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Register your website with google analytics

Register your website with google analytics

The first step to getting any kind of information out of google analytics is registering your website in their webmaster tools package. This can be done either through a free or paid service.

The advantage of using this system instead of another’s is that you have access to all of its data as well as helpful summaries regarding how visitors find and use your site.

Google analytics has several features for tracking and monitoring traffic to different pages of your website, including detailed reports on webpage performance, conversion rate analysis, product sales charts, and more.

You also get to see where people are entering your business online and which products they are buying, allowing you to correct wrong directions quickly if necessary.

This helps keep you at the top of search results and makes it easier to attract new customers. With google analytics, you can track multiple websites from one place.

Have fun testing!

Have fun testing

Testing is a great way to know if something will work for your business. Even if you hire someone to create or implement an ad, test it before going live.

Invest in some ads with specific targets and goals. Then monitor the results to see how people interact with your content.

Are they clicking on them? If not, then maybe their intent was to click somewhere else. Was there a bounce rate? A high bounce rate could be due to poor quality advertising, a lack of trust in advertisers, or perhaps the ad did not speak to those who saw it.

Content marketing is a very powerful tool, use it well.

Customize your settings in google analytics

Customize your settings in google analytics

Once you have signed into google analytics, click on properties from the menu bar at the top of the screen then choose customizations. Under the distribution tab, located under audience options, there are several things that you can customize to get a better understanding of how people are interacting with your e-store.

The first thing to do is to put up an advertisement for your store. When someone clicks on any product or category from the shop page, they will be given more information about the products and prices. The amount of info is determined by how big you want your ad to be.

Most online retailers would prefer to fill their screens with ads rather than give out promo codes. By having more ads, it drives customers towards higher converting promotions like free shipping deals or discounts on daily purchases.

Make changes to your site and test again

Make changes to your site and test again

This is probably one of the most important things you can do for your e-business. Keep testing different pages, headlines, colors, everything! It’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time so don’t worry about meeting sales goals without doing this.

There are many websites that offer these “test page” services. You will pay a small fee for it. They usually have set times where they check back every hour or two to see how you handled the change.

You can choose which version works best for you and then keep making those adjustments until you get it right.

View your ecommerce data

View your ecommerce data

Using Google Analytics is one of the best ways to understand how people are finding your website, and it’s also an excellent way to see what you have been doing with respect to online marketing efforts.

Google analytics allows you to make observations about visitors from various sources, including search engines, social media, blogs, and other websites. You can also track things like clicks, impressions, goals, and conversion rates.

A variety of variables result in different outcomes for each visit. Some visits may be short and without interest. Others might be longer or more interesting.

You cannot predict what will happen if there is no repeat visitation; therefore, you cannot depend upon having just one visitor per week to drive sales. But by using multiple methods to reach customers, you increase the likelihood that they will return business to your site.

Each day you look at the reports and check for new trends. The charts and graphs help explain why certain actions were taken by users, and whether those actions resulted in a successful purchase.

You can use this information to fine-tune your web presence so that you get better results. A very important part of web analysis is determining which method of contact leads to success.

There are hundreds of messaging apps out there, many which offer free calls. Go with your favorite, but also do surveys after downloading several, to find out which ones people most prefer.

For phones, simply download the app and give it a try. People are much less likely to use it if it requires them to set up a user account, password or PIN.

More options for mobile devices need to be examined, as does every device being used. Nowadays, digital marketing is priority number one!

Import your online store into magento or shopping cart

Import your online store into magento or shopping cart

This is by far the most important part of setting up ecommerce tracking. If you don’t have an existing website set up, we can help you with that. You will also need to know how to create an account on each platform so you can track your sales.

You can use various programs such as google analytics to do this. Once you upload your files to your domain or to your hosting service, this is where it gets complicated.

There are two main ways to go about this: either turn to someone else to handle this for you or learn to code.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to tackle this yourself unless you have both time and money to invest. With these two together, code something out for practice then buy a coding course or tool to run across things.

Create an account on shopify

Create an account on shopify

Get yourself set up with google analytics, a web traffic analysis tool used by marketing teams to understand how people are finding their website

By creating an account you will be able to track your e-commerce sales

This can be done either through using their official app or browser extension

The app is free and easy to use

You can also connect your accounts manually

Accounts can be created via the dashboard (portal) or from the phone/computer directly at any time.

Click Add Account > Web & Mobile Apps to create an account.

Transfer your inventory from paypal into your merchant account

Transfer your inventory from paypal into your merchant account

When you sell goods or services online, you usually use PayPal to handle payment transactions. However, before you can file your taxes, you need to make sure that all of the money going through your account is actually coming from buyers and not somewhere else.

For example, let’s say someone purchases something from your website using their credit card. They enter their billing address, but it looks like they haven’t done anything since you already have their shipping address.

You only have their name and email address, without any proof that they used the card to buy something. You still cannot track the transaction down to a single customer.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this until you submit your tax returns. One of the benefits of having an e-mail marketing list is that you do not have to send monthly subscription bills for every one of your customers.

By keeping your mailing lists up to date, you are able to quickly process and send out tax documents when needed. It also helps your tax office easily determine how much you owe by your taking extra steps to keep documentation upon each sale.

Start selling products

You can use Google Analytics to track your e-mail list, or you can use it to track visitors from social media sites like Facebook

If you’re running a business online, there are several ways to capture leads (outbound marketing strategies) including email campaigns, facebook pages, twitter profiles, and other forms of advertising.

Leads may come from organic search engine results, paid advertisements, direct emails, and others. Capturing leads means measuring their behavior to determine what actions they take after finding out about your product.

With Google Analytics, you can follow traffic through your website, app, or mobile application. This includes assessing performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, and testing new ideas.

You can also get help in analyzing data from other sources. For example, you can set up automated alerts so you know when someone is trying to access your site. That way, you don’t have to be present to monitor your web space.

Google Analytics offers many features that can improve your tracking experience, such as creating custom reports and templates. You can also see how people find your site by viewing the " page views ” tab.

It helps to organize data but it isn’t required because some things are easy enough to calculate yourself.

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