What Is Email Copywriting Job

Write in first person voice

Marketing email writers need to be good storytellers. They use techniques like dialogue and first person narration.

You want to write in the third person, but you also want to give your reader a sense of familiarity. You should know your topic and your audience so you can use words that they might recognize.

When writing in first person, describe the situation with all of the details you normally include when you tell a story. Give an intro describing what is happening, then jump into the action! For example, start with “I am helping someone who’s never eaten sugar again.” Then skip right to how you helped this person achieve their goal or something like that.

Next, finish the sentence or add additional thoughts while leaving out unnecessary details.

Finally, write a conclusion by revisiting the past tense in order to maintain flow from one part to the next.

Practice active writing

Active writing means using your words to describe the subject instead of relying just on concepts like layout or style. The idea is to get down what you want to say and how you plan to communicate it so that other people can hear you out.

Descriptive writing is very popular in marketing because it allows for non-paralyzed conversations. When there’s a lack of vocabulary, discussions become abstract interpretations and comparisons, which may not be what anyone intended when they started talking about the topic.

By keeping your sentences short and simple, you let everyone know you understand the topic and are interested in it. Your readers will connect more closely with you and your message.

They’ll trust you more as an author and believe what you have to say. You don’t break up the flow of conversation by trying to explain too much.

Let them come to their own conclusions after reading your content.

Look at your audience and their needs

In order to write good email copy, you need to understand your audience and their expectations.

You also have to know what calls to action (CTAs) they might be looking for.

Email marketing software will make this process much easier because there are many helpful features. You can segment your list, create custom campaigns, and easily communicate with your emails.

If you’re not sure about how to approach writing email content, here are some basic tips to help get you started.

Start with an idea or a question

The best email marketing messages are ones that start with an angle or a question. They encourage you to open the message so that you can get more information about their topic.

For example, if your company offers services such as cleaning data or managing online orders, it’s encouraging you to download their free guide which will explain how they handle each of those tasks.

Your audience is already interested in what you have to say and know that there’s a good chance they’ll read every word you send them. The goal then becomes getting them to act on that interest.

An enticing title for your email message is key to gaining reader attention and letting them know why they should listen to you. You want people to feel like they’re investing time and effort into reading your message before they decide to hit “Reply”.

A great hook or opening line makes people feel compelled to read your message. If you write a compelling message with a strong call to action, you won’t need much else.

You don’t need to overthink this – the better the bait, the bigger the catch. A good opener costs you little or nothing. Set a deadline (the last thing you tell someone, let alone convince them, must be the price). It works like a knockout punch that cuts through all the distractions in your inbox.

Include sales pitches or hard sells

Even if you’re not pitching something directly, you should include some kind of “hard sell” in your email messages. This can be a subtle appeal to the reader’s needs (like their desire for freedom) or a claim that your message is full of value (like how going forward will improve their life).

If you want to see what a total soft sell might look like, check out this tweet from Seth Godin:

He includes a link in his name to download an eBook called "Tablets For Dummies".

It's almost impossible to read any page without realizing that they are selling something - either by name (the title) or through several footnotes added throughout the text.

Both free people and new products have a way of asking for things right off the bat, which is why it’s important to build trust before giving information about yourself.

You can build trust via research, but it’s much more effective to connect with them on a personal level. That helps keep the balance between marketing and marketing.

Make it valuable

Even if you’re an experienced writer, your work may not be useful when it is written in your own voice. To make email copy more engaging and persuasive, focus on being creative and knowledgeable about your topic to make your message interesting and unique.

You can improve how you sound by practicing vocalization! By taking time to learn what people want from email content, you will also show that you care about them and their needs.

There are few things as insulting as reading an email message that is nothing but promotional fluff? It makes your readers (and listeners) feel like they don’t matter to you or that you aren’t interested in hearing about what they have to say. They won’t see your name or company in any of your messages unless you give them something worth saying about you.

Email marketing experts agree that using personal stories is one way to connect with your emails. You can use storytelling when writing email content to connect with your readers and engage them in your message.

It creates a sense of intimacy in your communications. When you write a story, you play down the professional edge and put yourself into the story.

Your audience will respond to the familiarity and realism of it.

Test your email marketing

It’s impossible to write engaging, persuasive copy for your emails if you don’t test them. Testing allows you to identify with high accuracy which messages are getting read and opened.

It also means that you can repeat certain messaging techniques to increase openness and clicks to further actions.

The only way to know these things is to test. Not just once or twice, but repeatedly.

Placing tracking codes in each message can help you get away from relying on open rates and unsubscribe ratios. You’ll be able to see who clicked on your links and took the desired action.

There are several ways to track traffic and conversions. Some of the most common methods include Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and WordStream Insights.

Each of these tools has their advantages and disadvantages, so choose what works best for you and your website. Make sure that you aren’t leaving any gaps in your security.

You want to make sure that people can access the content you offer without being coerced or asked for personal information.

A/B test emails to see which converts better

Emails are an effective way to promote your business, so it’s important to know how to use them correctly. The most common mistake that new marketers make is that they try to treat email like Facebook or their phone company – there are certain rules for running a successful campaign.

By default, every good message you send gets read as advertising. It’s up to you to get into the habit of asking before you buy whether someone wants to be contacted in order to receive more information.

You can fix this problem by pausing before sending messages out. Make sure you have permission first! Also, contact people directly to ask if they want to receive messages from you.

Direct messaging captures engagement levels much faster than when everyone is pitching the same thing at once.

That being said, there are ways to improve conversion rates when people do opt to engage with you. The best way to achieve this is by testing different approaches to marketing.

Use variations of the same message (A/B testing) to find what works best. For example, one method could be to sent your original pitch followed by two modified versions. People who open the initial message will then receive either Version A or B depending on what option they choose.

They can then repeat the process until they find the version that produces the greatest response. You can also test combining variables to see which induces the strongest reaction.

Create balance

Even if you’re an experienced writer, you may not want to write solely about blogging tips and tricks or rely too much on written content.

Your readers (your customers) are almost always watching videos these days, so give them a way to access those videos.

However, even though videos require less time to watch, they take more time to create than texts. So while you should strive for a video every week, we recommend that you make it a habit to upload at least one video a month.

That way your blogs will keep viewers coming back and advertising will continue to bring in money.

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