What Is One Rule Of Copywriting To Follow

Write about what you love

If you’re not sure how to make your content actionable, it may be because you don’t know much about the subject. You should actually enjoy what you write about.

You need to take any negative feelings or memories associated with your topic and turn them into something positive. That way you will feel more motivated to keep writing about your topic and learn new information from the older articles that have already been published.

Never, ever lead with bad news

When you start with bad news, people will tune out. They’ll hear nothing more after that initial announcement.

You need to grab their attention in your opening lines or they won’t read any further.

Tell them what’s going to happen – then let them know how it happens to make things clearer.

For example, tell them there’s no sugar tonight instead of telling them about it after several meals. People don’t remember the details of the message; they just have the impression that someone is trying to fool them.

Introduce solutions in a clear way or people will never take action necessary to achieve their goal.

Develop your writing voice

In order to develop your own writing voice, you need to understand how someone else’s voice works.

Everyone has a writing style — they use literary devices, such as similes and metaphors when they write.

But what makes someone an expert at this job is that they can apply these same techniques to their work.

That way others will recognize it instantly – or at least be able to guess if something is genuine or not.

To develop your own writing voice, learn to listen to other authors and see how they create different voices. Then try to mimic them!

Perhaps most importantly, read other writers’ books and applications and pay close attention to how they write.

Then, once you have a good understanding of what makes one writer unique, rewrite your content using those same literary tools. You now have a second set of literary devices under your belt.

Next, find some more original ways to combine them to make your content new and distinctive. That's flirting with your writing voice.

Stay consistent

Who you are, what you know, who you were before you wrote your book; these are all important questions that your audience will ask themselves as they read it.

Your audience must be able to relate to you and what you have to say. They need to trust in your expertise.

If they can’t trust you or your words, why should they listen to anything you have to say? It is far more difficult to motivate people to do something when they don’t believe in it.

Consistency is key and one of the most common writing mistakes new authors make. Their goal may seem small – only to update their website once a month – but consistency is what takes someone from unknown to known.

People want to see progress and results. If you promise an arm and a leg will happen, then get them involved by talking about how much you plan to spend on the house next week.

Then follow through and keep them informed with periodic updates showing no signs of completion. Your promises (and threats) hold less power over people if they never hear from you again.

Keep going

Once you’ve written your first draft, keep moving forward. Don’t worry about perfecting the piece, you will once you’re done with this step.

Your next move should be to edit your work, not start from scratch.

While writing is important, so is reading! No amount of tinkering after the fact can make up for bad writing.

Reading is the first step to improving any writing, whether it be a business letter or an essay. You want your reader to understand what was intended before proceeding onto other material.

Given that writing is one rule of copywriting, let’s look at another guide we have written related to content marketing:

Bullet point: Break down barriers

Paragraph: When writing down rules for attracting customers, know why you are doing it.

You are looking to give yourself a way out if things go wrong. If you do not believe in yourself or your product, there is no reason for people to buy.

Constant fear tactics are never productive. We see this all the time with layoffs, price increases, and new products/services being released.

People don’t trust corporations; they think companies lie about their products and how your company handles them. In order to fix this, you need to show these people that you care by breaking down the barrier of distrust.

By showing your audience

Practice makes perfect

This is perhaps the most important rule in copywriting. If you know how to speak, then others will take you seriously.

If you can’t explain things well or teach people something, then your own knowledge and experience may not be so valuable. You want people to understand what you are saying? Learn the basic rules of grammar!

It is just as if you were teaching a class and didn’t care about your students — you wouldn’t risk damaging their brains with bad language now would you? The same goes for spoken word translation.

You need to know your verbs from your adjectives, and your phrases from your words. Your readers (and listeners) expect you to deliver value this way. It is why they buy books instead of attending movies.

Value is what you think is worth paying for. Value is expressed through intent, which is why practicing your intentions in writing is useful.

There is no time like the present

The old adage “do what you want to do” applies to writing as well. If you love it, then you should be doing it.

If you feel that you must write due to financial obligations, then work at it. However, set aside specific times to write if you want to keep your blogging schedule up.

It’s not fair to yourself or your readers if you rush into this. Why launch now when things are going so well?

Your articles will already have reviews and followers. More people need to know about you and your content.

The more exposure you get by being active in the online community, the more traffic you will draw from people wanting an answer from someone else who has success using and promoting these products and services.

Don’t worry about lucking out yet. Keep working hard and soon you will find yourself enjoying one of the most rewarding experiences in life – helping others for a living.

There are only two ways to improve as a writer: reading and practicing. You can also practice by talking with other writers. Find some comfort in those words again by repeating them in your head before you go to bed at night.

Don’t worry about negativity

A lot of people get nervous when they hear negative comments coming up in conversation, or read it in a review.

They think that all reviewers are going to talk about is how bad their product is.

And that thought process makes them feel uncomfortable and out of control.

But don’t worry about being positive – we already talked about why that’s a mistake.

What you need to focus on instead is what other people are going to do with your advice. Are they going to use it? How will they react to it? What difference will it make to them?

That’s where creativity comes into play. Your job is to put yourself in the reader’s shoes before you give any advice.

You have to understand how to evaluate a situation from the reader’s perspective to determine whether their problem is something you can help with.

If not, then sure, go for it. But if there’s a problem you can solve, then you have to ask yourself “what’s the worst case scenario here?”

Is the person trying to reach me at her expense or is she reaching out to me for a reason? If someone is calling me names or saying things that are making me feel worse than I did before, then I am doing one of two things: (1) ignoring it or (2) pulling back because I don

Provide value first

Even if you have something great to say, let people get familiar with who you are and what you do before you talk about your products or services.

It’s hard to build trust when they know exactly how to find you. And it’s harder to be remarkable when you’re always talking about yourself.

Your followers don’t need to hear about your wonderful life – they want to learn about yours. But by offering something unique in the beginning, you create a buffer for those tough sales pitches later.

That way anyone can buy from you without feeling pressured. You also give yourself a hook to hang a story around so that people remember you and your message.

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