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Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce

If you want to build an e-commerce website but don’t know where to start, there are several great options available. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is WordPress installed in its self-hosted version (which means you have to manage your own server) or the official free plugin for it called “WooCommerce”.

There are also two other very good free plugins that work just as well and are supported by the same people who created WooCommerce. You can try them out before you buy any additional tools or extensions.

They are Shopify and Squarespace. I recommend starting with either one of these first if you are looking to save money.

If you plan to sell products online and do not want to deal with maintenance, then a hosted solution is probably for you. There are many vendors offering cloud hosting services.

Their pricing starts at around $20 per month.

For less technical users and those without extensive web design skills, I would still recommend installing WordPress directly from their site. However, they offer some really nice functionality that doesn’t cost anything.You can create pop-up boxes which show while the visitor is scrolling through your pages on the website. These help encourage visitors to click through to your page and find out more information about what they’re interested in.

Big Cartel

A cart module is available where you can add products to your shopping list, as well as a header button that allows customers to create lists of items they’re interested in making or buying.

You can also check out user reviews for different tools and apps that help make management of all your business activities easier.

There are lots of free services you can use to manage your online store including Google Shopping, Shopify, Wagbay, Styling Magazine, Four Square, Retailest and Open Seller.

Big Cartel has over 1 million sales per month and most sellers prefer this ecommerce platform because it makes selling easy and effective.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is one of the newest e-commerce solutions for small businesses. With the introduction of this solution in April 2016, Facebook joined other popular social media platforms like Alibaba in Asia and eBay at home to facilitate online shopping.

Many bloggers have touted the benefits of using the Facebook marketplace including easy management, ability to connect with followers, and overall promotion.

The downside most people mention is that you do not even know how much your competitors are paying to get products listed. Another risk some feel led by contract manufacturers or companies who buy lists of potential buyers will pay more money than those who would try to sell their product directly.

However it does give smaller entities a chance to be found and bought from. As long as someone wants to put your product up for sale, then they can be found.

It’s also worth noting that although the number of sales through the Facebook market place rises daily, there is no guarantee that direct purchases will rise follow suit.

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