What Is Open Graph In SEO?

Founded by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, Medium is the next big thing in media

Recently, Hughes announced that hundreds of thousands of people are using Medium to produce content every month

According to him, most users access the site through the web, but mobile apps are also growing rapidly

Mobile usage has grown dramatically since 2010, when the first iPhone was released. Many people now have smartphones with high quality cameras and good display technology.

Many use their phones for taking pictures, and they prefer the convenience of editing photos right away instead of having to upload it somewhere else (like Instagram).

Some use other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but many feel more connected to what happens at “Medium” and because it’s owned by Yahoo!, it has an overall stronger brand image than others.

It’s easier to remember and more familiar to most people, which makes it more attractive to readers. And according to numerous studies, younger audiences trust blogs more than journalists or other traditional news sources.

Speed is one of the main advantages of this platform over other publishing formats

Speed is one of the main advantages of this platform over other publishing formats

Facebook has recently been under fire for changes to its algorithm that seem to focus on quantity not quality number of times your content appears in feeds etc..

This got us thinking, how can you boost the speed of your website or blog? One way is by creating good metadata, something we can learn about from Moz’s Open Graph protocol.

Many bloggers have already started implementing ways to improve the speed of their site including adding resource files, compressing images etc…

But there are still things they could do to speed up their sites such as using domain names instead of sub domains, defaulting to using index pages where possible, breaking up large posts into several chunks with breaks between them etc…

It all depends on the type of blog you run and how busy those resources are.

Automatic updates that tell people what’s new on your site

Automatic updates that tell people what’s new on your site

This is one of the most important features for open graph optimization. On both Facebook and Twitter, there’s a box where you can write about how your story or article was updated.

This lets your fans and followers know about upcoming stories and posts so they don’t miss out. You also want to keep this news up until after someone has read it; afterward, it becomes maintenance.

The more times you update these articles with fresh content, the better chance you have of ranking high in the search engines. And because people are constantly going back to check off boxes (and sometimes reading the updates) having solid calls will boost engagement.

The ability to create great content without worrying about design

The ability to create great content without worrying about design

Social media has taken over people’s lives, especially with the rise of social networking sites (SNWs). Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are all SNW’s that have increasingly become part of our daily routine.

However, we need to remember, although these websites may be fun, they were designed by someone who recognized a hole in their market and decided to fill it. They had a purpose and goal that was clear, but what if you didn’t find out about them until after you used them?

With open graph standards, anyone can make a page like this and put it on facebook. It will get some views and many likes because those using facebook know about them and probably created the page for such an occasion.

But what if nobody knew about it? Or what if there was no open graph standard before? How would your potential customers find out you exist? In fact, that is why most businesses spend so much time and money on advertising; to connect people to their products and services through messages and images.

The thing about advertising is that you always pay whether you win or lose. You might as well invest your money in building a brand that people want to see and know about.

That way, when they search for things related to yours, they will see your advertisement and learn more about you. Your investment into creating good content will pay off once people start searching for items/services you offer.

Focus on blogging technology instead of marketing strategies

Focus on blogging technology instead of marketing strategies

Marketing campaigns need to focus on quality content, social sharing, and solid tags/categories if they want to see results from their efforts. But tools are just that – something you use to do a specific task. You can be the most prolific blogger in the world, but if you’re not using any of the popular publishing platforms, your words will remain meaningless.

That is why it is so important to choose one platform and make it your go-to website. The majority of bloggers start out this way, and while some may eventually switch to another site, they were first exposed to the idea through a blogging network or platform.

It is also where you can expect to find the majority of web traffic coming from, as people hunt for new articles, events or recipes. If you have yet to create an account on these sites, now is the time to get organized!

In order to set yourself apart and provide valuable content, don’t rely on advertising to help pay the bills. By offering useful tips and tricks, along with your own insights, you will establish your authority and build trust among your readers.

They will keep returning to read more, and will share links to those stories on Facebook, Twitter and other channels. And because you will be investing time in building up your reputation, you will have all the material you need to take action and grow your business.

Simple and effective ways to increase traffic

Simple and effective ways to increase traffic

The open graph protocol is an industry standard that allows you to track articles on your website and within social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and google+. This can help you build up a library of original content from which people can choose to follow you.

The structure of the different networks works very differently around the world, so there are some pros and cons to each method.

For example, it's best to use your own page on facebook if you have enough followers, because they're already familiar with you and your brand. Your fans will be able to see updates about you directly on their feeds.

If you have a large number of followers, you may want to give them more options for connecting with you.

There are several other network sites that offer plug-ins or applications built into their users interface that allow user tagging and posting of links to other websites.

By having an active account on these channels, you ensure new subscribers know who you are when they come looking. You also provide opportunities to share exclusive content with those who join your network.

These same strategies apply whether you publish your own content or rely on external sources to report on you. By having a presence across many networks, you can expand awareness of your business and generate leads.

Popular plugin options for adding internal links

Popular plugin options for adding internal links

There are several plugins that can help you out with open graph optimization, such as Social Inbox, WordPress SEO by Yoast (our favourite), or Google’s Page Optimizer.

Each one offers the same functionality but through different interfaces. Let’s take a look at what they all have to offer and how to choose which one is right for you.

Plugin option descriptions

Social Inbox gives you the ability to create connections between posts, pages, and users. You can select who can link to whom if needed, as well as define access levels.

There are two types of links:

Internal links refer to using text within articles and comments on your site. Examples include calling-out a resource in another article, displaying research from an experiment in a comment section, or referring to someone or something in your own article.

External links involve linking to other sites outside of your website. By having external links, you will increase the ranking of any items you may have linked to, which is one of the main ways websites gain rank in the search engines.

Page Optimizer does not give you control over the markup of your content, only settings such as showing social media icons or making draggable menus. With its built-in framework, you can customize the look of the header and footer of your site via writing custom code.

Yoast is the most widely used tool during the setup of a new site. It functions similarly to WordPress’ editor, allowing you to focus on blogging instead of coding.

Great for building an audience

Great for building an audience

The open graph protocol is mostly used to organize your website’s social media pages. It helps users get more information about your business using graphs, blogs and other content across all your social networks.

By having consistent experience across all platforms, new visitors will know what to find as they explore your site. You also have the ability to track analytics and see traffic from different sources.

The open graph protocol allows you to connect your Facebook page to hundreds of other websites and apps that use facebook feeds. By making connections, anyone who visits your webpage can automatically be notified when you update something on your Facebook page.

These notifications are called “fan posts” or “timeline updates.” More and more sites are adding the ability to create these types of posts, which means you should start using them too! They’re a great way to keep everyone updated with all the changes and moves up at one place.

These posts look good and can help you reach a wider audience. Plus, tests show people like reading stories published on major news outlets.

Affordable alternative to large website development companies

Affordable alternative to large website development companies

Though many small businesses have a website, not all of them have an official site off). An affordable alternative to having your own custom domain name is going for one of these services that can put up a page on someone else’s site or give you something akin to your brand name and customers.

These are great solutions if you don’t need anything particularly complex but if you want more control over your marketing options, then you should know about open graph protocol.

This tool allows you to build profiles on the most common social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by simply inserting a button into your web page. Through this method, you can also take advantage of other sharing apps such as Snapchat and Reddit.

For example, suppose you have a popular reddit thread talking about your product or service. With our app, you can add a link to the thread to promote further discussion. When users click on it, they will be directed to the specific reddit article.

If we say we have a new study guide that applies to quiz questions, they will see my company’s information. If I had a review written about me, I could submit the link to demonstrate what I am doing is viable and worthwhile.

By taking full advantage of these sharing tools, people can easily find out how much you care about your products and their interests. It works like a search engine with results linked through unique titles and descriptions.

Put yourself in another person’s shoes – would you rather deal with a business that uses simple online resources or receive a phone call from a professional? Take some time to make sure your internet presence is trustworthy. More importantly, invest in proper digital literacy.

It takes time to develop a strong trust-building strategy, and only you can decide when you’re ready to do so. But whatever you choose to do, keep working on it until it makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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