school people and new users. Here are some features you can offer:

·  Varying colors and textures

You want people to look at your website and feel comfortable that they will find a place where they will feel happy and ready to buy something.

Variety is the key so you need to use different fonts, images, and text styles in various sizes. This way everyone will find something that suits their taste.

Another feature that makes up for a bad purchasing experience is ease of navigation. You want non-expert shoppers to understand how to purchase products from your site? Make it easy for them to do so.

Give viewers a preview of what they’re going to see once they click on a product or visit the shop page. If they’re looking for deals, let them know when there are discounts or sales.

Don’t forget to include related articles as well. People who are interested in learning more about a topic may also decide to purchase an item. Offer discount codes so buyers can check out without leaving a price.

These are all ways to get someone into the shopping mood.

Market your site

Market your site

With an e-commerce website, you can sell products online directly to consumers. You use software to design the page, then have someone else build it. When people want to buy your product, they find your webpage and click through to your vendor (usually another webpage) to complete their purchase.

There are many ways to promote your website, including advertising in local papers, putting up signs at street corners or outside stores, and recruiting affiliates to help spread the word about your website.

Some companies create ads that offer discounts for signing up for their email newsletter. You can also tool websites to help market your website, such as Kepware’s Website Marketing Kit.

In short, there are professionals who do all of the work for you; you just get paid if things go well.

Launch your pop up shop

Launch your pop up shop

There are many ways to create a popup shop, but the easiest way is to use an online service. You can get started for free with these services, so if you’re just testing the water, that’s no cost at all.

Once you have created a good looking screen or several, then it’s time to choose a platform to put them on. A popup shop has plenty of benefits for both customer and seller alike. For customers, they can schedule their time, set reminders about their orders, or even receive helpful notifications when there is heavy traffic into their store.

For sellers, the ability to send targeted updates automatically will make life easier. By setting up this feature, buyers will be able to update their accounts daily with information such as “good deals today” or “give me feedback on my purchase”.

These sorts of communications allow buyers to stay in touch with each other, which helps keep everyone informed. It also gives buyers more reason to trust one another and speak nicely to each other.

It increases buyer loyalty because people like knowing what they bought and why. They feel connected to the product and value being sold. Sellers love reviews and recommendations because people who buy their product think enough of it to write a review or recommendation.

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