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Why e-mail marketing is effective

Digital media has become an important part of our lives, as we create accounts and login to various websites/blogs to read news or write articles for online communities. This becomes even more significant when you consider that according to a study by Constant Contact, 91% of adults who use email prefer this method of advertising over all other methods.

That’s because they find it reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Email marketing is simple and easy to set up, and if done right, will require little maintenance.

You also have the ability to track results from your emails using analytics tools, which are available free online. You can see where people are opening your messages, and which ones are going into their inboxes and which ones aren't.

Furthermore, studies show that about 50% of all email users worldwide log in via their phone. If you own or work at one of these numbers, then getting onto mobile platforms should be a given.

Of course, not everyone owns a smartphone, so don’t forget the cell phones (and tablets) of the ordinary citizens. It just so happens that they are eager to check their email most days!

En route to dhl tracks

En route to dhl tracks

Once your purchase is ready for shipping, you will be provided with an en route notification by email. This gives you the option of setting up a new shipment or modifying an existing one.

In order to start tracking a package, you must first have an account with us. Go into our ecommerce platform (on www.dwightmarketing.com) and click “Track Package” from the drop-down box where it says “Check My Order”. Then enter all of the details related to your package and check off that you want to track the package.

We will then create an online form so that you can find out what time the package was delivered. By default, this information is updated every two hours. You also have the option of choosing whether you would like to know how far away from destination the delivery location is.

Remember that there are no guarantees that she will receive her package in any given week, nor does anyone else who has access to it. But we can look forward to receiving our orders and checking on our shipments until they get delivered, which is usually within 2–3 days.

Choose your packaging

Choose your packaging

As part of your e-commerce strategy, you need to decide how you want to package your product. There are many different options, but if you have an online store, then you’re probably looking for a shipping method that gives you the best possible price with the least amount of damage to your products.

The type of packaging you use is also important. If you are promoting a specific event or limited edition item, make sure you buy enough boxes to satisfy the demand.

Consider buying sufficient bulk boxings for special promotions. This way, when customers order from you, they can be assured their items will arrive in good condition.

Also consider investing in custom packing. That is, have someone design a box specifically for your product. Then you can personalize the box as well as the content inside it.

You can write a note describing what the gift is about, who it’s from, and any other add-ons you choose to make.

These additions cost money, so do not put them in automatically. Let people into your budget allow for this additional customization. It is worth it though to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Prepare shipment

Prepare shipment

Once your order has been processed and you’ve checked out, the next step is to prepare for shipping. Where possible, we recommend that customers choose direct pickup over delivery as their method of choice.

Direct pickup is when the customer picks up the product from your store location. We also offer this option for those who live too far away to pick up products themselves.

For direct pickup, please have the purchasing customer call us or visit the store during normal business hours. The customer will then make an appointment with one of our drivers to collect the purchased items.

At this stage, the driver will pay all applicable sales taxes and customs duties. Afterwards, the driver will complete the required paperwork for collection of these fees.

Establish relationships with shipping companies

Establish relationships with shipping companies

Businesses that rely heavily on global commerce for survival often find themselves at a disadvantage because they don’t have any of those fang-faced marketing guys breathing down their necks.

You can’t just leave your products on a shelf and wait for customers to pick them up. You need to promote yourself, encourage people to buy your product, and offer promo codes when possible.

The more exposure you give your company, the faster you will see the returns from your efforts. This is why investing in advertising is so important for ecommerce businesses.

Unfortunately, spending big money to boost traffic or demand info about shipping rates is not very helpful. Targeted promotions should be paired with personalized customer service and efficient delivery systems to keep your customers happy and buying again.

Track and manage shipments

Track and manage shipments

Once you have chosen your shipping method, it is time to choose a tracking service. There are several options for tracking packages online, including services that offer real-time updates (such as FedEx delivery notifications).

These tools can help buyers by providing an estimated arrival date or even sending notification links after shipment has been made. More traditional ways of tracking deliveries include calling any postal office or visiting their website and searching for a package using its barcode or name.

The most common way to track shipments is via the shipping label included with each order. Generally, this will be found on the last page of the billing statement. It includes all the necessary information, including the tracking number and destination address.

Any changes to the order then need to be reflected in the bill. Any additional charges such as custom duties enter into the bill before signing off. After finalizing the balance, click “ship” from the menu to send it out.

FedEx provides a tool for managing these orders called myTracking. You can access this tracking info via both the web and mobile apps. The link also gives you specific details about your parcel including whether it has arrived and if so, when it was delivered.

You can check up on the status of your shipment at any time. Upon receipt, you must go to the local post office to pick up your mail box sticker and transfer the packaging material inside to storage.

Deliver loss reports

Deliver loss reports

It is your job to determine how much you are losing through shipping rates that are too high, packages that cannot be delivered when promised, and customers who do not take advantage of promotions or notifications about their orders.

You can use software programs like Package Cost Analysis by Chronology Analytics (cost analysis comes pre-installed in most all office suites).

This cost analysis will show you what the average package costs so far this year and which services have the highest overhead costs per shipment.

Report card

Report card

Your customers’ first impression of you is made when they click on your website or call up that famous brand name which then leads them to make decisions about doing business with you.

However, only 37% of businesses have an excellent reputation.

That means there are already problems with your customer service or quality of products or services you provide. You need to know how to navigate the best way to fix these issues before it’s too late.

The best way to prepare for this is by having a report from each encounter a user has with your company. This goes for whether it’s browsing your website, calling your help line, or uploading photos of their product onto Facebook.

These reports can be combined into one document and will give you a full picture of what others think of your business. From here, you can determine where you could use improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, or increase in productivity.

For example, if you get contacted via social media by someone who wants to review your website, you can say “thank you” and add him/her as a contact so they can improve your ratings once they leave a review.

Compile several examples of great reviews (good and bad) and label them accordingly. If people feel that your content is poor, then they will not offer a good review. It is very hard to receive positive feedback if no one understands why you do what you do.

We all have different tastes, so try your best to create relevant experiences for your users which include both comfort and surprise. A little gratitude may go a long way towards improving customer loyalty.

Update your website

Update your website

Another important step is to update your online store after you’ve installed the shipping software. Unfortunately, this can be the hardest part of planning ecommerce deliveries.

When you plan a delivery, you need to know what items are urgent and which ones can wait.

For example, if you order baby supplies, then you want to buy diapers first! Also, there are bills that go with each shipment – make sure they’re all updated before sending it out.

You also have to consider whether or not your customers will pay via credit card or debit card. It costs more for the service than if you use a credit card.

Last but not least, always keep your payment information up-to-date. You won’t be able to do an immediate transfer once your goods arrive if we don’t have the correct info.

These steps should help you successfully deliver anything from products to services. As long as you take these precautions, your shipments may even get delivered faster than normal.

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