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Describe how transactions happen online

Online shoppers can easily become overwhelmed when they are asked to navigate through an ocean of products and prices. It is the reason why 47% of adults reported delaying making a purchase because of stress over buying such goods.

In fact, pricing is what gives online shopping its edge versus walking into a store. You can get better deals if you go online.

However, it also comes with added responsibilities. Because you have to trust that the website from which you are looking at prices is safe and secure, those companies who offer such services, are not able to charge you extra for payment.

It is okay though, since payments via PayPal or credit card are completely free. Google Wallet also offers these options as well.

Another benefit of doing business online is the ability to provide customers with a fast delivery. Sometimes, people do not want to spend too much time going out and choosing things.

They just want to find something nice to buy and give them self some time. A faster way to deliver purchases helps complete strangers in minutes instead of hours.

People also like having the option to pay using their phone while on the go. There are many mobile apps that help make this possible.

Explain what a transaction is

Explain what a transaction is

When someone makes a purchase, there’s an exchange of information for money as well as goods or services. This transfer happens when you use your credit card or debit card to make a purchase.

Most e-commerce companies create receipts for their transactions. You can send these electronically so that you don’t have to worry about keeping a paper trail.

However, even if you aren’t required to by law, it will help you improve your reputation should something go wrong. These are all reasons why people prefer digital payments over paper ones.

Another reason is that some payment methods require you to spend more money to get going. There’s no way being forced to pay will save you time later. For example, you won’t start off with a good reputation once you accept cash.

Keep in mind that just because you paid for something up front doesn’t mean you actually bought it. Once you buy into the mindset that you must be buying things, everything else becomes easier.

Start using a credit card at least once so you can establish a track record. Then, when future purchases involve spending money, you can do it with a clean slate.

Also, paying for things completely empty may not be the best budgeting practice. Even if you don’t need the item today, it costs money to maintain enough currency to pay for it.

This may include subscriptions, games or utilities. All cost money and could be quickly replaced. It also counts as spent income since you considered it before buying.

Identify different types of ecommerce transactions

Identify different types of ecommerce transactions

There are several kinds of transactions that can happen in your store, and they all have their own characteristics. Understanding what each one means for your business will help you to manage them more efficiently, which will improve your overall performance.

The first kind is sale events. These are great because they provide an opportunity to increase sales. By having people buy specific things at specific times, it stimulates the need to purchase the item.

A second type of transaction is coupon purchases. This was discussed earlier in this article, but coupons are examples of something purchasers do every day; buyers expect them and offer them because of the high quantity of advertising sheets distributed by magazines and newspapers.

Another way customers engage with ecommerce businesses is through discount codes. These are strings of words or letters put together into an actionable entity that allows consumers to get a percentage off of a deal.

In any case, the key behind these strategies is recognition. They boost customer awareness of certain products or brands so they can make a decision to switch to those prices.

Yet another common transaction is payment. Most companies accept money orders or debit cards, for example. Some even take credit card payments. But anything that requires personal information like bank account numbers is dangerous.

Talk about security during checkout

Talk about security during checkout

You may have noticed that some of your online shopping experiences are more secure than others. It is common to see websites use encrypted links or certificates to protect their databases from hackers.

However, this adds an extra step for customers to take before they can complete their purchase.

It also creates added expense for the company to provide these services. Some companies offer cheaper solutions by storing customer information through third parties which increases the risk of hacking.

If you store personal information, such as credit cards, it is important to keep this in mind. Your safety is very important to us, so we ask that you read over our privacy policy and guarantee our website is safe for browsing.

For shoppers who do not care about wallet protection, there are still ways to make purchasing items easier. We recommend using a payment method like debit card or PayPal.

These methods allow users to check out quickly without entering any financial information. However, all transactions done with these services should be considered easy-to-hack public versions. Do not put up too much money or rely on these payments types.

Consider paying in cash or checking other methods first to ensure your funds are protected.

Provide customer addresses

Provide customer addresses

Online shoppers like being able to send packages directly to their doors. But they also want to make sure it’s safe to do so.

Many buy online only to realize it wasn’t safe to ship things such as liquids or cosmetics via mail. Others have had problems with hackers stealing their information (like credit card numbers) while shopping.

To help customers avoid these issues, many sites now provide address verification using third party services. These are often free; however, there may be costs for shipping.

Costs can include having to pay more for faster delivery or choosing another method of shipment. Since most buyers will need to verify an address before sending business, this cost is generally worth it.

Some of the available services offer local calls, which means a call must be made to confirm the authenticity of the phone number used to register an account.

They also may involve visiting a website or calling a telephone number to complete the transaction.

These steps were usually required when purchasing from underground dealers who sell cigarettes and other substances people might not wish to admit owning.

Request personal information

Request personal information

Online shoppers often request (or prefer) to be contacted by telephone before making a purchase.

This is an especially good idea if you offer personalized customer service or technical support over the phone.

By being able to speak with someone when they are already in your store, customers have more confidence that their question will be answered quickly and accurately.

Some people view contacting a business this way as a test of how well it runs its operation.

If you hold up your end and provide great service, then they’ll keep coming back.

Other people may feel more comfortable calling about questions related to their order.

It can help get things started / remind them of orders they haven’t thought about in a while.

Ask yourself what type of company you run and try to put yourself in the user’s shoes before giving out any info.

Many companies use these tools for marketing purposes too.

Tell customers when orders have been received

Tell customers when orders have been received

Thank-you messages are one of the things that make or break a customer’s experience with your business. When you send a thank-you message, you are being even more mindful about how your business is portrayed to new customers.

New customers will form first impressions based on what they see through their initial interactions with your company. If you keep them at arm’s length, they may choose to not do business with you anymore.

Instead, tell them how much you value their business by inviting them to buy you a drink or meal once in a while. It shows you appreciate them taking an interest in your brand.

If you work at a tech startup, offer rewards for buying your product/service. This demonstrates that you are willing to try something new.

In addition, this keeps your potential buyers living within their own price range which also helps retain customers.

Warn customer regarding unfollowing you

Warn customer regarding unfollowing you

Customer is visiting your e-store to buy product or products. Before they make their final decision, they may do some research online.

If they decide not to follow through with their initial purchase, it can be a painful experience as a merchant looking at lost sales and refunds.

Be careful what you include in your terms of service that could influence an undecided buyer’s decision. Avoid including links that lead directly to other sites outside of your store (like eBay or Amazon).

Also avoid linking to social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter where the visitor may leave without making a purchase. It should also go without saying but we will say it anyway – don’t ask customers for email addresses unless it is part of the registration process.

Compliment your customers

Compliment your customers

You should focus on rewarding your clients who do business with you. This can be in the form of discounts or special offers only for those who use your services.

You can also send personalized messages offering assistance or information. For example, if someone is trying to decide which product they will buy, you could offer them help by email.

These things will make your customers feel more focused and cared about. It’s hard to feel motivated when you are being treated like a commodity.

However, don’t overdo it. Your customers will lose interest very quickly if you keep sending promotions and notifications. Let them know they are important by asking questions and keeping in touch throughout the process of ordering.

Give tips that stick out so people remember you. If someone comes across as helpful during their shopping experience, they may return again.

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